FCSB. Florinel Coman, the biggest spike taken by Becali in football!

Florinel Coman (24 years old, far left) is the worst all-time business done by Gigi Becali, the owner FCSBfrom the perspective of the investment related to the return: the club spent with him over 4 million euros in 5 years, a period in which he did not produce anything to bring money to the red-blue group and it was not even sold!

Gigi Becali’s biggest investment since entering football continues to devalue. Florinel Coman, the footballer on whom the FCSB owner has paid the highest amount in the over 19 years since he has been the owner of the team, continues to depreciate. Due to the poor and very poor performance, but also to the fact that he failed to return to the form before the injuries, his share has now reached, after the last refresh made by the transfermarkt website, only 3 million euros. This is the lowest level in the last 3 years.

Bosnia – Romania

Gigi Becali was annoyed when she saw Edi Iordănescu’s elections: “Does he think he has ambitions with me ?! I will sell it without a national team “

FCSB. Florinel Coman returned after Euro U21 in 2019

In fact, now, Florinel is below the value he recorded before the start of the European U21 Championship in the summer of 2019, at which he had a sensational performance against England, when he managed a “double”. After that tour, it had even reached a virtual quota of 6 million euros, but since then there has been an endless collapse.

He is not the only football player of that youth national team who has regressed from this point of view. In his situation there are also names like Nedelcearu, Cristi Manea, Tudor Băluță, Vlad Dragomir.

In fact, the player, who turned 24 in April, becomes the undisputed leader of Becali’s worst business in football. The financial effort of the club in what Coman has meant in the last 5 years has been a huge one:

  • FCSB bought him for 2.5 million euros, an absolute record in terms of transfers between League 1 teams
  • Becali later repurchased the percentage held by Viitorul, which meant another 500,000 euros
  • his salary in the 5 years meant around 1,000,000 euros
  • the costs of operations and recovery were also borne by the club, another tens of thousands of euros. The result is a total of over 4 million euros spent all these years. Instead, Coman returned virtually nothing to the club. The team did not win any title with him in the group, and the last qualification in the European Cup groups was ticked in 2017-2018, but it was successful without Florinel, who was bought right after FCSB entered the Europa League and he he came to play directly in groups, where he evolved a little because he was not a starter in front of Budescu, Alibec, Gnohere, Florin Tănase and Teixeira.
The biggest sting taken by Gigi Becali in football: huge loss, over 4 million euros!

The moment when Florinel Coman got injured in the match with Baska Topola, in August 2020

Florinel Coman’s black data in recent years

  • He scored his last goal 11 months ago, in July 2021, in the match with Shakhtar Karagandi, in the European Cups
  • He was last signed in Ligue 1 a year and a half ago: December 2020
  • He last played in the national team more than a year ago, in March 2021, Romania – Macedonia 3-2, when he was injured just in the game
  • Last time he managed a “double” more than two and a half years ago, in October 2019

Other bad business Becali brand

1. Emeghara – 2.5 million euros loss

Bought for 1.5 million euros from Poli Timișoara, in the summer of 2007. He spent no less than 5 seasons under contract with FCSB, but almost always had medical problems, due to which he was absent 80% of the time. He ticked only 42 games, an average of 8 games a year. He had a high salary of 200,000 euros a year, so the total hole was 2.5 million euros!

2. Elton – 2.3 million euros loss

It was brought in January 2007, and the transaction figures were revealed at that time by Gazeta Sportulor. The transfer amount was 850,000 euros, to which were added 1.3 million euros, money that represented commissions for the consulting firm. Elton stayed only 5 months, with a salary of 25,000, so the total deficit for Becali in Elton’s case was almost 2.3 million euros!

Becali’s biggest business

1. Dennis Man – 9 million euros profit

Bought for only 400,000 euros from UTA, the right-back striker was sold a year and a half ago for 11 million euros. 10% of the amount went to the Arad club. During his time at FCSB, 4 and a half years, Man meant a financial effort for the club, for his contract, below 500,000, so that the net profit recorded is a record one: over 9 million euros!

2. Nicolae Stanciu – 9 million euro profit

It was not at all expensive when Becali bought it, in 2013, from Vaslui: only 700,000 euros. He stayed only 3 years, contributed to the return of FCSB in the Champions League groups, after which he was sold for 10 million to Anderlecht. In the 3 years, with the salary and bonuses received, FCSB did not spend more than 500,000 euros, so the profit is almost 9 million euros.

3. Chiricheș – 7 million euro profit

FCSB brought it in January 2012, in exchange for 800,000 euros, from Pandurii. After only a year and a half, during which time he ticked a title and a qualification in the eighth Europa League, he was transferred to Tottenham for 8.5 million euros. His salary and bonuses were only 250,000 euros, and Pandurii was especially with another 500,000 euros, the percentage for resale.

4. Gardoș – 6 million euro profit

It cost, in 2010, only 150,000 euros, being brought from League 2, from Chiajna. He stayed for 4 years, played in European teams every year, including the Champions League, won two titles, after which he was sold for 6.8 million euros. As with FCSB’s contract and premiums, he did not spend more than 500,000 euros.

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