FR Hockey Accused ice, fake matches, fictitious settlements, uranium trafficking

The scandal triggered by the players of the national ice hockey team who would have sung the Szekler Land Anthem at the end of the match with Hungary, at the beginning of May, is far from gone.

A few days after these events, Minister Carol Eduard Novak aimed all the cannons at the Ice Hockey FR.

He allegedly sent the Minister’s Control Corps, which was to analyze the federation’s documents.

Tough accusations for the leadership of FR Ice Hockey: false matches, fictitious settlements, uranium trafficking. What is written in the notification to the Government Control Corps

ProSport came into possession of this document, practically a notification from the Ministry of Sports, in which there are hallucinatory accusations: false matches, fictitious settlements, uranium trafficking.

The conclusions of the control requested by the Minister of Sports are not yet known, Carol Novak, in open warfare with the current leaders of the Ice Hockey FR.

Below we present the full text of this notification:

„Notification to the Control Body of the Ministry of Sports of April 1, 2022 (document)

  • The organization of false matches, which exists only on paper, without complying with the applicable regulations, results in the manipulation of the results and falls under the criminal law.
  • If expenses related to the organization of fictitious matches have been settled, this means a violation of the rules on the management of public money and on the use of financial resources provided by the Ministry of Sports.
  • Reference is made to paper matches organized in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons, respectively

Details (from document)

During the 2018-2019 season, within the National Ice Hockey Championship category – U20, organized by FRGH, several matches were introduced in the specialized application Pointstreak, which in reality were not played.

The Pointstreak Sport Technologies application is an online platform used worldwide and officially by FRHG in order to record all the information related to the development of national championships, such as statistics, matches, results, table, teams, program, etc.

According to the data uploaded in the application (can be accessed through the official website of FRGH), in the national ice hockey championship category – U20, 2018/2019 edition, there were 12 games between three teams entered in the championship – CSA Steaua Bucharest , ASC Corona Brașov and CSHC Márton Aron.

In reality, the ASC Corona Brașov team did not play any match in the championship, all the matches of this team being actually falsely documented.

The fictitiousness of the matches can be proven by the statement of the players, of the staff, who did not participate in these events.

It is also a definite proof that these games do not appear in the program of the host ice rinks, at the date of the fictitious matches took place sports activities.

A number of 6 games were organized on paper in August 2019 after the closing of the 2018/2019 hockey season.

These irregularities in the organization and conduct of the National Youth Ice Hockey Championship – U20 season 2018/2019 fall under the criminal law on forgery and use of forgery.

It is very important to mention that the organization of the championship was financed from public money, therefore in case expenses related to the organization of fictitious matches were settled, this means the violation of the rules regarding the management of public money.

The match between CSM Corona Brașov and Sportul Studentesc București on 29.01.2020 was played only on paper.

Who is Sandu Hălăucă. Uranium trafficking 20 years ago

  • He was forced to give up his competitive activity in 1994, being accused of trafficking in radioactive substances.
  • According to the indictment, on September 28, 1994, Hălăucă, along with three other people, was caught red-handed by the Police, in front of the protocol villa no. 23 in Snagov, under the protection and protection of the SPP. The four were to carry out a transaction with a quantity of 4.5 kilograms of uranium powder, the investigators establishing that the powder was removed from the premises of the Bucharest Rare and Radioactive Metals Research and Design Institute.
  • Sentenced to four years in prison for uranium trafficking, Hălăucă was prosecuted in 2002 by the Supreme Court of Justice and appointed technical director and deputy secretary general of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation.
  • As an athlete, he has an impressive business card – 17 national titles, 18 Romanian Cups, but also over 400 present in the national team, participating in 16 world editions and two Winter Olympics.

More scandals, less performance at FRGH

  • Problems at the Romanian Hockey Federation they started from the leadership of Marian Negoiță – Eduard Pană, being accused of their lack of interest in the development of this sport and the disastrous management.
  • After a period of calm, in 2007, when Janos Kurko won the election, becoming president, the internal conflicts continued to the detriment of hockey “.

Romania, series failure in Division I, Group A.

Several members of the Romanian national hockey team went to the end of the match with Hungary, from the World Championship in Ljubljana, in front of the gallery of the Hungarian national team and sang together the anthem of the Szekler Land.

The Romanian national team was defeated by the Hungarian team, with the score of 4-2 (2-0, 1-2, 1-0), on May 8, 2022, in Ljubljana, in its last match at the World Ice Hockey Championship, Division I, Group A.

Romania lost all four matches, 1-9 with Slovenia, 1-4 with South Korea, 4-5 with Lithuania and 2-4 with Hungary, relegated to Group B, the third echelon of the World Championship.

Slovenia finished in first place, thus advancing in the elite echelon of world hockey. Hungary took second place, followed by Lithuania, South Korea, while Romania ranked last, without any points.

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