Goalkeepers from the “National 100”. List of the 11 from which you can choose the goalkeeper of the team of the century: “If only my goal would tell you”

Prosport nominated, for each position, in our quest to choose the “National of the century”, 11 big names that have written history in Romanian football, mainly in the national team, but also took into account the performances of the club team .

Thus, the 11 chosen goalkeepers are: Jean Lăpușneanu, Bogdan Stelea, Ion Voinescu, Stere Adamache, Răducanu Necula, Florin Prunea, Silviu Lung, Bogdan Lobonț, Helmuth Duckadam, Dumitru Moraru, Vasile Iordache, in a random order.

So let’s briefly introduce the 11 gatekeepers!

Jean Lăpușneanu was the first Romanian goalkeeper to defend at a World Championship, the inaugural edition in Uruguay, in 1930. Legitimate in Student Sports, Venus and Rapid, Lăpușneanu was in Romania’s goal for our country’s first victory at a World Cup, 3 -1 with Peru, then, in 1930, in Montevideo. He had 10 appearances under the tricolor.

Bogdan Stelea participated in 3 final tournaments of the World Championship, playing in two of them, the one in the USA, in 1994, when I reached the “quarterfinals”, and the one in France, in 1998, when I left the competition in ”. He also defended our goal at Euro 1996, in England and at Euro 2000, the final tournament organized in Belgium and the Netherlands. He played in the Champions League, with Steaua, with which he won two events, he also defended the colors of the Dinamo teams, with which he managed an event, Rapid, Salamanca, POLI Iași, Mallorca, Standard Liege, Samsunspor, Oţelul, Unirea Urziceni and FC Brasov. He holds the record of appearances, as a goalkeeper, for the national team, with 91 selections.

Ion Voinescu defended the goal of the CCA team, later Steaua, with which he won 6 titles and 5 Romanian Cups. He defended the goal of our national team in 22 matches, especially at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, when the press present there called him “the best goalkeeper in the world”.

Stere Adamache played for Siderurgistul Galați, Viitorul București, but he dedicated himself to the Red Flag of Brașov, where he defended in 258 games. He was the starter of the national team in all three matches of the 1970 World Cup against England, Czechoslovakia and Brazil. Seven appearances in total in the representative team.

Răducanu Necula, also known as Tamango, or Rică, defended the goal of the national team in 61 matches. He played 233 times for Rapid, managing to score 7 goals!
He also had 88 appearances for Sportul Studentesc, 22 for Steaua and 10 for FC Baia Mare. He defended against Brazil at the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. A title, with Rapid.

Florin Prunea defended Romania’s goal in 40 matches, playing at the World Championships in the USA, in 1994 and France, 1998, as well as at Euro 1996, in England and Euro 2000, in Belgium and the Netherlands. The event with the University of Craiova, in 1991, champion with Dinamo in 2002.

Silviu Lung has been the captain of the national team at the World Cup in Italy since 1990, when he reached the “eighth”. He also defended at the final tournament of Euro 1984, in France. He reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup with the University of Craiova, in 1983, and with Steaua in the final of the European Champions Cup, in 1989. He has 77 appearances in the “national team” goal. Two champion titles and 5 Romanian Cups with the University of Craiova, one title and a Cup, also with Steaua. He was named the best Romanian footballer of 1984.

Bogdan Lobonț, launched at Corvinul, defended the goal of the representative team in 85 matches. Champion with Rapid, in 1999, and with Dinamo, in 2002, but also with Ajax, in the Netherlands. He was the holder of Romania at Euro 2008, from Austria and Switzerland. He also played for Fiorentina and Roma abroad.

Helmuth Duckadam defended only twice, in 1982, but is the main architect of Steaua’s European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1986, when he managed to defend, by entering the Book of Records, all four penalty kicks executed by Barcelona players. He started playing football at UTA Arad.

Dumitru Moraru defended the national team’s goal in 39 matches. He played for Metalul, Steaua, with which he won two titles and a Cup, Sportul Studentesc, Dinamo, with which he managed to take three titles and three Romanian Cups and to qualify for the semifinals of the European Champions Cup, in 1984. evolved in Victoria and in Norway, at Start.
He defended Romania’s goal at Euro 1984, in the match with Portugal.

Vasile Iordache was part of the team representing Euro 1984, from France. He has defended 25 times, being named “Hero at Wembley” after the England-Romania 0-0 match, in 1981. He has three titles with Steaua and as many Cups, between 1972-1984.