FC Brașov, sanctioned by FRF with a decrease of points

Just before the round match of the maintenance dam in League 2 with Poli Timișoara, scheduled in the city in the west of the country, FC Brașov received another blow this season.

At the meeting of the FRF’s Discipline and Ethics Commission on Wednesday, May 11, FC Brașov was sanctioned with a ban on the right to transfer and / or legitimize players, as well as a two-point score in the League 2 play-out standings. .

However, the qualification for this dam is not threatened, because Unirea Constanța had more than two points less than FC Brașov at the end of the play-out.

Ștefan Nicolau promoted with Corona in League 2 and moved to FC Brașov only after seeking justice at FRF

Specifically, FC Ardealul Cluj requested from the FRF commissions the training payment of the player Ștefan Nicolau (20 years old). As the people of Brasov did not pay the money from Transylvania, FRF came with the sanctions.

Ștefan Nicolau played for the Cluj club for almost 4 years, and now he is under contract with FC Brașov. Nicolau was part of Corona’s team, a team with which he promoted last summer in the 2nd League, but, last summer, he was not included in the “new FC Brașov” project.

Nicolau sought justice at the FRF, as did the coaches and footballers from Corona “left in the air” after the transfer of the place in League 2 from the newly promoted to the new FC Brașov, and the club chaired by Ioan Mărginean was obliged to respect the player’s contract.

This winter, after not being able to play in any match for FC Brașov in League 2, after his identification was made towards the end of last year, after the litigation won at FRF, Nicolau was transferred in the form of a loan in League 3, at SR Brașov, until the end of this season.

Ștefan Nicolau was loaned at the beginning of this year from FC Brașov to SR Brașov, in League 3. Photo: SR Brașov

The head of Transylvania Cluj, about the dispute with FC Brașov: “I sent notifications! They didn’t pay attention to us! ”

Alexandru Moldovan, the head of the Ardealul Cluj club, explained this case.

“It’s natural to ask for the player’s training schedule. According to the rules, when the player is eligible for a higher level club, the club pays the training schedule. Before we got to FRF, we tried to get in touch with those from FC Brașov. I said it was a sin for God not to understand each other humanly. I sent notifications, but received no response! They didn’t notice us! After we won at CNSL we tried, again, to get in touch with them. We could not and did not receive a response to the notifications. In these circumstances, I notified the Disciplinary Commission. First, FC Brașov received an order, and now the other sanctions have come “Moldovan said for Liga2.ro.

The amount that FC Brașov has to pay to those from Transylvania Cluj is 8,300 lei with VAT.

“More jokingly, more seriously, for those who were dissatisfied that we have few points, here we are in the situation to allow ourselves to lose more points”
FC Brașov’s coach, Călin Moldovan, ironically after losing the two points

”Creditor • ACS Fotbal Club Ardealul / Debtor • ACS FC Brașov Steagul Renaște / Based on art. 85 of the RD corroborated with art. 24 lit. C point 1 lit. b of the Regulation on the Status and Transfer of Football Players sanctioning ACS FC Brașov Stenaul Renaște with the prohibition of the right to transfer and / or legitimize players as a transferring club and the decrease of points on those accumulated in the championship by the highest category team – scoring 2 points for the period 20.04.2022 – 04.05.2022. The Commission granted a deadline on 25.05.2022, at 15.00, the date on which the debtor club to present the proof of payment to the creditor ACS Fotbal Club Ardealul in order to further avoid the scoring ”sounds the decision of the FRF’s Discipline and Ethics Commission.

FC Brașov was left without two points in the League 2 play-out ranking and is banned from transferring and / or legitimate players

In the ranking of the League 2 play-aut, FC Brașov was sanctioned with the loss of two points from those won on the field.

FC Brașov entered the play-out with 14 points accumulated in 19 games in the regular season, and in this phase of the competition the team collected 12 more points in six matches. So in total he collected 26 points.

According to the updated ranking following this sanction, FC Brașov remained with 24 points, six more than Unirea Constanța. If the team that played its matches in Buftea in 2022 was closer to FC Brașov and would have passed over in the standings following this score, then the team coached by Călin Moldovan would have relegated directly, and Unirea would have gone to the dam of maintenance with Poli Timișoara.

Among the numerous litigations it has, FC Brașov lost the one with the former coach Ilie Stan, which it refuses to pay. Punctuation can be achieved again.

Photo: Alex Nicodim / Mediafax Photo

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