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If we are talking about the reggaeton genre, without a doubt, the name of daddy yankee immediately jumps to our mind, since it is considered one of its pioneers during the 90s, a decade in which it began to popularize it in Latin America and the rest of the world, after Tego Calderón.

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Although the successful songs of Big Boss, as he is also known, have moved the body of millions of people in different countries, did you know that none of his singles was the first to make this genre popular? Yes, just as you read it, the interpreter of “La gasoline” was not the one who launched this rhythm to stardom that accompanies us to this day.

Next, we tell you which song and which artist paved the way for reggaeton more than three decades ago.

Although Daddy Yankee has filled stadiums and all kinds of stages during his presentations, Big Boss did not release the first song that put reggaeton in musical history (Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / AFP)


“Let the guitar make me a sound like that… followed by the bass. From the Caribbean I come directly here, to assure you that…”if you remember the introduction to this song, we let you know that you are facing the lyrics of the first reggaeton song in history. Yes, we are referring to “Bomba para afincar” by Vico C.

A single released by the Puerto Rican-American rapper and songwriter in 1991, which belonged to the independent album “Hispanic Soul”. It should be noted that it is a fusion between reggae music and hip hop.

Although for some this would not be the first song of the genre, but rather “She Likes My Reggae”, from the album Misión La Cima”, also by Vico C, which was recorded a year before; you can not deny that “Bomba para afincar” managed to establish reggaeton in Puerto Rico and the world.

Why do some disagree?

Those who disagree that “Bomba para afincar” was the one that started the phenomenon that currently represents reggaeton, they didn’t have to go back in time, but on the contrary, go back two years after the release of Vico C’s hit.

It was in this way that were located in 1993 when Big Boy started playing Among whose songs the most successful was “My eyes cry for you”; They even mention other artists such as Ivy Queen, Eddie Dee and Daddy Yankee himself.

Regardless of the creator of reggaeton, it cannot be denied that Vico C introduced hip hop in Puerto Rico and the world, becoming one of the greatest exponents and precursors of this genre. Menzig.

Vico C is considered the forerunner of reggaeton (Photo: DJ Negro)
Vico C is considered the forerunner of reggaeton (Photo: DJ Negro)


The video for “Bomba para afincar” begins with characteristic calypso sounds and then a Rasta appears playing the guitar. From that moment, everything is a party, in which he dances and counts.

At the end of the video, Vico C appears wearing a Bob Marley shirt as a way of paying tribute to his legacy. In addition, the influence that Jamaican immigrants have had on the island of Puerto Rico is shown.

Vico C in the video clip of his famous song "pump to settle" (Photo: DJ Black)
Vico C in the video clip of his famous song “Bomba para afincar” (Photo: DJ Negro)


Vico C, whose real name is Luis Armando Lozada Cruz, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 8, 1971.. When he was 5 years old, his parents decided to return to their native Puerto Rico, where they settled in the Puerta de Tierra sector, in San Juan. Since childhood he showed an inclination for art and singing.

In the 1980s, hip-hop had taken over Puerto Rican youth, so DJ Negro organized a rapping contest. He did a duet with his friend Glenn, while he sang in English, Vico C did it in Spanish.

The year 1988 is launched as a soloist and together with DJ Negro he recorded his first song “No to drugs”, then they recorded underground songs such as “Sin pena”, “Si soy de la calle” and “En coma”. Two years later, in 1990, he launched his professional career with his first production “La Recta Final”, followed by “Me Recuerdo”, “Bomba para afincar”, among others.

It is considered an icon of Hispanic music, since he was the one who started the hip hop movement in Puerto Rico. His themes are oriented towards social criticism and he used Christianity for this, a fact that earned him the name ‘The Philosopher’.

During his career, he released studio albums such as “Hispanic Soul” (1991), “Xplosion” (1993), “Con poder” (1996), “Aquel que had died” (1998), “Ambush” (2002), “En honor to the truth” (2003), “Desahogo” (2005), “Babilla” (2009), in addition to making a compilation of his greatest hits, as well as special collection series. He won two Latin Grammys in 2001 and 2003..

The artist is also known as 'The Philosopher' (Photo: Vico C / Instagram)
The artist is also known as ‘The Philosopher’ (Photo: Vico C / Instagram)


It was 2020 when Vico C became a trend on Twitter after different netizens remembered the lyrics of his song “5 de Septiembre”, a successful song by the American singer of Puerto Rican origin. MORE DETAILS HERE.