FC Hermannstadt is at a point of promotion after the victory with “U” Cluj

FC Hermannstadt got the most important victory of this season, 2-1 with “U” Cluj, under Feleac, and needs (at least) a draw in the last stage, in Mediaș, with Steaua, to return to the first scene.

Măldărășanu’s players were probably seen as lambs coming to the slaughter

The Cluj team put the champagne in the cold, for sure, before the match with FC Hermannstadt, following the model of those from Petrolul, who had secured their promotion a day earlier after 2-0 with Concordia Chiajna. The atmosphere was gala, 20,000 fans in the stands of Cluj Arena, and Măldărășanu’s players, from there, from the top of the stand, were probably seen as lambs coming to the slaughter, especially since, in the previous two direct games, “U” had won with 2-0, in the regular season, and had obtained a 0-0 in the playoffs, in Mediaș.

Daniel Paraschiv was the first to silence the audience at Cluj Arena

The match started, “U”, “Glory to you, student!” Resounded in the stands, and on the grass, a heavy one, soaked with water, Ely Fernandes resumed the volley, right at the beginning of the game, without catching the goal frame ( 2). The people of Cluj tried to hit as fast as possible, but what can you see, not only did the goal not fall into Iliev’s goal, but Gorcea was the one who fished it from the “threads”.

A quarter of an hour from the start, Petrescu sent in the center of the box, from a free kick, and Daniel Paraschiv detached himself from the mark and sent, with his head, to the right of the goalkeeper of “U”, opening the score.

Baba Alhassan also scored for FC Hermannstadt

Cluj did not blame the shock too much and Romario Pires received a gift from Bejan, but shot in the center of the goal and Iliev lay down on the ball (20), then Ely Fernandes’ shot was deflected into the corner (21), at as it happened when Pîrvulescu resumed (24).

Iliev intervened once more at the “head” of Pires, from the center of Ely Fernandes (39). The Brazilian of “U”, who played with FC Hermannstadt in League 1, in the past, broke a new cross, this time by Pîrvulescu (43), and Boiciuc woke up on his forehead with a ball rejected by the Sibiu defense, but without being able to put it on Iliev’s gate (45 + 3).

Petrescu sent a free kick in high over the penalty box, but Bejan’s shot went wide.

Opruț tried to catch Gorcea, but sent too high from 25 meters to the left side (65).

Sibiu doubled their advantage at the end of a phase in which the newcomer Buhăcianu put the ball in the center, for Baba Alhassan, who shot at the long corner, from 12-13 meters (67).

Florin Ilie brought back hopes

The “students” returned to the game after Florin Ilie took advantage of Ely Fernandes’ refocusing, following a free kick, 4 minutes later. Cluj Arena came to life again and probably those in the stands counted the minutes until the favorites managed to equalize.

Lincar’s players demanded penalties after an Opruț-Hofman duel, but the “central” Colțescu let the game continue.

Pîrvulescu (83) and Haită (90 + 2) wasted the last opportunities of “U” to restore equality and keep real chances for direct promotion. Cluj did not manage to score until the end, so the chances of direct promotion decreased considerably.

On the other hand, if they were seen with a second chance in this match, the Sibiu team got a huge victory, after which they now reach their hands to return to League 1. FC Hermannstadt plays on Sunday in Mediaș, with Steaua, and they must not lose this game to promote without dam. “U” Cluj plays in Chiajna and a victory will not help it if the Sibiu team gets at least one point in the last stage.


Florin Ilie 71 ′ / Daniel Paraschiv 14 ′, Baba Alhassan 67 ′

“U” Cluj: Gorcea – Romeo, Fl. Ilie, D. Ispas, P. Pîrvulescu – Balgiu (Remacle 73 ′), Romario Pires (cpt.) – M. Ciobanu (Hofman 34 ′), Tescan (I. Filip 84 ′), Ely Fernandes (Haită 73 ′) – Boiciuc (Val. Alexandru 73 ′)
Unused reserves: Gold. Peacock – Dobrescu, Gugu, Alarcon
Coach: Erik Lincar

FC Hermannstadt: Iliev – Pantea, Bejan, I. Stoica, Opruț – Alhassan (Hora 90 + 1 ′), Mino Sota, Biceanu (Blejdea 79 ′) – P. Petrescu (cpt.) (Antoche 58 ′), D. Paraschiv (Buhăcianu 58 ′), Al. Oroian (Bucuroiu 79 ′)
Unused reserves: Muțiu – Tomșa, Issah, Gab. şerban
Reservations: Marius Măldărășanu

Stadium: Cluj Arena (Cluj-Napoca). Referee: Sebastian Colţescu (Bucharest). Assistants: Adrian Popescu (Craiova) and Marius Badea (Râmnicu Vâlcea). Reserve: Cristian Codrea (Baia Mare). Observers: Ştefan Szilaghi (Satu Mare) and Daniel Sabou (Zalău).

FC Hermannstadt has 60 points and is on the 2nd place, and “U” Cluj remained with 57 points and is on the 3rd position, which leads to a promotion dam with Dinamo.

Photo: Flaviu Buboi / Mediafax Photo