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Singer Shakira has managed to capture the different stages of falling in love throughout his career. The first meeting, the warmth of the caresses until the end of the romance, the love relationships that the Colombian artist has had have served as inspiration for her repertoire.

“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice


Shakira and Oscar Ulloa.

With the publication of one of his most acclaimed albums in 1995, Barefoot, Shakira dedicated Anthology to the businessman Oscar Ulloa, with whom he had had a relationship since he was 15 years old until the publication of this album, at 17.

The song is about a passionate romance that has come to an end: “You took off my shoes from the cement to escape the two flying for a while. But you forgot one final instruction, because I still don’t know how to live without your love.”

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Despite not being one of Shakira’s longest relationships, this was one of her most intense and learning-filled romances. He even thanks in the letter of Where are you Love? the unconditional support that the businessman had given him at the beginning of his musical career.


Colombian singer Shakira and Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Ríos had a brief relationship in the 1990s, when he was 37 and she was 20. Photo: Taken from Telemundo

In 1997, she began one of her most controversial relationships, dating the Puerto Rican actor and model Osvaldo Rios; the 17-year age difference was the main issue, as Shakira was only 20.

That same year he published one of his albums that was an undeniable success: Where are the thieves?which contains one of his most listened to songs at the time entitled You.

with the letter “It’s you, love, my desire to laugh; the goodbye that I will not know how to say because I will never be able to live without you” It became one of the most passionate declarations of love that the singer would make in her career.

‘Underneath your clothes’

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa attended together the appointments to which the artist was invited.

In 2000 Shakira would start one of her relationships that would last the longest and to which more songs would be dedicated. Was with Antonio de la Ruason of the former president Fernando de la Rúa, a decade, despite being surrounded by controversy and media pressure. The intensity of her romance was a contrasting theme with the worst economic and political crisis that was about to happen in Argentina.

For the 2002 that published his album Laundry servicein which he would expressly dedicate Underneath your clothes to De la Rua. This appeared in the video, showing the affection that he kept for Shakira in her reunions, after having gone through the loneliness that tours bring to the singer.

“I met you one day in January with the moon on my nose. And since I saw that you were sincere, I lost myself in your eyes” is the beginning of the song January day, the one that remembers the dinner in Buenos Aires in 2000, the first time that Antonio and Shakira met. This song belongs to the 2006 album, Oral fixation Vol. 1.

Within the album there are also verses that the singer would have composed thinking of her partner: “Lucky that you were born in the south and that we make fun of the distances” of the hit LuckY “Because my love for you is total and is forever” of Wall.

Even before ending her relationship with the Argentine in 2010, Shakira said goodbye with what more, corresponding to his album the sun rises, specifically with the verses “God knows how hard it is for me to leave you and I look at you while you sleep, but I’m not going to wake you up, it’s that today I ran out of hope because what we have left of us is no longer enough.”

‘I fell in love’

Shakira and Pique.

2010 marked the beginning of their longest relationship. Meeting at the Rock in Rio Festival in Madrid, the footballer Gerard Piqué Told him: “We will meet in the final”, and that was the beginning of a romance that would last twelve years.

The indirect verses towards his partner of the time were present. One of the clearest was Piqué’s blue eyes, referenced in Dare (La La La)a song that the artist exhibited at the World Cup in Brazil.

But his first direct declaration of love to the Barcelona footballer would come in 2017, with I fell in love from his album The Golden. verses like “I thought: ‘This is still a child, but what am I going to do to him? Y “With you I would have 10 children, let’s start with a couple” they refer to their ten-year age difference and their two children, Sasha and Milan. (AND)

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