He was ashamed of his father and did not attend his funeral.. Shocking secrets in the life of the leader, Adel Imam!

You cannot see the face of the leader Adel Imam on the screen without a smile on your face. Adel Imam is one of the most important comedians in the history of Egypt and the Arab world.

The life of the leader was full of paradoxes and secrets, and in these lines you will learn about 10 personal secrets in the life of the leader.

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He hid his father’s profession

Adel Imam was keen to hide his late father’s profession from everyone until his death in May 1997 because he was ashamed of it.

The death of Adel Imam’s father

Adel Imam received the news of his father’s death while he was in Lebanon and was unable to attend the funeral, so he only prayed two rak’ahs before going up the stage, and upon his return he went to the cemeteries to visit his father.

The death of Adel Imam’s mother

As for his mother’s death, it was during the performance of the play “Shahid Mashafesh Hajja”, and his friend and brother-in-law, Mustafa Metwally, died during the performance of the play “Body Guard”. Adel Imam did not stop working but collapsed in tears as soon as the show ended.

Adel Imam’s brother

Adel Imam’s brother is producer Issam Imam, and among the most famous works he produced are Terror, Kebab, Prince of Darkness, and The Embassy in Architecture. Issam married the retired artist Nahla Raafat.

Adel Imam’s sister

She is Ms. Iman, who is not known in the media as her brothers. Her appearance on public occasions is very few, and Adel’s sister was either married to the late artist Mostafa Metwally, and she bore him 3 sons, the most famous of whom is Amr Mostafa Metwally, who participated with Mohamed Henedy in the movie Ramadan Mabrouk Abu Al-Alamein Hammouda.

Adel Imam’s wife

The first time that Adel Imam saw his wife was from the balcony of the house of his friend Samir Khafaga. Adel Imam used to meet with his friends Salah Al-Saadani, Saeed Saleh, and Waheed Hamed at their friend’s house.

On one occasion, Hala appeared on her balcony. The leader’s friends weakened in front of her beauty and began to utter the words of flirtation.

But Adel Imam remained silent and continued to follow her quietly from afar. She caught her attention and was impressed by his calm personality. Circumstances decided after several times that they got to know each other. Adel Imam assured her that he only wanted her as a close friend. He has no thoughts of marriage or desire for an official engagement.

Hala Al-Shalakany did not remain silent about her love for Adel Imam, but he was surprised on one occasion by her telling him that she wanted to marry him. Shalakany confirmed in one of the interviews that she was the one who insisted on marrying him. She did not take into consideration her family’s rejection of this marriage at first.

The aura of a feudal family concerned with the social level. At the time, he was a young actor at the beginning of his artistic career.

Hala endured the material conditions that her husband was going through at the beginning of his life. She married in a rented house in Dokki, and at that time she could not buy furniture for the house.

Ibn Adel Imam Rami Imam

He is the owner of the Magnum Company for Film Distribution and Production, and has turned into directing. Ramy has 3 sons from his wife, Adel and Ezz El-Din and Ruqayya.

Adel Imam’s daughter Sarah

She is the daughter of Adel Imam, married outside the artistic community, and had 3 children from her husband.

Mohamed Adel Imam

As for Muhammad Imam, he entered the field of acting and presented many roles in which the audience considered him an extension of his father due to their identical method. Muhammad Imam Al-Zaeem participated in a number of dramas, including the Naji Atallah band, and also played a role in the film The Yacoubian Building.

Adel Imam’s grandchildren kidnapped

The crises did not stop at the person of Adel Imam only, but also affected his family. The great Egyptian star Adel Imam faced threatening messages more than once. In one period, the leader received text messages on his phone from several unknown numbers threatening to kidnap his five grandchildren. And in return for safety for the leader and his family, the unknowns asked for one million pounds. The leader had to contact the police to arrest the unknown.

Investigations revealed that a personal driver who worked for the leader was behind these threats, after he was expelled to try to take revenge in this way.

Adel Imam accused of contempt of religion

In 2012, a lawyer filed a lawsuit accusing him of insulting the Islamic religion in retrospect for his entirety, such as the two films Terrorism and Kebab and Marjan Ahmed Morgan. And the absence of a crime, its resident fined an official amount.

Adel Imam faced many issues, in his movie “Avocato” in 1983, Adel Imam played the character of Hassan Sabaneh, a corrupt lawyer who exploits legal loopholes to rid criminals. The former president of Zamalek revealed, after many years, that he submitted his resignation after Adel was sentenced to imprisonment for A year after he acted in a scene of a perverted judge, the ruling was later overturned.

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