David Popovici, taken to the anti-doping test after the records broken at the World Cup in Budapest

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After a successful 2021, David Popovici continues to achieve huge performances in the new season. The Romanian athlete he conquered gold at the World Championships in Budapest, in the 200m freestyle, and on Wednesday he has the chance to repeat history in the 100m freestyle, where he qualified for the final with the best time.

David Popovici, taken to the anti-doping test after the records broken at the World Cup in Budapest

Following the results obtained, David Popovici was subjected to anti-doping controls in Budapest. DragoČ™ Luscan, the Romanian swimmer’s physical trainer, said that this is a normal one, because this is what the regulations stipulate when an athlete breaks a certain world record.

“Our collaboration started about 5 years ago, following an injury that David had, and after doing well we continued on the physical training side and in the recovery after the competitions. After training, it is a very well established program so that it is always in shape.We are also working on the side to avoid injuries, mainly to make it better and better.

People need to know that he is the world senior champion, he is now breaking the junior records and we know that he also broke that record twice in the 200 meters on consecutive days, and now he also broke the record in the 100 meters in the juniors, but he qualified for the senior final for the first time.

There are certain routines that we follow, on the warm-up, on certain exercises, there are exercises that we have always noticed, some he likes, some are better, others he does not like. He spends some time on physical training, but in performance sports we are not guided by how long the treatment lasts, how long the training lasts, we have to do the right thing and that sometimes requires more or less time depending on the competitive period in which we are.

When I was offered to work with David for a long time, I had a good feeling and I offered my services with great pleasure and I believed in his dream, in this project and I realized that he will have results. Maybe we didn’t expect these results to be so fast, but even better.

He appreciates us a lot, because he also had results, he feels very well, he was safe from injuries and after all, that’s what matters, and the results speak for themselves. Since David is the best, then we are also the best. Congratulations, he understood that there must be more people around him and he listens so that he can achieve his goals, somehow it is a combination of several factors. He’s mentally fit, and that’s one of his greatest strengths.

Human quality is very important, and he has great power to gather the people around him and the modesty we have shown is identified with that of the great champions. Right now he’s coming out of the pool, recovering. We will have to go to the anti-doping tests, because that’s the way it is after every world record, you have to take the anti-doping test “, said DragoČ™ Luscan, quoted by Radio Sport Total FM.

Camelia Potec has great confidence in David Popovici

The 2004 Olympic Swimming Champion from Athens, Camelia Potec, spoke after David Popovici’s qualification in the final of the 100m freestyle at the World Championships in Budapest.

The former sportswoman had only words of praise for the young Romanian swimmer, to whom she foresees a bright future.

“There are two tenths left until the world record. He will want a lot. To break the 47-second barrier is a difficult thing to do, but at this level he has a considerable advantage over his opponents. He is only fighting with the stopwatch.

We knew, and so did the Americans and all the swimming specialists, what David can do and what time he takes. I knew from last year, after the performances from the juniors from Rome, that she would achieve exceptional results. I knew it was too short for him to win a medal at the Olympics.

He also had to qualify for the Olympics in 2021. He did everything he could. After two weeks of vacation, he returned to the pool and said that he wanted to be the best in the world and he was moving towards this very quickly. He knows what he wants and where he wants to go. He set out to become the fastest swimmer of all time.

He is much more motivated than all those who follow him thought. It is true that he received many offers. He is supported, he is not an athlete who demands a lot of things, but he knows what wants “said Camelia Potec at the Football Club.

Complete standings in the semifinals of the 100 m freestyle

  1. David Popovici (17 years old) 47.13
  2. Joshua Liendo Edwards (19 years old) 47.55
  3. Lewis Edward Burras (22 years old) 47.63
  4. Zhanle Pan (17 years old) 47.65
  5. Alessandro Miressi (23 years old) 47.89
  6. Brooks Curry (21 years old) 47.90
  7. Lorenzo Zazzeri (27 years old) 47.96
  8. Dylan Carter (26 years old) 48.30

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