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The audience knew the artist Amr El-Qadi when he appeared in the movie “The Seventh Sense” as “Ali” in 2005, and it was not expected that he would catch their eye 17 years later by appearing in one of the biggest works of the year, the latest Marvel series Moon Knight.

Amr Al-Qadi appeared in one of the scenes of the third episode, as the “licorice” seller, who asks the hero to help him find “Senfu.” Paradoxically, the series’s presentation coincided in the same month during which he participated in the series “The Choice 3” to praise the audience for his performance of the terrorist character “Abu Anas.” .

FilFan.com reached out to Amr El Kady who spoke with us about his work on Moon Knight and his future opportunities in Hollywood.

How did he get to Moon Knight?

Casting Director nominated Amr El-Qadi for the series, but he assured him that it would not be a role in the size of roles he is accustomed to in the Arab world, but he did not hesitate for a moment because it was a Hollywood work, as he said: “As soon as I agreed, they sent me a scene and asked for certain specifications in the performance, and I sent them a clip. A video clip, and I didn’t know anything about the Moon Knight story or his relationship to Egypt.”

Amr added: “Then I learned a month later that the product had been trying to communicate with me for a while and did not find me. We kept in touch for two months and agreed on clothes, accessories, financial agreements and travel. In fact, it was the biggest professional experience in my life, during which I sent and received this many emails. Every step with them requires an email.”

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The Egyptians passed through here!

Of course, Al-Qadi does not hide his happiness with the experience and his fascination with the mass production and what director Mohamed Diab achieved in the series, as he says: “I was pleased to collaborate with Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke because they are two beautiful and simple people, and I was glad that we as Egyptians proved our presence in Hollywood and there was no discrimination between the actors, everyone is treated in the same way. We all gave advice to each other.

Amr Al-Qadi

Despite that, the role of Amr Al-Qadi was supposed to be more influential in the third episode of “Fares Al-Qamar”, but one of his scenes was deleted, but this matter did not bother him, as he says: “I imagined that my scenes would be very small, but I was surprised that they are two long scenes in the third episode. And the part that was deleted included a stand-up comedy between me and Oscar Isaac, and it was good to mix Egyptian and American culture, but I wasn’t bothered at all.”

Amr’s appearance in Moon Knight is limited to scenes of him selling licorice to “Mark”, but he was supposed to appear in a more exciting and interesting scene, as he described it to us, saying: “The second scene includes my chasing for Oscar Isaac and Mai Al Qalamawi and meeting her by chance at her aunt’s house, which causes confusion. And push and pull and a lot of movement. This scene was deleted and may be used in the second season. But, thank God, the reaction was positive despite the small size of the role.

A dream to reach the world

This scene, which does not exceed a minute, opened several doors for Amr Al-Qadi. The return was not only positive, but he got job opportunities in Hollywood and with big stars as well, which he revealed, saying: “When the third episode was shown, the reaction was tremendous, and a company contacted me. A French production regarding one of the works and negotiations are currently underway.There are also negotiations about the second season, and director Mohamed Diab told me that the company would like my character to continue in the series.


Amr revealed an offer he then received to act in front of 3 Hollywood giants: “I received a nomination to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the upcoming movie directed by Martin Scorsese. In the world and working with it could be a very important point in my history and I’m waiting for them to respond.”

Amr does not know the name of the movie he was nominated for, but it is now known that Martin Scorsese’s next movie is Killers of the Flower Moon, and it is already starring DiCaprio and De Niro, and it is announced that Scorsese’s next movie is Roosevelt, which tells about US President Theodore Roosevelt, who visited Egypt He gave a controversial speech in support of the British occupation, and the film also stars DiCaprio.


The difference between the industry in Hollywood and Egypt

Huge works such as “Marvel” films and series are always threatened with leaks, and therefore Amr explained that “the atmosphere is very private and it is forbidden to use a mobile phone or even take a selfie on the set.”

He continued, “There is an organized schedule of work times and duration calculated in the second, and there is an army of workers at the filming site, and there is great respect for the filming site to the point where smoking is completely prohibited, except for the places designated for smoking.”

He added, “There is equality in treatment. There is no difference between a Hollywood star and an Arab actor. Everyone receives the same amount of respect. I even received the same Oscar treatment, and I also had a number of assistants on the set.”


Favorite director

Amr El-Qadi believes that at this stage of his career he cannot decide which directors he would like to work with because he seeks success and takes the opportunities available to him, but among his favorite directors in Egypt are Daoud Abdel Sayed, Khairy Bishara, Kamila Abu Zekry, Tamer Mohsen, and he said about them And I like modern realism in their works.


He also talked about his favorite foreign director, Alejandro Gonzalez, saying: “Among my favorite directors is Alejandro Gonzalez, who directed The Revenant and I have followed him since he was working in Mexico before he reached the world, and he has a wonderful movie called Amores Perros.”

As for his special taste in cinema and television, he revealed that he is not a fan of superhero movies, saying: “I prefer drama that tells about reality because I feel that the feelings of superhero movies are false, and this is my opinion as a viewer. But I do not mind participating in these works.”

From Hollywood to choice

Amr Al-Qadi also participated in the series “The Choice 3” during the month of Ramadan and played the role of “Abu Anas” the terrorist, a character about whom he said: “When I read the text of Choice 3, I did not know much about the character of “Abu Anas”, as the space of my role was not large and did not last throughout the episodes But I imagined the features of the character in my imagination, and I saw it as more suitable for a “Poker Face” man, that is, a face devoid of expressions, instead of the traditional form of the terrorist who screams and looks frowning all the time.


commercial movie

Amr El-Kady is preparing to participate in the movie “Commercial Film”, which revolves around the world of cinema and the scenes of the film industry in a comedy-fantasy, and the funny situations and paradoxes that occur during the filming process between the director, producer, director of photography and actors, until the film ends unexpectedly.

Amr describes a “commercial film” as discussing criticism of third-class cinema, how it is made and how it is handled, and the view of those in charge of it about cinema.


Amr is also currently preparing to complete his theatrical tour with the show “Hamlet Upside Down”, which achieved tremendous success in the Arab community and received an invitation to show in international theaters in Asia. The show was directed by Mazen Al-Gharabawi and writer Sameh Mahran, and it is based on the famous Shakespeare play.

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