FUP promises ‘biggest strike in history’ if Petrobras is put up for sale

The general coordinator of the FUP (Federação Único dos Petroleiros), Deyvid Bacelar, said today that if President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) dares “to guide the privatization of Petrobras, he will face “the biggest strike in the history of the oil category”.

“This new Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, says he is going to study the privatization of Petrobras and the pre-salt layer, as if privatization were a solution to lower fuel prices, but we know it is not,” said the oil tanker leader. on twitter.

Sachsida’s statement was made last Wednesday (11), in his first speech in office. “As part of my first act, I also request the beginning of studies aimed at proposing the legislative changes necessary for the privatization of Petrobras,” he said.

Sachsida also declared that privatization was “a very simple north”. “I make it clear that this goal, this objective and this direction were expressly supported by President Jair Bolsonaro”, he added.

Bacelar, however, protested. “It is worth reminding Bolsonaro, the new minister and the new president of Petrobras (José Mauro Ferreira Coelho, who took office in April) that the oil category approved a state of strike at the end of 2021, if the government dares to guide [a privatização]”, he said.

Bolsonaro’s speeches

In October last year, Bolsonaro even said that the privatization of Petrobras had entered the government’s “radar”, resuming a statement made days earlier, when he said he had “will” to sell the state-owned company.

In March of this year, Bolsonaro privately promised Adriano Pires, appointed by him to command the state-owned company – which did not materialize -, to work for the privatization of Petrobras. In the conversation, the president said that the company gave him “a lot of headache”.

The recent signals given by Bolsonaro to privatize the state-owned company were given at a time when the oil company had recently increased the prices of fuel sold at refineries.

When Bolsonaro said he had a “will” to sell the state-owned company, it had been a few days since Petrobras had raised the average selling price of gasoline to distributors, to R$2.98 per liter.

And when the president spoke with Pires, the economist was quoted to replace the previous head of the state-owned company, fired by Bolsonaro days after the company started selling gasoline for R$ 3.86 per liter to distributors, after a new adjustment.

ministerial exchange

Bolsonaro justified the replacement of Bento Albuquerque by Sachsida in the Mines and Energy portfolio for “a small problem at Petrobras”. Days before the minister’s departure, the state-owned company had increased the sale price of diesel at refineries to R$4.91 per liter.

The increase came about a week after Petrobras announced a record net profit of R$ 44.56 billion, referring to the first quarter of the year, a result that was driven by the high price of a barrel of oil in the international market.

Bolsonaro criticized, asking the state-owned company to reduce its own profit margin, which he considered an “absurdity” and a “rape”, but omitted the fact that the government is the company’s main shareholder – therefore, it is the one who most fattens the cash. with the results.

The current Petrobras price policy, established under Michel Temer (MDB) and which links the price of fuel sales at refineries to variations in the price of oil abroad, is pointed out by critics as one of those responsible for the rises in parallel. to profits.

Even though he has power over the company, Bolsonaro said yesterday that he will go to court to reduce the price of fuel at the state-owned refineries. “We are doing everything possible at Petrobras, without interference, so that it understands its role,” he declared.

“Instead of looking for a ‘scapegoat’ to deceive the population, pretending concern, Bolsonaro should assume the role of representative and end this cowardly pricing policy, which has been leading the people more and more into misery”, criticized Deyvid Bacelar.

privatized refinery

According to calculations by Abicom (Basic Association of Fuel Importers), the recent increase in diesel still leaves Petrobras’ price 17% out of step compared to what is practiced to distributors in the international market.

A different situation, however, occurs at the Mataripe Refinery, in Bahia, privatized by Petrobras, which sold it at the end of last year: there, the lag is only 1%, causing the unit to sell one liter of diesel 9, 7% more expensive than the price charged by the state-owned company.

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