FC Brașov has found its president in place of “Limoniu” Mărginean

After a long search, Sebastian Bădulescu, local councilor of Brașov Municipality and member of the General Assembly of FC Brașov Associates, found a replacement for President Ioan Mărginean (61 years old), whose contract expires and he was no longer wanted, after a disastrous season.

The elected mayor of Allen Coliban is Marin Mitran (54 years old), the sports director at FC Buzău in the recently concluded season.

“We have reached an agreement with Marin Mitran. I hope it will be a good choice for Brasov football “said Sebastian Bădulescu, who gives the management of the new FC Brașov also in the hands of a “foreigner” from Brașov football.

Marin Mitran, better known in the Republic of Moldova! In recent years, he has reappeared in the Romanian football landscape

Former impresario, Mitran, originally from Salonta (Bihor), was a manager at several clubs in the Republic of Moldova, at Milsami Orhei, Rapid Ghidighici or Zimbru Chisinau, and also worked in the federation across the Prut.

More than 15 years ago, Mitran worked in Brasov football as a sports director at Precizia Săcele. In Romanian football, he recently reappeared, in recent years, as executive president at CSM Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț, where he brilliantly missed the promotion in League 2.

Since last summer and until now, he has held the position of sports director at FC Buzău, a club where he stood out more with appearances on a local TV station and with speaking in the press and where he was recently offered the position of marketing director, for not to show him the back door. However, he preferred to go to FC Brașov, where he will have a difficult mission.

Mitran takes over from “Limoniu” a FC Brașov full of problems

The club led by “Limoniu” in its first year of existence, after being established directly in the summer in League 2, ceding the place from the newly promoted Corona Brașov, has pending litigation in the FRF commissions, footballers and coaches gone on vacation with unpaid salaries, and the lot for next season must be massively rebuilt.

Mitran wants to come to FC Brașov with Cristian Pustai, the current coach of FC Buzău. The Buzău group already has a new president, Auraș Brașoveanu, whom FC Brașov also wanted, and it remains to be seen whether or not the “Professor” will continue in Buzău, where he is still wanted as head of the technical staff.

Among those who refused FC Brașov was Dănuț Coman.

The new president of FC Brașov, the “professional” that the mayor Allen Coliban was looking for?

Shortly after FC Brașov barely managed to stay in League 2, after a match with Poli Timișoara, the mayor Allen Coliban, the head of the institution that provides the bulk of the club’s budget, announced that he wants major changes and that he is looking for “Professionals, not storytellers”.

It remains to be seen whether Mitran, who did not stand out at FC Buzău, a team without money problems, for example, is an inspired choice for FC Brașov.

At first glance, the choice seems to be a failure, because Mitran was more “storytelling” at FC Buzău in the recent season of League 2 than he was at Mărginean at FC Brașov.

“Point and start again.
After a season far from expectations, FC Brașov wins the match with Poli Timișoara (two victories, 2-1 away and 1-0 at home) and remains in League 2. I thank the players and the technical staff for the recovery from the end of the championship.
Changes in the organization chart are required for the next season. We challenge any manager / president / director able to take on the construction of a solid and financially efficient project: a successful academy for all age groups (we currently have 14 groups), a second team in L3 or L4 ) to bring in promising players and the big team to fight for promotion.
A project that will make peace with the fans and bring them back to the stadium, uniting Brașov football (teams and supporters) under the community brand – FC Brașov.
We are looking for professionals, not storytellers. People who know management, who dream of budget and budget execution, who organize the club in an efficient and transparent way, who implement a performance management system, who work well in a team and who know how to protect the interests of FC Brasov in relation to contractors and third parties.
These will be the topics of discussion for the interviews, in a week we should have the first decisions. For resumes and cover letters: [email protected]
From the point of view of the management structure, I want to evolve towards a Board of Directors that brings together the financiers (the Municipality, but also private investors) and the supporters (represented, thus, at the decision level).
The success of this project is built with involvement, collaboration and without local struggles. This is the invitation I extend to all those who are able to contribute to the future of Brasov football “announced the mayor Coliban.