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Workers born in January, February, March and April are already able to carry out the extraordinary withdrawal in the amount of up to R$ 1 thousand from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS).

Some of them, however, when consulting the Caixa Tem application, have come across the following message: “Withdrawal FGTS in process”.

According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal, there is no reason to be concerned about the notice: it indicates that the withdrawal has been approved and that the amount will be released on the date set in the official payment calendar.

All workers who have amounts available in active or inactive FGTS accounts will receive the withdrawal automatically. However, if the amount is not deposited into the account on the scheduled date, Caixa advises the worker to update their registration in the FGTS application (available for Android and iOS) and request the withdrawal in the “Extraordinary Cash Out” menu.

  • Extraordinary FGTS withdrawal: those who did not make the emergency withdrawal in 2020 may not have an automatic deposit; understand

Next Saturday (14), the resources will be released to the 3.8 million workers who were born in may. Withdrawal will be possible until December 15th.

It is possible to check who is entitled to the withdrawal – in addition to amounts and dates to receive the money – through the Caixa website, through the FGTS application and at Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) branches.

In all, 42 million workers are eligible for the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS. The available balance can be consulted, but the withdrawal and movement of the amount follows the schedule established by Caixa.

When consulting the FGTS website, it is possible to find out:

  • whether the worker is entitled to the FGTS Extraordinary Withdrawal;
  • check the credit date in the Digital Social Savings Account.

Through the FGTS application and at Caixa branches, it is possible to:

  • consult the amount to be credited;
  • check the credit date in the Digital Social Savings Account;
  • inform that you do not want to receive the credit of the amount;
  • request the return of the amount credited to the FGTS account;
  • registration change to create a Digital Social Savings Account.

Find out how the FGTS withdrawals released by the government will be made

According to Caixa, around R$ 30 billion will be released to approximately 42 million workers with the right to withdraw.

The release goes until June 15, according to the worker’s month of birth. The federal government released the following calendar, broken down by month of birth:

Anyone who has a linked FGTS account, active or inactive, can withdraw. Read more here.

If the holder has more than one FGTS account, the withdrawal is made in the following order: first, accounts relating to extinct employment contracts, starting with the account with the lowest balance; then the other linked accounts, starting with the account with the lowest balance.

The amounts that are blocked in the FGTS account, as a guarantee for credit operations in anticipation of the birthday withdrawal, for example, will not be available for withdrawal.

No need to request. The money will be automatically made available to the worker’s account at Caixa Tem. Read more here.

If the beneficiary does not have a Caixa Tem account, Caixa Econômica Federal will automatically open an account in the worker’s name.

However, in case of incomplete data that does not allow the opening of the digital account, the worker will have to request the release of the resources.

The entire process to request the withdrawal will be computerized. The worker does not need to go to the Caixa branch, just enter the FGTS application, available for smartphones and tablets, and enter the requested data.

The application can be downloaded by mobile:

  • Click here to download the app for Android phones
  • Click here to download the iOS mobile app (Apple)

Click here to see how to login and use the app

After crediting the amounts in the digital social savings account, it will be possible to pay bills and bills or use the virtual debit card and QR code to make purchases in supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies and other establishments, through the application.

The amount can also be transferred to other bank accounts of Caixa or another bank. It is also possible to carry out transactions through Pix, in addition to making withdrawals at Caixa’s self-service terminals and at lottery outlets.

Not. Withdrawal is optional for the worker. If he is not interested, he can indicate that he does not wish to receive the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal, so that his FGTS account is not debited. In this case, he must access the FGTS application or go to one of the bank’s branches to inform him that he does not want to receive the credit.

After making the credit in the Digital Social Savings Account, the worker can still choose to undo the automatic credit, through the same channels, until November 10th.

If the credit of the amounts has been made to the worker’s Digital Social Savings account and this account is not used until December 15, the funds will be returned to the FGTS account, duly corrected.

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