Edward Iordănescu, another man of the System in FRF ?!

Last Monday, when Cosmin Guşă asked me in his Gold FM show why I don’t write more often, I replied that I don’t like to do this job without being motivated. The next day, Tuesday (three bad hours!), The Romanian national football team lost its second match in the League of Nations, 0-1 with Montenegro, after a 0-2 with Bosnia / Herzegovina, settling in – “comfortable” ! – last place in the group, which is why I decided to write several lines.

Before explaining the title of this article, which may seem strange and unrelated to the failures of the “tricolors”, I must make a brief foray into the past, in the ’60s, when I played football for the children and juniors of Steaua, where I met Puiu Iordănescu, who in the meantime became General Anghel Iordănescu.

Puiu was two years older and played at the “August 23” Center, under the guidance of Master Fabian, a talented discoverer and grinder who would send first-hand players to the “big team” and the national team. Iordănescu was one of them. I had Vasile Zavoda as my coach and sometimes I played friendly matches with the “1950 group”.

I must also say that I loved the Steaua club so much that I went to trainings coming from Floreasca (where I lived a few blocks from the fence of the “red dogs”!) And up to Ghencea (an hour by trolleybus 88). I was only 8 years old and I didn’t sleep the night before a game. At the age of 16 I ended up with a double fracture of the tibia and fibula on my left leg, and my father, being disabled, ended my football career at Steaua and dreamed of becoming like my idiots: Puiu Iord ~ ​​nescu, Liță Dumitru or Marcel Răducanu! I gave all these details because I don’t want people to think that I have anything to do with the Iordănescu family – father and son – but out of the desire to explain some strange things that have been happening for several years at FRF, which have put Romanian football in the spotlight. its entirety!

After the Revolution, Anghel Iordănescu became a general in the Romanian Army (there are squabbles who challenge his title, without understanding that promotion comes with the passage of time – Ilie Năstase obtained the same rank on identical criteria) and national team coach. I met him again at the 1994 World Cup in America, where Puiu obtained the best result in the history of the “tricolors”, the qualification in the quarterfinals, after 8 years before he had won the European Champions Cup with Steaua – as second coach and player!

Anghel “Puiu” Iordănescu’s entry into politics (in 2004, as a PSD senator) completely changed the image of the teenager I had met at Steaua’s juniors, and the 2014 “election” of the anonymous Răzvan Burleanu to the FRF leadership made me think. Former adviser to security guard Traian B ~ sescu “Petrov” was to lead the destinies of Romanian football following the arrest of Gica Popescu – the main favorite – just a few days before the “elections”. It was clear to me that this was a security crackdown of the lowest order and that the Services used all the leverage of intimidation to impose themselves on the leadership of the Federation, even if Puiu Iordănescu later stated that he “announced ”That Gică Popescu was asked to submit his candidacy for the FRF leadership as well. The scenario would be repeated in the next “elections”, when the man of the System, the “eternal” Răzvan Burleanu, “won” without emotions!

This was followed by the 2009 presidential elections, the “re-election” of the “Petrov” caster and the scandal known as “Oprea’s living room”, where General Anghel Iordănescu, General Neculai Onțanu were present (in addition to the host – “General-Izman” Gabriel Oprea) , the head of SRI, George Maior, the head of DNA, Laura Codru]a Kovesi and Vasile Dâncu, the current Minister of Defense, another man of the System and of the Group from Cluj, who makes and breaks everything that moves in FRF or in other areas- key controlled by the new security! It is no coincidence that Gica Popescu was arrested the day before the “elections” in the FRF and replaced by Răzvan Burleanu. prevents Gigi Becali’s FCSB (which saved Steaua from extinction!) from playing in Ghencea, not coincidentally CFR Cluj has won five titles in a row, after coming out of insolvency and has its financial balance at a loss all these years! Last but not least, the appointment of Edward Iordănescu as the national football team coach is not a coincidence either. This time, however, it was “diplomatic”! First Gică Hagi, Loți Boloni and Dan Petrescu were offered, then the reserves Adi Mutu and Edi Iordănescu. He won the “last on the list” and the results of the national team are starting to show! We are on the last place in a group in which we claimed to win it! And the fact that the new Securitate has come to lead (and) the Romanian Football Federation is a guarantee that the dust of Romanian football will be chosen after so many “coincidences”!
New York, June 9, 2022