F-150: best-selling pickup in the US is confirmed in Brazil

Pickup has been the best seller in the United States for 45 years

Since Ford changed its strategy for the Brazilian market, the announcement of the arrival of its most successful global product was expected: the F-150.

Best-selling pickup in the United States for 45 years and total market leader in that country since 1981, the utility is confirmed to debut in Brazil in 2023.

“The F-150 comes to consolidate our lineup, alongside Ranger and Maverick, and reaffirm the authority that Ford has built in pickup trucks around the world,” said Daniel Justo, president of Ford South America.

The F-150 is positioned above the Ranger

With more than 40 million units produced, the pickup, larger than the Ranger, is already sold in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The manufacturer did not reveal which versions it will import, but I bet on the luxury of the Lariat configuration (like the one on display at Agrishow, in Ribeirão Preto) and on the Raptor’s sportiness.

Currently, only Ram operates in this large pickup market, which will soon be joined by Chevrolet Silverado.

Initially, Land Rover imported the new generation Defender with only a 2-liter gasoline engine, which despite being powerful did not satisfy the SUV weighing more than two tons.

Now, the British brand is adjusting its strategy for the Brazilian market with the introduction of a turbodiesel propulsion, which replaces the gasoline option.

The new generation of Defender began to be marketed with a diesel engine

This engine is called by Jaguar Land Rover the D300, it is a six-cylinder in-line with 3 liters that produces 300 hp of power and 66.3 kgfm of torque. It is part of the same Ingenium line as the gasoline engine and also features a 48-volt mild-hybrid system to help fuel consumption.

The transmission remains the eight-speed ZF automatic, which works in conjunction with a transmission with reduced gears.

There are three versions for the 110, with a four-door body, and one for the 90, with two doors. The 110 initially costs BRL 725,950 (D300 HSE) and reaches BRL 800,950 (D300 X). The 90 costs BRL 708,950 in the D300 HSE configuration.

Currently the only automotive hub in the Northeast, the Fiat and Jeep operation in Goiana, Pernambuco, is completing seven years.

Since its opening, more than 1.2 million vehicles have been produced and now the milestone of manufacturing 350,000 Jeep Compass units is celebrated.

The Stellantis factory in Pernambuco completed seven years

More than 13 thousand people work at the Hub, considering the Stellantis plant and the Suppliers Park installed in the same industrial perimeter, formed by 16 companies. Of this effective, about 90% are from the Northeast, with more than 85% from Pernambuco.

In addition to the Compass, Fiat’s Jeep Commander and Renegade and Toro pickup trucks are produced there.

In end-of-cycle mood, two Volkswagen veterans are being offered in just one configuration on the 22/23 line.

The Gol hatch, one of the most successful models in the Brazilian industry, and the Voyage sedan have only the option of a 1 liter engine (which yields up to 84 hp) and a five-speed manual transmission.

The Gol starts at R$74,150 and the Voyage starts at R$85,770.

With the sedan market down, Volkswagen changed its tactics in the Brazilian market in relation to the Jetta. At least for the moment, the company is only importing from Mexico the sporty configuration of the car, the GLI.

And the vehicle received some updates, aesthetic, mechanical and also technological. In terms of appearance, changes to the front grille, bumpers and new 18-inch diamond wheels.

The Jetta’s sporty configuration is the only one offered in Brazil

Inside, the redesigned steering wheel and the new multimedia center, the VW Play, which was designed in Brazil, stand out. Under the body, a change in the transmission: the automatic two-clutch transmission went from six to seven speeds.

The 2 liter turbo engine was framed in the Proconve PL7 and produces 231 hp of power. It costs BRL 216,990.

The delay in the delivery of semiconductors continues to reflect on production lines, with stoppages in several manufacturers.

According to a survey by LMC Automotive, 107,000 vehicles were no longer produced in Brazil due to the lack of electronic components.

Toyota recorded its monthly global production record in March. There were 866,775 vehicles manufactured, the highest number of units produced by the Japanese company in just one month.

To meet a long-standing request from partners, Uber decided to show the destination and final price of the ride before the driver accepts it.

Transparency is always welcome, but those who pay the bill are displeased: passengers, who report difficulties and even longer waits for rides, especially the shorter ones.