Fiat raises the price of all cars produced in Brazil

In the second week of May, Fiat revealed its new price list with an ungrateful surprise: all cars produced in Brazil became more expensive. It’s just not possible to say that all Fiats sold in Brazil are more expensive because the imported Ducato and 500 did not suffer an increase.

Cronos comes from Argentina, but as it is on the Brazilian side, it does not count as imported. But there is one small exception to the increase: the Fiat Toro. Due to the IPI discounts for commercial vehicles, the pickup was cheaper in flex versions, while diesel became more expensive. The Strada, which is also a commercial vehicle, has become quite expensive.

pickup trucks

Toro starts now at R$137,098 in the entry-level Endurance flex version, which is R$1,292 cheaper. Freedom flex starts at BRL 148,319 thanks to a BRL 1,371 price reduction. Volcano flex closes with the biggest discount: R$ 1,520, now costing R$ 162,270. The other side of the coin is the increases in diesel versions.

Fiat Toro Ultra Diesel [Auto+ / João Brigato]

The cheapest Toro diesel is the Endurance, which now costs BRL 189,090, as it became BRL 2,000 more expensive. Volcano diesel cost R$2,100 more, now reaching R$203,490. The Ranch and Ultra versions increased the table by R$2,200, costing, respectively, R$211,190 and R$213,390.

At Strada, Fiat only raised the price. The entry-level version Endurance Single Cab increased by R$600 and now costs R$92,890. The latest version below R$100,000 is the Freedom Cabine Simples at R$99,790, readjusted by R$1,700. With a double cabin, Freedom costs BRL 105,790 with an increase of BRL 1,800.

Fiat Strada Volcano CVT [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat Strada Volcano CVT [Auto+ / João Brigato]

At the top of the range we have the Strada Volcano in manual configurations of R$109,590 and CVT of R$117,490. With the clutch pedal, it cost BRL 2,300, while with the continuously variable transmission the increase was BRL 3,100. Finally, the Strada Ranch, with CVT transmission only, now costs R$ 122,490 (increased price at R$ 3,100).


Despite being the cheapest car in Brazil, the Fiat Mobi was R$700 more expensive in the two versions sold in the country. Like now costs BRL 62,690 and Trekking for BRL 65,690. The Argo, on the other hand, was R$800 more expensive in all versions, except for the unnamed entry, which had the same readjustment as the Mobi.

Fiat Argo S-Design [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat Argo S-Design [Auto+ / João Brigato]

It now starts at BRL 73,690 in the unnamed version, goes up to BRL 77,790 on Drive 1.0 and goes to BRL 82,490 on S-Design 1.3 and BRL 83,790 on Trekking 1.3. His brother Cronos went up R$800 in the unnamed version 1.3, which now costs R$83,790 and R$900 on the Drive 1.3, which costs R$89,490 after the adjustment.

Finally, we have Pulse with significant increases. The biggest of all was the Drive 1.3 entry version, which is now R$5,000 more expensive. The model starts from R$ 94,990. Drive CVT, on the other hand, broke the R$100,000 barrier thanks to the R$3,700 increase. Now it costs R$ 101,990.

Fiat Pulse Impetus [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat Pulse Impetus [Auto+ / João Brigato]

With a turbo engine, we have the R$109,990 Drive, which was R$2,500 more expensive than before. The Audace now costs R$ 114,990, while the Impetus costs R$ 126,590 – both have been adjusted by exactly R$ 1,000.

Other models

For the Fiorino van, which is about to win its almost twin cousin Peugeot Partner Rapid, Fiat raised the price by R$1,100. The model now costs R$ 106,090. On the tram 500, the price of R$255,990 was maintained. The Ducato van, which will be restyled this year and will be one of 6 Fiat launches in 2022, has prices between R$196,995 and R$264,099.

Fiat Fiorino 2022 [divulgação]
Fiat Fiorino 2022 [divulgação]

Fiat Mobi: prices and versions

Like – BRL 62,690
Trekking – BRL 65,690

Fiat Argo: prices and versions

Unnamed 1.0 – BRL 77,790
Drive 1.0 – BRL 82,490
S-Design 1.3 – BRL 82,490
Trekking 1.3 – BRL 83,790

Fiat Cronos: prices and versions

Unnamed 1.3 – BRL 83,790
Drive 1.3 – BRL 89,490

Fiat Cronos HGT [divulgação]
Fiat Cronos HGT [divulgação]

Fiat Strada: prices and versions

Endurance Single Cab – BRL 92,890
Freedom Single Cabin – BRL 99,790
Freedom Double Cabin – BRL 105,790
Volcano Double Cabin – BRL 109,590
Volcano Double Cab CVT – BRL 117,490
CVT Double Cabin Ranch – BRL 122,490

Fiat Pulse: prices and versions

Drive 1.3 – BRL 94,990
Drive 1.3 CVT – BRL 101,990
Turbo drive – BRL 109,990
Audace – BRL 114,990
Impetus – BRL 126,590

Fiat Toro: prices and versions

Edurance flex – BRL 137,098
Freedom flex – BRL 148,319
Volcano flex – BRL 162,270
Diesel endurance – BRL 189,090
Diesel Volcano – BRL 203,490
Diesel ranch – BRL 211,190
Ultra diesel – BRL 213,390

Fiat 500e [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat 500e [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Fiat 500: prices and versions

Icon – BRL 255,990

Fiat Fiorino: prices and versions

Endurance – BRL 106,090

Fiat Ducato: prices and versions

Chassis – BRL 188,358
Short position – BRL 196,995
Average position – BRL 207,095
Maxicargo – BRL 210,883
Multi – BRL 214,068
SR Ambulance – BRL 228,986
Comfort Minibus – BRL 238,036
Maximulti – BRL 240,032
SR L Ambulance – BRL 246,180
Executive – BRL 264,099

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