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The heat awards They will celebrate their seventh edition this Thursday night. From Cap Cana, in the Dominican Republic, Skip Intro will carry all the details of the ceremony that can be followed on television by the HTV signal and in streaming from LosHeat.tv.

The gala, which is characterized by being held on the shores of the spectacular Caribbean beaches, will feature the participation of artists such as Carlos Vives, Danny Ocean, Nacho, Eladio Carrión, Alexis and Fido, as well as young talents such as the Colombian Dekko and the Peruvians Álvaro Rod and Yahaira Plasencia.

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As you remember, the Heat Awards have been held since 2015 and are organized by the HTV network. This 2022, Bad Bunny, María Becerra and J Balvin stand out among the most nominated.

Other musical numbers confirmed for tonight will be starring:

  • Farina, Andrés Cepeda, Eddy Herrera, Chris Lebrón, Chimbala, Francy, The Change, Fanny Lu, AnnaSofía, El Alfa, Tiago PZK, Ryan Castro, among others.

This is the complete list of all the nominees. We will update live the announcement of the winners and the passage of the stars on the red carpet:


1. Best Male Artist


  • J Balvin
  • Prince Royce
  • Romeo Santos
  • Christian Nodal
  • Alexander Fernandez
  • Nacho
  • Maluma
  • bad bunny
  • Carlos Vives
  • Wisin

Winner: (we will update live)

2. Best Female Artist

  • Carol G
  • Farina
  • Rosalia
  • Greeicy
  • Emilia Mernes
  • Nathy Peluso
  • Anitta
  • Mary Becerra
  • Evaluate Montaner

Winner: (we will update live)

3. Best Rock Artist

  • Juanes
  • Morat
  • Manna
  • velvety
  • Fito Paez
  • The Real Decadents
  • bad flare
  • electric diamond

Winner: (we will update live)

4. Best Pop Artist

  • Greeicy
  • Mike Bay
  • Tommy Torres
  • Pedro Capo
  • Sebastian Yatra
  • Camilo
  • Luis Fonsi
  • Manuel Turizo
  • Katie Angel
  • Fonseca

Winner: (we will update live)

5. Best Urban Artist

  • Carol G
  • bad bunny
  • J Balvin
  • Archangel
  • Eladio Carrión
  • the alpha
  • Farruko
  • Ozuna
  • Jay Cortez
  • Nicky Jam
  • Wisin

Winner: (we will update live)

6. Best Tropical Artist

  • Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • Romeo Santos
  • Luis Figueroa
  • Yahaira Placencia
  • willy garcia
  • Eddy Herrera
  • Gabriel Pagan
  • Mark Anthony
  • Carlos Vives
  • Sylvester Dangond

Winner: Carlos Vives

7. Best Artist South Region (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru)

  • Nathy Peluso
  • Anitta
  • Emilia Mernes
  • Duki
  • Bizarre
  • Mary Becerra
  • Nicky Nicole
  • Tiago Pzk
  • Leslie Shaw

Winner: (we will update live)

8. Best Andean Region Artist (Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela)

  • Nacho
  • Mike Bay
  • Mirella Cesa
  • Eva Luna
  • Danny Ocean
  • Blessd
  • Ryan Castro
  • Jean Piero
  • pheid
  • Katie Angel

Winner: (we will update live)

9. Best Artist North Region (Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean)

  • sech
  • Boza
  • Justin Quiles
  • Jay Wheeler
  • Jd Pantoja
  • Sofia Reyes
  • dalex
  • ingratax
  • Kenya Os
  • Alex Rose

Winner: Justin Quiles

10. New Artist

  • Blessd
  • Jd Pantoja
  • Bizarre
  • Tiago Pzk
  • Ryan Castro
  • Khea
  • Alvaro Diaz
  • pheid

Winner: (we will update live)

11. Music Promise

  • Dekko
  • EixKamm
  • Nicole Vega
  • annasofia
  • Chris Lebron
  • Maxi
  • TheChange
  • Yozuel
  • Alvaro Rod
  • Kim Loiza
  • Andreina Bravo
  • St Peter

Winner: Deko

Influencer of the Year

  • kunno
  • Philip Saruma
  • Luisa Fernanda W.
  • Domelipa
  • Street and Poche
  • Luisito Communicates
  • Santiago Matias / Alofoke
  • Marco
  • sebas
  • Mollusk
  • Andrea Valdiri
  • The Polynesians
  • Ibai
  • The Chombo

Winner: Street and Poche

Best Popular Regional Artist

  • pipe good
  • Jessica Uribe
  • The blue Angels
  • Firm Group
  • Christian Nodal
  • Yeison Jimenez
  • Paola Jara
  • Francy
  • Alexander Fernandez
  • Angela Aguilar

Winner: (we will update live)

Best Dominican Urban Artist

  • the alpha
  • Rocky Rd
  • Kiko The Crazy
  • Chimbala
  • Natti Natasha
  • Bulova
  • Rosaly Rubio
  • Mark B.
  • Mozart La Para
  • Ultra Mega Chemical
  • The Materialist

Winner: (we will update live)

best video

  • Away With Me (Greeicy, Alejandro Sanz)
  • Saoko (Rosalia)
  • The Fame (Rosalia, The Weeknd)
  • I came back (Adventure, Bad Bunny)
  • Red Heels (Sebastián Yatra)
  • In Da Guetto (J Balvin, Skrillex)
  • Don’t Be Shy (Tiësto, Karol G)
  • Good Morning (Wisin, Camilo, The Legendaries)
  • Sorry Bb (Tainy, Bad Bunny, Julieta Venegas)
  • Between Us Remix (Tiago Pzk, Lit Killah, Maria Becerra, Nicki Nicole)
  • 2005 (Fonseca, Greeicy, Cali and El Dandee)

Winner: (we will update live)

Best Collaboration

  • I Wish You No Evil (Eladio Carrion, Karol G)
  • What else then? (J Balvin, Maria Becerra)
  • Bottle After Bottle (Gera Mx, Christian Nodal)
  • Medallo (Blessd, Justin Quiles, Lenny Tavarez)
  • Ella Remix (Boza, Lunay, Lenny Tavarez, Juhn, Beele)
  • Mon Amour Remix (Zzoilo, Aitana)
  • Volando Remix (Mora, Bad Bunny, Sech)
  • Crazy (Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion & Lennox)
  • After Party (Alex Sensation, Farruko, Prince Royce, Mariah Angeliq and Kevin Lyttle)
  • Fiel Remix (Wisin, Jhay Cortez, Anuel Aa, Myke Towers Y Los Legendarios)
  • Disco (Iamchino, Pitbull)
  • Half (Nacho, Carlos Vives, Mike Bahia)

Winner: (we will update live)

This is all you need to know about the ceremony of the 2022 Heat Awards:

Where and when?

The Heat Awards will be held on Thursday June 2 in Cap Cana, a tourist city in the Dominican Republic. However, from Monday, May 30, the activities around this musical gala will begin with different press and educational conferences, as well as ‘showcases’ and other events that will be part of the award ceremony.

Where to see the ceremony?

The 2022 Heat Awards can be followed live on the HTV channel signal (on cable television), but also via streaming through the LosHeat.TV app, available on Google Play.

Buy tickets

Likewise, if you want to see all the musical numbers ‘in situ’ and attend all the events around the Heat 2022, admission tickets as a general public are available in the Dominican Republic at all Uepa Tickets points and on the web. official.

Prices are as follows:

  • RD$5,415 (General admission)
  • RD$10,830 (VIP)

Hours by country:

  • Dominican Republic (5:00 p.m.)
  • Peru (16 hours)
  • Chile (17 hours)
  • Mexico (16 hours)
  • Argentina (18 hours)
  • Panama (5:00 p.m.)


The awards evening will be hosted by these characters:

  • Goyo Martínez, from the group Chocquibtown.
  • Jorge Pabón, known in social networks as ‘Molusco’
  • The Mexican influencer Domelipa:
  • María Laura Quintero, Colombian TV presenter:
  • Former beauty queen Dayanara Torres:

Special Awards and Nominees

This year, the Heat Awards will pay tribute to Gilberto Santa Rosa, the ‘gentleman of salsa,’ as well as Colombian star Fonseca and urban duo Zion & Lennox.

Among the main nominees for the 2022 Heat Awards are Bad Bunny, María Becerra and J Balvin. In addition, Álvaro Rod will compete in the Musical Promise category.

You can see the full list of nominees here.

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