Eugen Trica takes Nicolae Grigore’s place at Metaloglobus

Most of the teams that will evolve in the new season of League 2 have started the training, among them being Metaloglobus Bucharest, which in the recently concluded edition ranked 10th in the regular season, respectively 2nd place in Group A of the play-out.

The band from the Capital has already made several moves this summer, including at the head of the technical bank. Metaloglobus broke up with coach Nicolae Grigore and reached an agreement with Eugen Trica.

Among the players he continues with are the Herea brothers, Daniel Lung or Andrei Sin, and among those who left are Liviu Mihai or Iulian Roșu.

Nicolae Grigore broke up with Metaloglobus

Metaloglobus called the meeting in preparation for the new League 2 season on July 20 and had 22 players in the first training session. In the first week, the team was under the leadership of Gigel Coman, who will be the second coach in Eugen Trica’s staff.

On Monday, June 27, the Bucharest team entered the hands of the new head coach Eugen Trică, who takes the place of Nicolae Grigore (39 years old).

“I ended the contract with Nicolae Grigore naturally, I had a not good, but very good relationship, in this way I really thank him once again for how I collaborated. However, the club’s owner decided not to extend his contract. I only have nice words to say, honestly, but that’s what happened, the owner didn’t want to prolong them “he said, for Liga2.roMarius Burcă, president of the Metaloglobus club.

Grigore thus separates from Metaloglobus after a whole season in which he prepared the team from the Pantelimon district of Bucharest.

Nicolae Grigore spent a League 2 season on the bench of the Metaloglobus Bucharest team. Photo: Răzvan Păsărică / Sport Pictures

Eugen Trica returns to the bench of a team from Bucharest

The former coach of Viitorul Pandurii Târgu Jiu, another team from League 2, Eugen Trică (45 years old), was the choice of Metaloglobus. He signed a contract valid for one season and will have as his first objective the qualification of the team in the playoffs, ie to occupy one of the places 1-6 after the first 19 stages, those of the regular season.

“I say that Eugen Trica is an experienced coach in the 2nd League, a coach who I hope will bend to the structure and thinking of Metaloglobus, a coach who, by nature, burns on the bench, in the good sense of word, and I think that’s something we’ve missed in the recent season. He is a coach with whom I hope Metaloglobus will reach the playoffs, where he has wanted for two years “stated, Liga2.roMarius Burcă.

Through what he says about Trică, Marius Burcă also means what Nicolae Grigore lacked in order to continue at Metaloglobus. This was also one of the reasons why Grigore broke up with Rapid after only a few games: his attitude was too calm, gentle in his new quality, as head coach.

Trică also coached a team in Bucharest, on Juventus, between June 2012 and April 2013, as well as in 2014.

In League 2, Trică also coached Juventus Bucharest, UTA Arad, Metalul Reșița, Sportul Snagov, “FC U” Craiova, Turris Oltul Turnu Măgurele and Viitorul Pandurii Târgu Jiu. He led the latter twice in the recently concluded season, in 12 games, between stages 8-13 and 17-19, in the regular season, respectively 1-4, in the play-out.

Gigel Coman and Ovidiu Herea are second coaches in Trică’s staff

Eugen Trica’s technical staff at Metaloglobus includes Gigel Coman and Ovidiu Herea, as second coaches, the latter will continue as a player, Daniel Stanciu, as goalkeeping coach, Florin Drăghici, as physical trainer, and Bogdan Achiței, as team -manager.

“Ovidiu Herea also fulfills the position of second coach. Even if he signed the extension, he is still under the player’s contract, but he also has the position of second coach “said Burcă.

The most important achievements of Eugen Trica as head coach were the promotion in League 2 with “FC U” Craiova, in 2020, respectively the promotion in League 1 also with “FC U” Craiova, in 2021.

The Herea brothers continue with Metaloglobus, Liviu Mihai and Iulian Roșu, among those who left

Among the players we continue with are Andrei Sava, Daniel Lung, George Caramalău, George Gavrilaș, Claudiu Herea, Ovidiu Herea and Andrei Sin.

“The vast majority of the players I talked to, from the old guard, if I may say so, signed the contract extension. Players who have old states in the first league and the second, players who have experience. Underage players must come, some are already there, but we are still looking. There are a lot of children in the tests, under age, and they must be seen “said the president of the Metaloglobus club, who also said that, at the moment, no transfer has been made.

In terms of partings, the contract has ended and the players will not continue with Metaloglobus: Claudiu Borțoneanu (returned to FC Voluntari), Andrei Florescu (returned to Dinamo), Claudiu Negoescu (returned to UTA), Ionuț Sîrbu (returned to U Craiova), Liviu Mihai or Iulian Roșu.

Camp in Brașov and three opponents currently set for this summer’s friendly matches

As for this summer’s training program, Metaloglobus has already started training again for a week and a half, and on Saturday it will play its first friendly.

On July 2, the Bucharest team will meet in Clinceni, from 11:00, the newly promoted in Liga 2 Progresul Spartac. In a week, on July 9, Metaloglobus will measure its strengths with Concordia Chiajna.

Subsequently, between July 11 and 22, the band from the Pantelimon neighborhood climbs into a camp in Brasov, the exact location to be determined in the coming days. There, Metaloglobus aims to play three friendlies, currently only one opponent being decided. Even on the last day of the internship, on July 22, he will meet another newly promoted in League 2, on SC Oțelul Galați.

After returning home, the team from Bucharest will play two more verification games, one on July 27, and another on July 30. At the moment, the opponents have not been established, because the draw for the program of the new season of League 2 is expected.

The new season of League 2 begins on August 6.