From ‘Me enamoré’ to ‘La Bicicleta’: the lyrics that Shakira dedicated to Piqué | Music

Shakira You are experiencing one of the most difficult moments of your life. Intuition and luck have not been on her side and, in the end, after days of torture, she has announced that she is separating from her partner for twelve years: Gerard Piqué. What’s done is done and the Colombian begins a new stage in her life. She warns and announces that she is leaving Barcelona, ​​and it is not blackmail, it is a way for the sun to begin to rise in her life.

Shaki, far from being angry, has decided to be a wolf and focus on her career. You just have to see the great dress that she wore at the Cannes Festival and that many associated with the one that Diana of Wales wore in her first public appearance after the entire United Kingdom learned of her husband’s infidelity. In addition, as there is no harm that is not good, the great song of I congratulate you by the artist with Rauw Alejandro does not stop adding reproductions. There are people who believe that the video clip and the lyrics are full of messages towards Piqué. Don’t those gestures he makes in the video remind you of those made by the footballer on the pitch?

Actually, Shakira has filled her songs with messages towards Piqué in the last decade. The Colombian was inspired by her partner to create some of the most famous songs of recent years. And we don’t mean that “I congratulate you, you act well, I have no doubt about that”, that it is open to interpretations, but to a long list of verses that perhaps he will change for his next concerts.

Waka Waka (This is Africa)

Okay, maybe this song has nothing to do with Piqué in terms of the lyrics, but it should be remembered that it was the culprit that both fell madly in love. That World Cup in South Africa brought the two stars together. Shakira had him in the video clip and Cupid did the rest.

We assume that Shakira will continue singing this song until the end of her days, especially considering that it is one of her biggest hits. Of course, we doubt very much that he will start watching the video again. As a curiosity, the same week that the breakup was announced, waka waka It has sneaked into the musical trends of Youtube. Ains, what people like to put their finger on.

I fell in love

Shakira’s love letter to Piqué clearer. The Colombian dedicated an entire song to the soccer player in The Golden with I fell in love. The star told from how they met, when he saw him as a child, until the moment they started having children. “With you I would have ten children, let’s start with a couple,” the star sang, referring to Milan and Sasha.

The song became a hit thanks to its catchy chorus. Also, why fool ourselves, we love it when artists refer to their personal lives. Shakira told us her love story in the first person. Of course, we will have to wait to find out if the singer will sing this song live again.


Now we have to look at a song from 1998. Is about Inevitable, one of the first hits of the Colombian. The beautiful pop ballad is a fan favourite, which is why good old Shaki sings it whenever she can live. Of course, when he started with Piqué he had to change the first verses.

The original song began with “If it’s a matter of confessing, I don’t know how to make coffee and I don’t understand football.” With a soccer player at home, Shakira decided to change the lyrics in the direct ones, singing the following: “If it’s a matter of confessing, thanks to number 3, I understand football.” The star referred to the number that Piqué wears on the back of his shirt. Now, we believe that it is inevitable that the Colombian will sing the original lyrics again at her concerts. Not so bad!


we go back to the disk The Golden. Shakira dedicates another beautiful song to Piqué. It is Yellow, a theme where he reviews the colors of the rainbow and compares them with the emotions he feels when he sees his partner: “Yellow, you have me in your pockets. Purple, I have already forgotten the past. In red, because they bleed me the eyes of crying when you’re not by my side”.

But if there is an element that clearly goes for him, it is the precious words in Catalan that he says before the chorus: I respect you. Also, at the concert The Golden, the star turned the guitar over and showed the photo he had of his family behind it. Maybe now he just shows his children.

The bike

“He likes Barranquilla, he likes Barcelona”, Carlos Vives sang in The bike about Shakira. Perhaps, now, the Colombian has better memories of her hometown than of the Catalan capital. That yes, now Shakira is not going to have the problem that she says in the subject: “Take me on your bicycle. So that we play ball’e rag there in Chancleta. That if one day you show Piqué the Tayrona later he will not want to go pa ‘Barcelona”.

We just hope that Shakira continues singing these great songs, although she may decide to change some lyrics.