Great white shark stalked a family’s boat for an hour in Australia

In Mandurah, a city in Western Australia, the Tuckfield family witnessed a terrifying encounter with one of the most formidable creatures in the animal kingdom: the great white shark.

David Tuckfield was in the company of his wife Kunya and their 14-year-old son, Shelby, aboard a small boat off the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth, in the middle of a day of fishing. Suddenly, a sea creature emerged from the depths, parading his imposing figure before the family.

The action was captured on video and shows the exact moment the great white shark surfaces and stalks the Tuckfield family’s boat. It even bit into the boat’s engine, giving a small taste of its power.

The local media 9NewsPerth published the video recorded by the family during the meeting. “I got goosebumps, I’ve never seen one this bigKunya Tuckfield said.

As detailed by the Tuckfield family, the encounter with the shark occurred last Friday, April 15, while they went fishing as they usually do that day. “All I could see was these big teeth and huge mouth sticking out of the water,” Shelby recalled.

As David Tuckfield added, The shark was at least four meters long and stalked the boat they were traveling in for about an hour.hitting it with its head and biting the engine of the boat.

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is a species belonging to the family Lamnidae (shark). It lives in the warm and temperate waters of almost all the oceans in the world. This species is the only one of the genus Carcharon that survives today, so worldwide it is considered in a “vulnerable” state.

Huge whale shark was caught near tourists in Santa Marta

A few days ago, a video went viral on social networks in which a whale shark is seen surprising a group of tourists who were on a boat near Tayrona Park, in the department of Magdalena.

In the clip you can see several of the scared people and one of them screams. Another tourist claims at first that she is a whale. The animal later approaches and the camera captures it under the boat. “Look what a beauty!” Says another of the people surprised by the shark.

In social networks, dozens of people also expressed surprise and amazement at the clip. “Impressive, what a privilege”, “What beauty, a very special emotion”, “What absolute beauty, a whale shark, at the beginning of the video I could not distinguish such a thing, it seems to want to greet tourists!”, were some of the comments.

However, other users pointed out that it is a threatened species and asked for its protection. “The whale shark does not feed on humans. They are affectionate and playful. They are a threatened species. Being able to see them is a privilege. Please, that hysteria does not lead people to kill this fundamental animal for the balance of life in the sea, “said user Camilo Prieto.

So far, environmental authorities have not commented on the sighting of the animal.

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a cirumtropical species, with pelagic habits, considered rare and scarce, whose presence throughout the Colombian Caribbean occurs because it is its feeding zone. They arrive attracted by schools of fish or small crustaceans in upwelling areas.

It is a kind of broad and flattened head, whose eyes are located on its side, behind which are the spiracles. It has a huge mouth that can measure up to 1.5 meters wide, with enough capacity to house a seal swimming on its side and crush it with its jaws where there are a large number of rows of small teeth.

Despite their great size and strength, they are in danger as they suffer from multiple threats. One of them is fishing, because by frequenting the same areas as schools of tuna they get caught in the nets.