Edi Iordănescu and Darius Olaru, press conference before Romania

Article by Vlad Nedelea, Iosif Popescu (video) – Posted on Friday, June 10, 2022, 11:51 / Updated on Friday, June 10, 2022 12:59

Edi Iordănescu (43 years old), the selector of the Romanian national team, and Darius Olaru (24), midfielder, held the press conference prior to the match with Finland in the League of Nations.

  • Romania – Finland will be played on Saturday, June 11, at 9:45 pm, at the stadium in Giulești (liveTEXT on GSP.ro and live on TV on Antena 1)


He returned from Survivor Romania and was offered by a traditional team from League 1: “I’ve been waiting for you for training since Monday!”

VIDEO: press conference Edi Iordănescu and Darius Olaru before Romania – Finland

Edi Iordănescu’s statements:

  • “Let me open the conference with a special message. June 8 marked the 100th anniversary of the national team’s history. As a selector, I would like to congratulate everyone involved over the years. There were very beautiful moments, with performances, which we all enjoyed. It must also serve as a responsibility for us.
  • We will play Giulești, a stadium with tradition. We want to change this unfortunate moment for us.
  • I wanted a significantly more successful start. My job requires balance, maturity. I am aware that anything is possible in football. I was prepared for any scenario. I saw what my colleagues before me went through, I was prepared for such moments. My confidence remains unshaken. With a positive result, the whole situation can change in our favor.
  • I caught conversations between players. They need a positive click result. I also had the misfortune, in 3 of the 4 matches played I deserved more. I didn’t deserve anything more with Montenegro, but in Bosnia I showed a different organization, a different effort. I have produced great, important opportunities. I deserved at least a draw, if not the 3 points.
  • I have always told you that I agree with any objective analysis, especially if it is constructive. I’m ready to take on my criticisms. Unfortunately, we make a lot of mistakes because we don’t know some things completely. I have professionals next to me who give me small updates on the situation “.

Edi Iordănescu, about his goals for the national team:

  • “We are a little wrong in our analysis and approach. Imagine trying to build a block of performance. The block means the selection, which we keep talking about, the analysis of our games, of our opponents, of our working methodology, how we feed ourselves. We see everything from the ground up, but let’s look down from the ground. That’s the biggest problem.
  • My focus, 70%, is on the foundation. The foundation, if it’s not solid, can’t support this block and let’s move on to performance. The foundation is like this: mentality, spirit, attitude, patriotism, devotion, fighting ability and motivation, to fight for every ball. These things are cultivated. I can’t put them in charge of the players because they have a connection with everyone who trains them, who contributes to their training.
  • Finland’s coach is in his 7th year, when I had 21 days with the team. I can’t change this foundation in such a short time. But if I do not do my best and do not seek to hold them accountable, surely the chances will be even lower. I told you I was struggling to build the right mindset, to bring the spirit back.
  • I showed that I’m not proud. I talked to the former coaches, I tried to understand the situation as well as possible, to bring the best solutions. I come in front of you, I always speak honestly. I do not shy away from answers, I tell you what I think. The conclusions are sad, but at the same time I see perspective. I always find energy in what the national team’s past means.
  • These players have talent, but to be able to say that they are valuable, that we have reached a good level of value, it must be the complete package. Let’s have all the elements from the foundation that we said we were missing. ”

Edi Iordănescu, about job security:

  • “If I regret coming here? At no time. I consider myself a consistent, hardworking, dedicated coach, who acts and reacts. I’m trying to give it my all. I came with pride, I chose the national team without any thought. I didn’t come with my eyes closed. I understand the purpose of the intermediate goal, but I am not looking back to the past. I have no regrets, I will give everything while I am here. If that clause did not exist in the contract, there would be the possibility of intervening in a more drastic way on several things, including selection.
  • It does not guarantee anything (no – continuity on the national team bench). That’s why I took on that clause (no – regarding the course of the League of Nations), I am aware that it can easily change my destiny. Age allows me to start over, to build the career I was talking about. Regret, if I don’t succeed here, would be important. It would be very sad if we didn’t do something good for the national team.
  • I set myself some goals. September is the first line of analysis. In this context, I am very unimportant. The future of the national team is important. From this point of view, I am extremely well anchored in reality “.

Edi Iordănescu prefaces the match with Finland:

  • “I try to prepare the match as well as possible. I’m sure we’ll see things differently if we get 3 points. I’m ready for a difficult game. I think we will have the most complete team in the group ahead. I say that out loud. It’s a team with a formed core, with final tournament experience, with a coach who has continuity and has had time to build his landmarks and strategies. It will certainly be a major challenge for us.
  • It is an important moment that we can capitalize on in our favor. With a victory we would come to a point in Finland, then we have another match at home. Remember that we are the only team in the group with the first two away matches. Does this matter.
  • You already know a lot of problems, Iulică Cristea, Alibec. I recovered Deian Sorescu, he recently entered the training circuit. I had him on the bench with Bosnia, but the game required something else. Deian is valid. Broadly speaking, there are no major injury issues. We have an acute state of fatigue, which is natural. I try to manage this aspect as well as possible.
  • The game system? We see, these are tactical things that we can’t discuss in public. I believe that the players have value, that we have the ability to quickly understand the tactical plan and to interpret it coherently. We did tests, tests, we tried to see the state of fatigue from a medical point of view. We hope to line up a team that can fight and work tomorrow. This is the only way to get a positive result.
  • It is the action that catches us the worst, we have many players with the problem at the club level. Among the few or even the only players who are well are those from CFR, who won the championship. There are many who do not know where their future is. I come with these sequelae together. Then you come here and enter an environment where you can’t find security. You don’t have to be inspired by the past. I wish we were infinitely better, but we’re not. And we haven’t been for a while”.
  • The national team would still need some representative players, with some experience behind, 37-38 years. I would have needed them because we have quite a few experienced players. It could have helped us to raise our mental-emotional level faster. But I have a duty to think ahead. I am aware that the 37-38 year old players would have helped us to manage the moment, but it is very difficult to have expectations for them in the future “.

Darius Olaru, before Romania – Finland:

  • “It simply came to our notice then. I think we played better in the second game, but we didn’t get a point. I think it will be much better in the next game, we hope to get the 3 points. I think if we get them we will have a different morale for the return with Montenegro.
  • We expected criticism, it’s normal, there is pressure on the national team. There have been many failures in recent years, but we hope to cope with the pressure and have a good match with Finland.
  • Each player tries to absorb the pressure. We try to train as best we can, and in the match we give everything for the victory. In difficult times we have to raise our heads, put everything on the field and get the victory.
  • It is a much higher level than League 1. We all need to raise our level, we want to play better than in the championship.
  • Finland has a good team, I don’t think it has too many individuals, but it’s a good, organized team, the best opponent we will play with. We shouldn’t be afraid of them, I think we have a good team. We must want victory more than them, give more than them. We have quality, we have to prove it in the field.
  • I don’t think this is our level, I think we can raise our expectations, we can do much more. We hope to show that on the ground.
  • I don’t think it’s a problem to withdraw (no – about Chiricheș). He is a very important player for us, we support him.
  • We expect the world to support us. We’ll see at the match how it will be. We hope that as many people as possible will support us.
  • We have to get the victory, we need it. I think we will get it if we give everything “.

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