FCSB »Gigi Becali and Toni Petrea overtake the championship in reserve performance!

Article by Alexandru Barbu – Posted on Friday, June 03, 2022, 4:30 PM / Updated on Friday, June 3, 2022 4:43 PM

Last autumn, after the resignation of Edi Iordănescu, Petrea set a condition for signing: Becali should not ask for any change during the first half.


3 players in one shot at Farul: Torje, a former FCSB defender and an Ivorian midfielder

Although FCSB was not the protagonist for a few moments embarrassing as the one with UTA last summer, with Todoran A1, when Becali changed in the 34th minute no less than 3 playersit is almost impossible to believe that the owner of the red-blues did not interfere at all with Toni Petrea in the composition of the first “11” and changes.

Becali can’t give millions and someone else can order. I can’t do that! Is it football? No, it’s a company.

– Gigi Becali, after the appointment of Petrea

The changes made by Petrea & Becali made the difference in 10 matches at FCSB!

In Petrea’s second term, which began in November 2021, the FCSB reserves had the best performance in the league. In 10 matches, they decisively influenced with goals, assists or penalties obtained, thus contributing to 19 points earned!

  1. FCSB – FC Botoșani 3-1 »Ianis Stoica, Valentin Gheorghe and Constantin Budescu entered the field in the second half, 1-0 for Moldovans. The first two scored, the third gave a decisive pass
  2. CSU Craiova – FCSB 2-3 »The Cordea reserve brought the victory of the red-blues in extra time
  3. Gaz Metan – FCSB 0-1 »Olaru reserve scored the only goal of the match in the second half
  4. FCSB – Rapid 3-1 »Coming from the bench, Ianis Stoica got a penalty and scored in Moldovan’s goal
  5. FCSB – CFR Cluj 3-3 »Vali Gheorghe entered the field at the beginning of the second half and changed the fate of the game, with goal and assist. Florinel Coman, another reserve, passed decisively to the success of the former Astra winger
  6. FCSB – FCU Craiova 2-2 »The reserves Ianis Stoica and Keșeru snatched a draw on the National Arena, with a penalty obtained, respectively a goal ticked
  7. FCSB – Chindia 3-2 »” Double “Valentin Gheorghe, assists Sorin Șerban and Claudiu Keșeru
  8. FC Argeș – FCSB 2-3 »Dumiter, the red-and-blues’ emergency solution, scored the winning goal in overtime
  9. CSU Craiova – FCSB 0-1 »Mamut scores two minutes after being introduced in the match and brings all the points of the vice-champion
  10. FC Volunteers – FCSB 2-2 »Edjouma, entered at the break, passes decisively to Florin Tănase’s goal

15 pointswon FCSB in the matches in which it was led 1-0 (3 draws and 4 victories), most of them in League 1; next in the top is FC Botoșani (13 points)

What happened at FCSB with Todoran and Edi Iordănescu

Dinu Todoran lasted only 5 stages at FCSB. The changes made during his term influenced two games: UTA – FCSB 1-1 (successful goal by reserve Ianis Stoica) and FCSB – Gaz Metan 2-1 (Octavian Popescu started the game on the bench, but scored the winning goal).

The period of Edi Iordănescu followed, the only coach at FCSB in recent years who had 100% control over the changes. The reserves used by the current coach also scored decisively in two games: goal Budescu in Chindia – FCSB 0-1 and goals V. Gheorghe and Tavi Popescu, plus decisive pass Vali Cretu in FCSB – FC Argeș 2-1.

It is difficult to recognize the merits of Petrea, a man who did not make the lot, who does not choose the owners, who does not make the changes and does not dictate the style. He doesn’t choose the system either. He has little left. He is a fitness instructor, a coach as there are 1,000 in Romania.

– Remus Răureanu, GSP journalist, at “Debate of the Day”

9 coachesthrough their replacements they did not produce any points in this League 1 season: Șumudică, Bonetti, Ouzounidis, Chirilă, Rednic, Stoican, Giurescu, Badea and Popa; the interim was not taken into account

Most reserve points in the 2021/22 season


TRAINER puncture
Petrea (FCSB) 14
Quail (FC Argeș) 12
Joseph (Rapid) 8


TRAINER puncture
Petrea (FCSB) 5
Petrescu (CFR Cluj) 4
Reghecampf (CSU Craiova)
Shepherd (FC Volunteers)

play out

TRAINER puncture
Uhrin (Dynamo) 3
Mutu (Rapid)
Bergodi (Sepsis)
Pelici (Mioveni)
Boroncoi (Gas Methane)
Naples (FCU Craiova) 1

Explanation: reserves contribute decisively to a match if they score, provide an assist and / or get a penalty. Example: Deac enters the field in the 70th minute of the match Rapid – CFR Cluj, at 0-0, scores the only goal of the match, and the “railroaders” win 1-0. Next to Dan Petrescu will appear two points, fixed the difference made by the man introduced in the field, in this case Deac.

0 pointsbrought the changes made by Prepeliță and Gică Hagi in the play-off

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