Here is the story of the little girl who dazzled all the representatives of her age with her beauty.. Rushdi Abaza kissed her when he presented her: (I am the age of your daughter)!

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the Egyptian artist Yousra from her childhood, and the famous artist appeared to be an innocent and beautiful child.

Yusra appeared completely spontaneously, in the arms of her mother. In the era of the eighties and nineties, the cinema stood in confusion, looking for heroines of a special size who mixed the classic female charm with the fierceness of the years of searching for money. They did not seek ideal roles, but rather real beings possessing virtue and sin. ” Yusra.

I refused the marriage proposal of Rushdi Abaza

In 1980, the movie “Bayada” was produced, starring Rushdi Abaza and Yousra, who was at the beginning of her artistic career, and behind the scenes a love story took place between the two, but she eventually apologized for the marriage.

And she said to him at the time: I am younger than your daughter, I was divided.

Yousra stated in one of the interviews after that that Rushdi Abaza is the best person she has dealt with throughout her life, because he knew very well how to deal with her in a way, and she loved him from her heart, but she was not destined to be associated with him despite the mutual love between them.

During the “He.. She and the Daring” program with director Enas Al Degheidy, Yousra said that she might write periods of her life story in a book that records important stages in her life, adding that there are important stages and personalities that affected Yusra’s personality and she can never be excluded from her accounts. What are the most important chapters of Sevin Muhammad Hafez Naseem or Yousra’s life, and who are the most influential personalities in this life, and to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful Yousra, we try to answer these questions in the following report:

Chapter One The girl who came to the world in a “taxi” and was forcibly deprived of her mother.

While Yusra’s mother was watching Abdel Halim Hafez’s first movie, “The Melody of Loyalty,” she felt the pain of the situation, and on her way to the hospital, Yosra began knocking on the doors of the world in a taxi on March 10, 1955.

Yusra suffered from deprivation from her mother at the age of thirteen, after her parents separated, the father came to take Yusra, as usual, to spend the vacation with him, and Yusra felt, on that day, that she would not return to her mother, and Yusra’s intuition was strong, and indeed Yusra was deprived of her mother’s bosom for 7 years This deprivation made her stronger and more solid, as Yousra mentioned before in a television interview.

Yusra did not complete her education because of her father, who was skeptical, and wanted to restrict her freedom to go out, but this did not affect Yusra’s confidence in herself, on the contrary, because she believes that what she has learned in her life is not equivalent to academic education, so she turned this weakness into a strength, and she was keen To read a lot and babysit intellectuals such as Salah Jaheen.

Chapter Two: Yousra and the Silver Screen and Its Relationship to “The Professor.” Seifen or Yousra’s talent was discovered, director of photography Abdel Halim Nasr, and she began her cinematic life in the late seventies, and presented a number of films during that period, but there is one director who was able to rediscover Yousra, cinematically, Professor O Director Youssef Chahine, and Joe’s story began with Yosra, in films that dealt with Joe’s biography such as Hadouta Masriya, Alexandria Violin and Violin, and Yosra presented the role of Youssef Chahine’s wife.

Yosra’s collaboration with Chahine revealed her talent, and made Yosra understand the world of seventh art and see it in another way, so he moved her to the ranks of Arab cinema stars in the eighties and nineties, and she always confirms the influence of director Youssef Chahine on her. Yosra, but it is certain that Yosra’s popularity in the nineties was overwhelming.


Behind her is her cooperation with the leader, and Adel Imam, the great writer Waheed Hamed and the creative director Sherif Arafa found in Yusra, the magical mixture of the star of the nineties, as she is the beautiful female who ally with the brutal money authority, sometimes winning and losing at other times.

Chapter Four: The Philosophy of Yousra and Ahmed Zaki If the films of Adel Imam and Yousra approached politics and the ground, on the contrary, Yusra’s meetings, with the genius Ahmed Zaki, tried to touch human feelings and their contradictions, and presented the philosophy of life, and Yusra’s relationship remained, with Ahmed Zaki strong on the screen And in life, where their friendship continued until the departure of Ahmed Zaki.

Yusra, with Ahmed Zaki, through a number of films, was the woman that reveals the truth of life and man. We saw “One Woman Is Not Enough” with director Enas Al-Deghaidi, and “The Shepherd and Women” with Cinderella Soad Hosni, and their first film “The Beginning” with realist director Salah Abu Seif. Chapter Five: True love in Yosra’s life influenced Yosra’s artistic life, many men

But in her private life, there is one name that Yousra always unites with, which is her husband and the love of her life, “Khaled Selim”, the brother of the star Hisham Selim, and their story began together since childhood, they were friends at the age of seven, then both of them headed for their lives and married both of them and separated and then returned They met again and decided to marry.

As for the secret of the success of their relationship together, as Yousra says, it is her sense of safety with Khaled Selim, a feeling that Yosra missed, in her life until Khaled Selim appeared, whom Yousra sees as a man who always impresses her, as he is “pure and the son of people and fully understands her personality and gives her a large area of ​​freedom.” Therefore, their marriage lasted for many years.