Florinel Coman decisively influenced the new tactic »Octavian Popescu, sacrificed next season

Mihai Stoica has announced that Octavian Popescu will be retired FCSBin the 4-3-3 system, because in his favorite position, left side striker, will be used Florinel Comanthe argument being that “we can’t make fun of Florinel, it’s the only job he has yielded”.

FCSB made defensive purchases, but will change the position of the footballers on the field in the offensive compartment. The announcement was made by Mihai Stoica at Orange Sport.

The vice-champion’s manager revealed that “Octavian Popescu will be inter, in the middle of the field, Tănase will appear as a false top, and Florinel Coman will be used as a left-back striker”. This mill will be made exclusively to highlight Florinel Coman.


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“The only position he has yielded is that of left striker, he will play there. We can’t make fun of him because we believe in him a lot, and as a striker we tried him, he can’t be in that position at all “, explained MM.

However, the reconfiguration of the first “11” will also move Octavian Popescu, one of the most important players from last season, from his basic position. He was used in most games as a left-back and rarely as an inter where it will appear next season.

FCSB tactics involved an interesting Florinel Coman combination

“He will be very good and as an inter, take only his performance from the match with CFR, score 3-3, in which the opponents could not face him at all”, added MM.

In that confrontation, Popescu played striker in the first half, in which CFR led, but at the break the system was changed and Tavi passed in the middle of the field, where he had a great performance. In that game he managed his 6th highest InStat index in the entire previous season.

In fact, among the first 6 best evolutions, there are only two confrontations in which the left striker played exclusively: the victories with CFR from the last stage and the one from Gruia.

Otherwise, he evolved as an inter during the match, even a long period of time, and the high index was determined mainly by what he produced from this position.

What did Tavi Popescu play in the best 6 performances of last season

1. FCSB – CFR 3-1, InStat 280 index (FCSB number 1)

  • evolved the whole match as a left striker
  • scored a goal

2. FCSB – Headlight 2-0, index 273 (FCSB number 1)

  • first half played striker left half
  • the second passed inter from the inter position
  • scored a goal, both successes of FCSB were in the second half

3. FCSB – FCU Craiova 2-2, index 273 (number 1 from FCSB)

  • first half played left striker
  • the second half passed inter
  • from the inter position scored a goal, both successes of FCSB were in the second half

4. CFR – FCSB 0-1, index 265 (FCSB number 1)

  • played the whole match only left striker
  • scored the winning goal

5. FC Argeș – FCSB 2-3, index 264 (3rd from FCSB)

  • The first half was the left striker
  • 45 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 0 – 4 as finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick
  • the last 15 minutes, including overtime, was inter
  • he had no goal or assist

6. FCSB – CFR 3-3, index 261 (FCSB number 1)

  • The first half was a left-wing attack
  • the second half evolved inter
  • scored a goal in the first half from the left forward position, but FCSB had a great level of play in the second half, when he was inter

In one season, Octavian Popescu tripled his share

In the summer of 2021, Octavian Popescu was valued at 1.2 million euros. The consistent season that he ticked in the FCSB jersey, despite the shameful elimination from the Conference League, brought him a spectacular leap.

According to the latest quotation from the transfermarkt site, it is seen as worth 4 million euros. More than 3 times more than a year ago. Popescu is 19 and a half years old and will be eligible for the U21 rule in League 1 until the summer of 2025.

MM would like him number 10, in another system

The FCSB manager claimed that Octavian Popescu could be even better placed if he was used as a number 10, but in a 4-2-3-1 system. In this case, however, Olaru’s position would be that of right midfielder. “I think Olaru would handle any position, because I see him as a kind of Bernardo Silva from City, who gives performance wherever you use him. And I think Octavian Popescu in the center of the offensive midfield line, behind the striker , with Shut and Edjouma in front of the defense, would be a very good option “, said MM.

What will the FCSB look like in the new season:
Târnovanu – Ov. Popescu, Bouhenna, Dawa, Radunovici – Olaru, Șut, Oct. Popescu – Cordea, Fl. Tănase, Fl. Coman

Which team would like MM Stoica:
Târnovanu – Ov. Popescu, Bouhenna, Dawa, Radunovici – Shot, Edjouma – Olaru, Oct. Popescu, Fl. Coman – Fl. Tănase

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