Dorin Șerdean announced his goal at Dinamo. What he discussed with Nicolae Badea

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Dorin Șerdean demands guarantees of 10 million euros to sell the shares in Dinamo

Dorin Șerdean won the lawsuit filed after his dismissal from Dinamo, in January 2021. According to the court, he is to be reinstated as president and to receive compensation in the amount of 12,000 lei.

Șerdean owns 72% of Dinamo’s shares, but does not have the financial strength to support the team.

Dorin Șerdean announced that he is negotiating to find an important investor in Dinamo. The “red-whites” have debts of over 9 million euros.

Dorin Șerdean demands guarantees worth 10 million euros for the transfer of the majority stake to an investor.

Dorin Șerdean talked with the judicial administrator from Dinamo, Răzvan Zăvăleanu, but also with Nicolae Badea, former shareholder of Dinamo.

“I negotiated for 33 days with Pablo Cortacero in January. He wanted to get his money back. I bought back these shares and I have some obligations, otherwise he would not have granted me the shares. I unlocked things and I was transparent. I did not speak. about money.

I am not in a position to support a club the size of Dinamo Bucharest. Dorin Șerdean is the administrator of Lotus, the company that holds the majority stake in Dinamo. There are so many people who could support the team, but they don’t.

I had discussions with Mr. Badea and I told him clearly that I had to find someone, that I no longer wanted to be undeservedly cursed. If someone comes and says “We have 5 million euros, we can get the club out of insolvency, and another 5 million euros are available to the club”, that is the goal. First of all, I’m interested in Dinamo, which is in League 2 for the first time in its history.

I want to find a serious investor. We have discussions, but the problem is that the demotion has hit us. If the team stayed in League 1, I had an extra chance. But no cause is lost, we’ll see. There are discussions with powerful people from Romania and beyond. I own the shares, but I don’t have the financial strength. However, we have been working to redeem these shares.

I had constructive discussions with Mr. Zăvăleanu, looking for solutions. Mr. Zăvăleanu verbally notified me that investments are needed. There was no attempt by DDB to buy the shares. Even today I talked to Mr. Zăvăleanu, we must convene the GMS (no – General Meeting of Shareholders). We had a first discussion with four DDB leaders. “said Dorin Șerdean for

Răzvan Zăvăleanu: “We have a month and a half delay in salaries. The situation is difficult”

Live at Digi Sport, Răzvan Zăvăleanu announced that the danger of the club going bankrupt is not imminent. However, Zăvăleanu acknowledged that there are salary arrears to players.

Some of the “red-white” footballers have made concessions in terms of money, and others want to transfer to other teams at any cost.

DDB fans continue to help the club financially, through dues. In order to outline a budget for League 2, Răzvan Zăvăleanu is trying to conclude new advertising contracts.

“All the players we talked to turned out to be character boys. Some of them gave up collecting money for June to help the club. Others postponed their arrears until 2023. We have a month and a half delay in salaries. For now, the players cannot sue the club.

We are in the process of resolving this issue and I do not think we will be in a position to face trial. Compared to dealing with players, I have no emotions about bankruptcy.

The financial situation of the club is quite difficult, we are having a hard time precisely because of these salary delays. For the budget for next season, we are well on paper, theoretically. But these are the shortcomings that I want to see resolved as soon as possible. We are making efforts these days to raise the necessary money.

The DDB supported this team with very large sums, if they intend to do something, they can succeed, whether it is a million euros or another amount. There was always a willingness on the part of the fans to help the team. The DDB will continue to help the club. We have a monthly revenue and expenditure budget, which we present. It’s not a chaotic thing. Obviously everyone brings as much money as they can.

For the budget for League 2, we relied mainly on advertising revenue. We do not have the opportunity to take sponsorships. I think Dinamo will be by far the most watched team in League 2. For this year, the exposure of those who pay for advertising will be higher, with more teams in League 2. We are in negotiations for new advertising contracts. “said Răzvan Zăvăleanu, during the show Fotbal Club.

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