Episode 5: Steaua – AC Milan 0-4 »Ștefan Iovan and Tudorel Stoica, excellent performance against the fantastic triplet Gullit – Rijkaard

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Steaua – AC Milan 0-4 »Ștefan Iovan had an excellent performance, comparable or even over Baresi’s, and Steaua’s captain, Tudorel Stoica, kept close to Rijkaard, the Dutchman having a sensational performance!

  • CONTEXT: Gazeta Sportulilor launched “History in Report” last month – a special project through which we will look at the famous phases with different eyes, we will understand differently how memorable victories were obtained and we will otherwise appreciate famous players;
  • The GSP editorial staff chose 10 famous matches from the history of Romanian football and financed their analysis from a modern perspective, with the help of the latest technology and tools;
  • Specifically, all these unforgettable matches for Romanians will be dissected through the performance reports of InStat, the company that delivers detailed statistics on current football to thousands of clubs and millions of fans around the world;
  • Reinterpreting history through the filtering of these reports is an adaptation to the current needs of fans, for which football becomes more spectacular if viewed through detailed statistics;
  • The 10 matches analyzed by Gazeta in the “History of the report” project will be, in the order of their dispute:
    » Brazil – Romania 3-2 (1970)
    » Romania – Italy 1-0 (1983)
    » Steaua – Anderlecht 3-0 (1986)
    » Steaua – Barcelona 2-0 (1986)
    »Steaua – AC Milan 0-4 (1989)
    »Steaua – Dinamo 0-3 (1989)
    »Romania – Argentina 3-2 (1994)
    »Romania – Sweden 2-2 (1994)
    »Romania – England 3-2 (2000)
    »Romania – Slovenia 1-1 (2001)


Episode 5: Champions Cup Final 1989 »Steaua dribbled more at 0-4 with AC Milan, but made only 10 fouls and was killed on the counterattack!

Iovan: on the plus side with Van Basten and Gullit, Baresi on the downside with Lăcătuș and Pițurcă!

Even if he makes a comparison with the great Franco Baresi, Steaua’s stopper does not come out wrinkled at all. First of all, unlike his defensive colleague, he was not guilty of any of the goals. Then his level, reflected by the parameters of the game, was a good one.

Parameter / Player Iovan Baresi
InStat Index 186 201
Duels won 61% 42%
Air duels won 4 0
Successful passes 94% 88%
Lost balls 3 7

Apart from these figures, probably the argument that Iovan was at least on the same level with Baresi in that match is the way the two managed in the duels with the two opposing strikers. The total number of these duels was almost identical, 11 for Fane, 10 for Franco, but Iovan came out much better, although he had a fabulous tandem in front of him, while the Italian had Lăcătuș and Pițurcă in front of him. In fact, the stelist was on the plus side, Baresi on the minus:

Iovan Baresi
5-2 with Van Basten 0-1 with Pițurcă
4-0 with Gullit 4-5 with Locksmith

Tudorel Stoica: he fought with Rijkaard and was not very far from him

Stoica was Steaua’s veteran at the time, she was 34 years and 8 months old. Rijkaard was 8 years younger, but he was a sensational footballer. And in that final, the Dutchman was exceptional, but the monitoring of the game shows that the captain of the red-blues was also good, except for the phase from goal 2, in which he was overtaken by Tassotti. There were a few chapters in which Stoica kept close to Rijkaard:

  • Pass percentage: Tudorel had 87%, exactly the same as Rijkaard, but the volume of the game was much higher for Stoica: 62 balls offered correctly to colleagues, the Dutchman only 46
  • Forward passes: Stoica had 46 passes in front, Rijkaard only 33
  • Recovered balls: same level, 7-7
  • Duels won: the percentage was not very disproportionate, 50% -40% in favor of the Dutch
  • Direct duels: they clashed many times in the ball dispute, and Tudorel was good, 5-4 for Rijkaard was the score of the direct duels won / lost. One of those duels, in which the Dutchman prevailed, was in the 4-0 goal phase, in which Rijkaard passed the stelist, then offered a goal pass to Van Basten
  • ball: it’s an aspect where Stoica was even better, score 4-3
  • Lost Balls: balanced here too, 9 wasted by Tudorel, 7 by Rijkaard

The major difference was in the offensive plan, but also in the field of action in the field. Although Stoica had several game actions, score 112-94, the successful ones in the opposing field contain an extremely unbalanced ratio: 35-20 for Rijkaard. Only 7% of Stoica’s shares were in the last third of the field, the Dutch had a very high percentage, 27%.

The star was older

Iordănescu’s team practically ended a cycle of fabulous seasons in the European Cups: it was the second final of the European Champions Cup, it had also played in the semifinals in 1988, it had also won the European Super Cup in 1987, but it was a team nearing the end. In fact, at the time of the game, the average age of the first “11” was almost 2 years higher than that of AC Milan. Steaua had 4 players over the age of 30, the Italians only Ancelotti and goalkeeper Galli. The youngest on the field was Paolo Maldini, who had not yet turned 21.

S. Lung, 32 and a half years old Galli, 31
D. Petrescu, 21 and a half Tassotti, 29
Bumbescu, 29 Costacurta, 23
Iovan, 28 Baresi, 29
Ungureanu, 32 and a half Maldini, 21 without a month
D. Minea, 27 and a half Colombo, 28
T. Stoica, 34 and 8 months Rijkaard, 26 and a half
Hagi, 24 Ancelotti, 30
I. Rotary, 26 and a half Donadoni, 25 and a half
Locksmith, 25 Gullit, 26 and a half
Pițurcă, 33 Van Basten, 24 and a half
AVERAGE: 28.5 years AVERAGE: 26.7 years

INCREDIBLE: Steaua gave 4 names in the Top 10 top scorers

The band from Ghencea did not manage to win the second trophy in the most important club competition in Europe, but the way he showed the top scorers in that Champions Cup season can always be a valuable piece in the performance showcase. Among the top 10 scorers, Steaua gave no less than 4 names.

Van Basten won the title with 10 goals, followed by two Steaua players: Lăcătuș (7) and Hagi (6). Hugo Sanchez (5), Real Madrid’s striker, was ranked 4th. The other two footballers of the red-blues in the Top 10 were Ilie Dumitrescu (4) and Gabi Balint (3).

4 playershad Steaua in the final with AC Milan from the composition of the first “11” from the match with Barcelona, ​​from 1986: Iovan, Bumbescu, Lăcătuș and Pițurcă

The route to the final

Phase the star AC Milan
Round 1 Sparta Prague: 5-1 and 2-2 Vitoșa Sofia: 2-0 and 5-2
eighth Spartak Moscow: 3-0 and 2-1 Red Star Belgrade: 1-1 and 1-1 (4-2 on penalties)
quarters IFK Gothenburg: 0-1 and 5-1 Werder Bremen: 0-0 and 1-0
Semifinals Galatasaray: 4-0 and 1-1 Real Madrid: 1-1 and 5-0

22 goalsSteaua scored in that European Champions Cup campaign, being the most prolific team, right over AC Milan, who scored only 20 goals

The big surprise of the ’89 Champions Cup final: Daniel Minea, the best stelist on the field!

Hagi subordinated by Ancelotti, Pițurcă crushed by Van Basten, Bumbescu humiliated by Costacurta!

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