eAD and LPF team up with Superbet in League 1, the new sponsor of League 1

eAD – the holder of the transmission and retransmission rights of the most valuable sports competition in Romania, Professional Football League – the sports structure of the first league clubs and Superbet, the number 1 operator in the betting & gaming industry in Romania have joined forces in a partnership valid for two years. The partnership brings together three entities that have a common vision and a common strategy to offer the best to Romanian fans.

All details of the partnership will be announced on July 1, when the first division of Romanian football will find, among other surprises, the target of the 2022-2023 edition. The collaboration will involve much more than a branding and naming process, the three entities embracing the opportunity to highlight the technological expertise and innovations of Superbet in the interest of Romanian football and its passionate fans.

“For several good seasons, Superbet is the most generous and most visible sponsor of Romanian sports, supporting federations or men’s and women’s teams from different disciplines. I also noticed the company’s international rise, ambition and vision to become a major player worldwide. The time has come for all Superbet’s progress to be recognized through this partnership that the teams from the first division and the fans of Romanian football will enjoy. ” said ORLANDO NICOARA, director of eAD.

eAD and LPF team up with Superbet in League 1

On behalf of the LPF, President GINO IORGULESCU said: “It is a great pleasure to greet and thank you on behalf of the Professional Football League, as well as on my own, on the occasion of establishing this partnership. I am glad that SUPERBET, the largest and most well-known brand in the industry in which it operates, has joined the Professional League in a solid partnership, valid for two years from now. I am convinced that the union of our forces, together with eAD, the holder of the transmission rights of the most important sports competition in Romania, will materialize in a team effort that will bring excellent results for all those involved and, especially, for football in League 1 and for its many fans. “

The 105th edition of the Romanian championship will take place in the regular season system (30 stages, with round-trip matches), followed by the play-off (in which the first 6 ranked at the end of the regular season will play round-trip matches to establish the champion ). The teams ranked on places 7-16 will play 9 stages in the play-out (the last two ranked will be relegated directly, places 7 and 8 in the play-out will play a double-round tie, against the occupants of places 3 and 4 in the play-off from League 2).

The champion will go to the first preliminary round of the Champions League, the vice-champion will go to the second preliminary round of the UEFA Conference League. The 3rd place in the play-off will play on its own field a one-round play-off match against the winner of the one-round play-off between the 1st and 2nd place occupants in the play-out. The winner will get the last place in the European Cup and will automatically qualify for the second preliminary round of the UEFA Conference League.

“We are honored and enthusiastic about this partnership. eAD has defended the interests of all teams in the elite division, managing to raise vital funds for clubs, and the Professional Football League is an institution that, regardless of context, has been able to attract sponsors from different industries and has the energy and vision to train all those involved in Romanian football of the highest level to surpass themselves. Together we are preparing a new competitive season, united by the passion we have for the king of sports, a season that will surely be a super-experience for teams and especially for fans! ” said ANDREI STAN, Superbet Sponsorship and Events Manager.

About eAD

Launched in 2015 as an advertising sales agency, eAD has decided to enter the sports rights and sports marketing market two years later, when he took over the TV rights of League 1.

In 2018, the company began providing stadium promotion services, selling advertising on LED systems located in most first league stadiums. Also in 2018, eAD sells exclusively advertising space on Prima TV, Prima Sport and Profit TV and several other online portals. Since last year, eAD also owns the exclusive TV rights for the Spanish championship – La Liga.

The eAD team is led by Orlando Nicoară and is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the area of ​​media & advertising.

About LPF

Professional Football League is an organization composed of the 16 professional football clubs in League 1. Fans of this sport are, in fact, the main beneficiaries of the existence of LPF, whether they are the best 16 teams in Romania or only football, in general.

Organizer of the main internal football competition, but also having a union role of clubs, LPF remains faithful to the principle that football belongs to the people, for people and in favor of the idea of ​​fair play, as a constant of its entire activity.

About Superbet

Founded by Sacha Dragic and Augusta Dragic, the Superbet Group is a tech & entertainment company that operates in retail (network of over 1,000 street agencies) and online (sports and games site and applications) in Romania, Poland, Serbia and 2021 in Belgium, where it acquired the local leader Napoleon Sports & Casino. Superbet is a member of IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association).

The company has won numerous awards nationally and internationally, noting its collaborations with brand ambassadors such as Ilie Dumitrescu, Cătălin Moroșanu, Gică Craioveanu, Ana-Maria Popescu-Brânză, Mihai Leu, Jerzy Dudek and many others. Through its foundation, the company has undertaken numerous charities in the fields of education, culture, sports and health.

Through its program to support Romanian sports, Superbet sponsors federations, clubs or athletes in football, handball, basketball, cycling, chess, kickboxing, rallies, athletics, fencing, dancing, swimming and skiing.