GPA (PCAR3) receives BRL 398 million from the sale of a stake in Éxito, Hypera (HYPE3) pays dividends and more news

This Thursday’s (23) corporate news highlights Hypera (HYPE3) approved the distribution of interest on equity (JCP) of R$ 194.7 million.

CADE approved the Brookfield investment fund to be the purchaser of the segregated assets of the RAC and Seminovos operations of the Localiza and Unidas merger.

GPA received R$398 million from the sale of part of a stake in Colombian Éxito. Rede D’or (RDOR3), in turn, increased its shareholding in SulAmérica (SULA11).

Also highlighted, CVC (CVCB3) and Eneva (ENEV3) are pricing their subsequent share offerings, or follow-on, this Thursday. CVC will issue 46.5 million shares of common stock – with the offer likely to be increased by 25% depending on demand. The funds must be used mainly to pay debts issued through debentures and to reinforce working capital.

Eneva will issue 300 million shares. The amount raised will be used to finance the acquisition of Centrais Elétricas do Sergipe (CELSEPAR) and Centrais Elétricas Barra dos Coqueiros (CEBARRA).

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Hypera (HYPE3) approved the distribution of interest on equity of R$194.7 million, equivalent to R$0.3077 per share.

Payment will be made by the end of fiscal year 2023, on a date yet to be announced by the company.

GPA (PCAR3) announced that the share buyback program for Almacenes Éxito SA, a publicly traded company headquartered in Colombia, of which GPA is the controlling shareholder, has been completed.

Considering the exchange rates applied to convert the amounts paid into Colombian pesos for the Éxito shares sold by GPA under the buyback program, the group received a total amount of R$398.1 million for the sale of 3.40% of your participation. After the repurchase took place, GPA now holds 96.52% of Éxito’s capital stock, 91.52% of which directly by the group and 5.00% by its subsidiary GPA2 Empreendimentos e Participações.

Localiza (RENT3) and Unidas (LCAM3)

Cade approved the Brookfield investment fund to be the buyer of the segregated assets of the RAC and Seminovos operations of the Localiza and Unidas merger, including about 49,000 cars.

The purchaser’s approval was one of the conditions for the consummation of the business combination between Localiza and Unidas.

In view of the purchaser’s approval by the CADE Court, the companies inform that the closing of the combination on July 1, 2022.

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) approved, in a trial session this Wednesday (22), the unrestricted acquisition by Compass of a 51% stake in Petrobras Gás (Gaspetro).

Pay Less (PGMN3) and Ultrapar (UGPA3)

Cade approved, with restrictions, the sale of Extrafarma, from Ultrapar (UGPA3), to Pague Menos (PGMN3). The restrictions include the sale of Extrafarma points of sale in eight cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants in the Northeast region.

The operation announced in May 2021 cost R$700 million. With the purchase, Pague Menos becomes the second largest pharmacy chain in Brazil.

Triunfo announced the dividend payment date. The total amount of BRL 3,242,500.94 in earnings, corresponding to BRL 0.0186880553 per share, for the year ended December 31, 2021, approved in April, will be paid on June 29, 2022.

Dividends are based on the April 29, 2022 shareholding position.

S&P Global assigned a brAAA rating to Natura’s 11th debenture issue in the amount of up to R$1.879 billion, with a stable outlook.

In addition, BlackRock reached a 5% stake in the common shares issued by the company, now holding 69,070,720 of shares of this type. Reference form released by the company on June 13 did not specify the manager’s participation.

D’or Network (RDOR3) and SulAmérica (SULA11)

Rede D’or (RDOR3) increased its shareholding in SulAmérica (SULA11). SulAmérica received a statement from Rede D’Or reporting the acquisition of units issued by the company by the hospital group together with other investment vehicles of its controlling shareholders.

Investors now hold 64,217,141 units of SulAmérica, represented by 64,217,141 ON shares and 128,434,282 PN shares issued by the company. The interest is equivalent to approximately 15.08% of SulAmérica’s capital stock, being 10.03% of the total number of common shares and 20.16% of the total number of preferred shares.

Rossi (RSID3) informed that it was not cited in the lawsuit referring to a bankruptcy petition distributed on 6/16 to the 1st Court of Bankruptcy and Judicial Reorganizations of São Paulo. The construction company also stated that it will present its defense when this occurs.

Suzano (SUZB3) concluded the acquisition of Vitex and Parkia. The operation was valued at US$ 667 million.

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