does not pay its players on time, but has an impressive transfer campaign »How to justify their investments

The CFR Cluj champion has the best acquisition campaign among all the teams in League 1. The Cluj team defies their own accounting and continues to improve their team. CFR entered into negotiations with Niță, the titular goalkeeper of the national team, which Sparta Prague let go freely.

CFR has reported a debt of 26 million euros in the balance sheet for 2021 and still fails to pay players’ salaries on time, but it also keeps this summer the behavior it had on the transfer market from the moment Ioan Varga became its owner.

That is, it continues to invest the most and make the most important purchases.


Alexandru Chipciu: “I wanted to leave CFR after two days! Everyone was talking about how much I earn, but no one asked me that. “

CFR Cluj wants Florin Niță

The most recent target of cherries is Florin Niță, the goalkeeper of the national team. He is still under contract with Sparta Prague for another year, but he will surely change both the club and the championship this summer. After a period as a basic man in Prague,

Niță came into conflict with the coach and the management and lost his job. It has become clear to him that he will no longer defend there and he wants to leave, and Sparta has the same interest, to release him and thus save the salary he should pay during the next season.

Florin is paid 700,000 euros a year in the Czech Republic, an amount that not even CFR could offer him. However, cherries can attract him with a contract for a longer term, for two or three years.

At 34 years old, Niță would have secured a few seasons from now on and would have the opportunity to evolve again constantly and at a very good level, in the European cups and for a favorite to win the title.

Gigi Becali forcibly sold Niță

He left for the Czech Republic from FCSB, but is excluded from returning to Becali’s band. When the offer came from the Czech Republic, Florin was not convinced to leave, but he felt pressured because Gigi had an interest in taking money in exchange for him and often using Andrei Vlad, whom he then considered “Messi of the goalkeepers”. .

Vlad is still at FCSB, even if he no longer has the same status as a future star, and a young goalkeeper has appeared, Târnovanu, whom Edi Iordănescu recently summoned to the national team, so Becali does not need Niță or the Romanian international would not be interested in returning to Romania to be a reserve, as he was in the Czech Republic in the last half year.

Not only CFR asked about Florin, we have discussions with several clubs. It is certain that Niță cannot reach an average club in this area of ​​Europe, he can only be taken by any top team. An average team could not afford to pay him, nor would he attract a national team holder.

Bogdan Apostu, Niță’s agent

One day off for CFR Cluj players

The champion’s delegation arrived in Cluj after the training session in Austria, and the players received only one day off from Petrescu.

“The team looks very good! The players who came integrated very quickly and added value. We are a much better band than in previous years. We grow from match to match and I am very happy that I didn’t receive any goals after the four friendlies.

More importantly, there were no injuries. We have only one day off, as much as I generally give to my body. Otherwise, I feel very good “, Deac pointed out.

Lots of money for other acquisitions at CFR Cluj

The negotiations for Niță are not the only proof that the cherries continue to invest, ignoring the debts they have accumulated.

They bought Jefte Betancor, the best foreign striker in the league, a footballer that Becali would have wanted at FCSB.

They paid 300,000 euros to take the Spaniard from Farul. They also gave 400,000 euros for Vito Hammershoy-Mistrati, an Italian-Danish offensive midfielder from Randers, a team that CFR met last season in the Conference League.

Cluj also gave 150,000 euros to lend Denis Kolinger, a central defender with a presence in the Croatian national team, for a season in Vejle, Denmark. All these investments were made especially at Petrescu’s request.

After winning another title, the coach was offered from the Arab area and warned the management that he will leave for Asia again if he is not offered a team with which to hope that he will at least reach the Europa League groups.

They tortured the porters

CFR was in danger of missing the title from last season, especially because of the weaknesses shown by the goalkeepers in Petrescu’s group. Bălgrădean had a regressive yield compared to his best form.

The coach chose at one point to use Otto Hindrich, who was eligible for U21. Hindrich made a mistake and Dan lost his confidence in the junior international. Towards the end of the season, he turned to Karlo Letica as a starter, a Croatian who was not great either. There are reasons why the acquisition of Niță would really be a plus for the champion team.

What CFR Cluj might look like: Fl. Niță – Cr. Manea, A. Burcă, Kolinger, Camora – Boateng, Muhar – C. Deac, Mistrati, Petrila – Debeljuh

Only the Champions League justifies the investments from CFR Cluj

Cluj continued to accumulate debts with the hope that the lost money will be recovered at some point from the prizes that UEFA pays for the European cups.

Europa League and Conference League, competitions from which CFR could win, qualifying in groups, for 10 million euros, would only finance the budget for the current season, would not diminish the old debt.

The only way Varga could get back the money he “injected” into football and stabilize his club would be a qualification in the Champions League groups. From there, the company would collect more than 20 million euros and, with the exposure in the best competition in Europe, could also obtain other revenues from the sale of some players.

VIDEO How CFR Cluj prepared in Austria

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