E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update Officially Arabic Commentary There are no further delays and the features of eFootball 2022 mobile

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details eFootball 2022 mobile update The Arabic commentary officially, there are no further delays and the features of eFootball 2022 mobile in the following article

Omar Shweel – Jeddah E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update Yesterday, Thursday, the weekly update of the current game, version 2021, was launched. Without any new events or new additions, as usual from PES. But many messages were sent through the in-game inbox. All of these messages are about the next version and about its features Download efootball pes 2022 mobile. More than 500 million users around the world are preparing for the new version of PES 2022 Mobile Update Officially. Which has been postponed several times until game users have lost hope that this update will come out. Which was supposed to be released last October 2021, as Konami’s annual habit of downloading its new versions on the mobile or PlayStation in all its versions. Today we will show you E-football 2022 mobile release date What are the features that will be launched in this official version. And that is through your favorite site (Educate me), so follow me next.

E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update

If the current version is available on the Android or iPhone mobile phone, it will be Download efootball pes 2022 mobile By entering the current version and a message will appear, you must press continue and it will be downloaded automatically without any intervention. In the case of the first time the game is downloaded, the following steps must be read for Android phone holders.

  • First, please make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
  • You can also visit the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • Also being searched for Download eFootball 2022 mobile.
  • Then go to the new version and click on install.
  • Now we wait a few minutes for the download.
  • Then the game is opened and an automatic update will be downloaded as well as an account will be linked Download PES 2022 Mobile By email or Facebook account.
E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update
eFootball 2022 mobile update
E-football 2022 mobile release date
Download PES 2022 Mobile

The date of the official e-football 2022 mobile launch

It is considered that all the events of the current game 2021 have ended since April 28, and then it also ended two weeks ago with the absence of the Icon Moment packages, as well as the stars of the week. A message was also released from Konami 10 days ago about E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update Stating that PES 2022 Mobile Update It will have special specifications for operation. And with no new events coming out yesterday Thursday from Packet Box Draw or Icon Moment, there is a big hint that E-football 2022 mobile release date. It will be Thursday the twenty-sixth of May. This is after the end of the last event, which is the current box draw. Which ends next Monday, May 22. It will be official eFootball 2022 mobile update Next Thursday, without further delays, with many advantages, we will present it in the next paragraph.

E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update
Download eFootball 2022 mobile

Features of the eFootball 2022 mobile update

Will be Download efootball pes 2022 mobile With many advantages and expected from game lovers, they are as follows.

  • E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update It will come without the word pes and you become like this ( eFootball 2022 mobile update). Also, the logo will change to the letter e and the lower letter eFootball.
  • New and improved graphics.
  • The color of the Icon Moment cards will be pink.
  • Adding a store of players will be bought with gp currency, but it will be expensive.
  • The game will also start from scratch where all the ranks around the world will return to zero again.
  • The Arabic comment feature has increased significantly after Konami’s Twitter page was released in Arabic.
  • Raise existing players’ cards to greater power.
E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update
Download efootball pes 2022 mobile

And now, dear reader, we have shown you how E-Football PES 2022 Mobile Update What is the official date? And what are the advantages? eFootball 2022 mobile update officially. We wish you an enjoyable competition full of excitement, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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