good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

Gazeta Sportulor continues the “Matchday experience” project, a series of special reports on the arenas of League 1, with a focus on the experience of the supporter on match day. Today is the turn of the stadium where Farul plays and which received a score of 7.07.

  • GSP reporters analyzed on the spot everything that contributes to the satisfaction or, on the contrary, to the disappointment of a fan, beyond the actual result of the respective match: from the stadium facilities to prices, from comfort and cleanliness to the way the club interacts with he on and around the arena.
  • We gave a grade from 1 to 10 to each chapter, and the final average of each stadium shows, practically, how much a club respects its spectators.
  • The arenas analyzed by GSP are those of the teams DinamoFCSB, FastCFR Cluj, U Cluj, Petrolul, SEPSFarul, CS Mioveni, plus “Ion Oblemenco”, from Bănie.
  • The first episode targeted the archaic stadium in “Stephen the Great”, which received a score of 3.18.
  • The second episode was about Sepsi Stadium, which received the grade 8.50.
  • Episode 3 was about the arena of CFR Cluj, which got a score of 6.70.
  • Episode 4 featured Rapid-Giulești Stadium, rated 8.

Episode 5: The lighthouse is, without a doubt, one of the most organized clubs in League 1. Gică Hagi’s team pays special attention to the stadium, ticketing and the club store. The fact that it is still in Ovidiu, outside Constanța, prevents the seaside formation from expanding the development area. Final grade for the matchday experience: 7.07

Top arenas presented so far:

1. Sepsis 8.50
2. Rapid 8.00
3. The lighthouse 7.07
4. CFR Cluj 6.70
5. Dynamo 3.00

Last summer’s rebranding added an image to the lighthouse. The association between the Farul brand and Gică Hagi’s Viitorul today places the beach club in a different light, with more attention from everyone.

And before being called Farul, the team created by “Rege” worked hard on the image chapter. With a stadium in Constanța waiting, put on hold by the authorities, the flagship team from Dobrogea plays at Ovidiu, on a small, clean and chic stadium .

VIDEO MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 4 »Farul Stadium

1. Stadium comfort – Note 8.5

  • Accessibility: The “Hagi” Academy, where the stadium where Farul is currently playing home matches is located, is 10 kilometers from Constanța. In an isolated area, access is mostly by personal car, rarely with means of transport provided by club – NOTE 7
  • Parking spaces are not a problem for Ovidiu. Isolated, the stadium has an official parking lot, where only the cars from the clubs, the guests, the press and the coaches of the teams arrive, but also a huge parking lot, outside the arena, enough for almost all cars even if it occupies all 4,500 seats – NOTE 10
  • Neat, chicthe stadium of the Lighthouse offers a good comfort to the fans, the ones who take care of the club take care that every time the seats are clean – NOTE 9
  • The stadium in Ovidiu has a roof on both grandstands, but also next to the lawn, where the fans’ fans usually sit. If grandstand II is completely covered, not the same thing happens on the lawn and grandstand 1. Both have small roofs, insufficient to protect fans from the rain completely – NOTE 6
  • There are no inconveniences for fans. Very close to the lawn, the grandstands offer great visibility in the arena no matter where you sit – NOTE 10
  • In terms of hygieneboth in the ecological toilets of the arena and in the tribune area there are no problems for the lighthouse arena – NOTE 9
MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 5 »Farul Stadium: good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

Ecological toilets are well maintained

2. Ticketing – Note 9

  • Lighthouse fans can buy tickets from several places. I can do it online, from the website, but also from the Germanos, Vodafone, Imedio & Relay store network, but also from the Romanian Post. On the day of the game I can also do it from the ticket offices
  • The ticket price varies depending on the opponent. When Farul plays against smaller teams, the price starts at 20 lei and reaches 60. When the opponent is FCSB or Dinamo, the price for each zone increases by 10 lei, ie 30, 50 and 70 lei, lawn, grandstand II and tribune I
  • Tickets are standardthose sold through the network, do not have a special appearance
MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 5 »Farul Stadium: good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

The parking lot is huge

3. Match schedule – Note 10

  • Match schedule it is in A5 format, very good quality and has 20 pages. Inside is a page of history, an interview with one of the team’s players, an up-to-date news about the club, an international appearance, two pages with the team, the staff and the club’s management. In the middle of the program is a two-page poster with a player, followed by the program and the ranking, followed by the opponent’s batch of that day. Also presented are the results of the junior groups at the last competitions in which they participated, but also the situation of the satellite team, from the 3rd League.
MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 5 »Farul Stadium: good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

The match program is of high quality

4. Club Store – Note 7

  • The lighthouse has an official store, not very big, in the stadium yard. It is open only on the day of the match, otherwise fans can buy products with the signs of “Sharks” on the official website
  • The range of products is not very rich. In addition to the classic game shirts, there are several other products: training blouses, backpacks, tracksuits, scarves, caps, magnets, plus office supplies. They are available for both children and adults. And the prices are normal, especially since Farul is a Nike partner, a not at all cheap brand.
MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 5 »Farul Stadium: good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

The club store is in a container

5. Interaction with fans – Note 3

  • It is a chapter in which the Lighthouse also suffers. The interaction is difficult, only after matches, in the area of ​​coaches. Unlike other stadiums, access is easy, because the exit from the stadium is right in the bus area, so anyone can stop for a picture with one of the Lighthouse players.

6. Food – Note 6

  • Fans have a few points where they can buy snacks before, during the break and after the match. But the offer is not very rich. When it comes to food, fans can choose sandwiches, hot dogs, croissants, biscuits, chips and popcorn bags.
  • For a hot dog or a sandwich, the fans pay 15 lei, while a croissant, a packet of biscuits or a bag of chips take 5 lei out of their wallets. The time spent in the queue is not very short, but there are few seats in the stadium, so no very long queues, fans arrive in time at the stadium.
MATCHDAY EXPERIENCE, episode 5 »Farul Stadium: good with organization, faulty at the food court and interaction with fans

Food can be bought from the cottages near the stadium

7. Beverages – Note 6

  • The range of soft drinks is not very rich either. At the stadium, fans can consume only 3-4 kinds of soft drinks, plus coffee or hot chocolate from a jukebox in the official grandstand area. Prices vary between 5 and 10 lei, depending on what everyone chooses.

Conclusion: Stadium in the field, civilized conditions: 7.07

After analyzing the 7 criteria, a final grade of 7.07 resulted, with which the stadium in Ovidiu entered the podium.

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