Expert “Portrait” with the latest technologies and advanced artificial intelligence

The success story of the OPPO Reno7: the “portrait expert” with the latest technologies and advanced artificial intelligence

The smart phone seriesRenoI have OPPOIt has unique characteristics in the field of photography, especially at the level of “portrait” pictures. The series uses a new generation of smart “portrait” using advanced technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Reno7quoted OPPOThis image-focused experience of developing devices offers great advantages to users around the world to create stunning portraits with a single click.

The new smartphoneReno7OPPOIt has exceptional properties and is enhanced by the latest technologies and artificial intelligence techniques. It is powered by a portrait sensor IMX709Ultra HD co-developed with SonyCoupled with a precise lensMicrolensand effectsBokeh FlareType of DSLRWhich provides unprecedented performance in the field of portrait photos.

The first smartphone to integrate algorithms at the image sensor level

Collecting enough light through the image sensor is essential to get clearer and brighter images. Through its extensive research in sensor technology, OPPOWe are constantly finding innovative ways to increase the sensitivity of the sensor to light in order to deliver the highest quality images.

The front camera is a 32-megapixel selfie camera with a sensor IMX709 RGBWThe pioneer developed in collaboration between OPPOAnd the SonyWhich appears for the first time globally in a series Reno7It has a special precision with an algorithm Quadra BinningDeveloped by OPPO. Thanks to this, the sensor is able to capture 60% more light than what is in circulation, while reducing noise up to 35%. All of this provides clearer and brighter images even in low-light environments.

After three years of developing technology RGBWand its improvement and the unremitting efforts of more than three hundred imaging engineers, has achieved OPPOFinally the progress she was looking for, with 87 patents on this track. It arranges the pixels RGBWNew developed by our R&D teamOPPOSuperimposes white sub-pixels on top of existing red, green, and blue pixels.

It also contains a phoneReno7It has a 64MP AI Triple Camera, 2MP Camera, and a Precision LensMicrolens2 MP resolution with 16.6 times magnification for photos and videos. The phone emits a special lightOrbit LightAbout the fine lens to help users explore the very small parts.

phone comesReno7With great imaging features, with technologiesBokeh Flare PortraitAnd the Selfie HDR And the Portrait RetouchingAnd the AI PaletteAnd high-resolution images of 108 megapixels, along withAI Scene EnhancementAnd the Flash Snapshotand others so that users can capture images of the world in great professional quality.These features are the result of more than 10 years of research and development in imaging technology, as well as the latest successes in high-quality smartphone portrait photography.

Enable TechnologyBokeh Flare PortraitOne-click selfies with superior lighting effects, just like in a high-end digital camera.DSLR. It also improves performance with intense lens flare and solves skin discoloration issues.

As for technology Selfie HDRIt provides clear and crisp selfies in poorly lit environment, it automatically detects the level of backlight and runs an algorithmOPPO HDRTo improve lighting and bring out more details in photos.

Utilizing an automated test that has been tested on 5,000 different faces in 400,000 images, the . technology recognizesAI BeautyIt has 393 key points of the face to provide natural beautification effects for selfies and selfies in the front and rear cameras of OPPO Reno7. Beautification effects include AI blemish removal and necessary improvements for people in group photos.

did not stop OPPONever about developing high-resolution instant imaging technologies on its smartphones, as it aims to facilitate capturing high-quality images in any situation and as much as possible.

With a motor OPPO Image Clear Engine (ICE)Built-in OPPO Reno7Pick up Flash SnapshotMultiple batches of crystal clear images even in situations of movement at any moment and any place.

will continue OPPOFocus on exploring new possibilities in imaging through hardware and software development, enabling a series RenoTo provide more professional photography techniques for personal photos to users all over the world.