High prices squeeze budgets and jeopardize Brazilians’ vacations

posted on 09/05/2022 05:59 / updated on 09/05/2022 06:00

Average ticket cost rose 6.02% from January to March, but for some segments, travel sites report increases of up to 62% – (Credit: Ed Alves/CB/DA Press)

The famine frustrated the plans of many people who wanted to enjoy a well-deserved vacation after the end of isolation, the mandatory use of the mask and the social restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The so-called “tourism inflation” led the price of air tickets to rise 6.02% between January and March 2022, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculated by the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe), although some sales sites report up to 62% increase. As a result, those interested were faced with the need to cancel the projects or look for cheaper alternatives to travel, such as buses.

The search engine for airline tickets Kayak indicates that the average prices of round-trip tickets to the most popular domestic destinations rose by up to 62%, and those of international routes, up to 32%. In March, Brasília was the most sought-after national destination from São Paulo, with an average ticket of R$1,058, while Spain, for example, began to require travelers to be willing to pay an average fare of R$4,500. .

Decolar shows that, between February and March of this year, the average price of the most sought-after international air tickets, departing from São Paulo airports, recorded an increase of up to 22%. For Orlando, USA, the average round-trip ticket price in March was BRL 2,075.71. For domestic destinations, the increase in tickets was up to 40% in the same period, led by Recife (PE), with a fare of R$ 559.82.


Data from the Tourism Council of the Federation of Commerce of São Paulo (Fecomércio-SP) indicate a recovery in the sector last year, when there was growth of 16% and revenues of R$ 151 billion. However, the volume was still 22% lower than that recorded in the pre-pandemic period.

“In 2020, there was a slight recovery during the second half of the year, as a result of the gradual reopening of the economy. However, the sector was again affected in early 2021 by the arrival of the second wave of contamination, as well as the return of circulation restrictions “, says Mariana Aldrigui, president of the CT at Fecomércio.

Publicist Tatiana Ribeiro Silva, 47, intended to visit New York, in the United States, in July of this year, but changed her plans because the dollar rose again, which increased the cost of the trip she wanted to take with her son, from seven years, and one sister.

“With the economic issue, interest rates are high, leisure and travel take a back seat. We have higher priorities, such as food, school, health insurance and so on. A trip abroad is no longer viable. I had plans to visit New York, but with the dollar back at around R$5, that dream was postponed”, says Tatiana.

“The option is to make short trips, in which we will be able to control and manage expenses. That’s why I ended up planning myself with the family to visit Aracaju, in Sergipe, because that’s where I found better prices, compared to Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa (RN) and Morro de São Paulo (BA), among other places”, explains the publicist.

The same problem was felt by comedian Fernando Booyou, who is also a publicist and has always enjoyed traveling with his family to places with few people, such as Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás. “Roça is welcome! The beach is also nice, out of season it’s nice. Then, we rent a house, place, something like that, that has a structure with what we are looking for, swimming pool, barbecue, waterfall, trail, and let’s go “, he explains.


However, the general rise in prices, not only for air tickets, but also for accommodation and food, made investments in the comedian’s family agendas unfeasible. “Recently, I was going to accompany my wife, Gabi, on a trip to São Paulo. She would spend little time, just to see her family, who are from the city. So, I wouldn’t have time to close work or anything like that either. , making these trips with her was something common. Now, if I don’t close one or another job in the city, it’s no longer worth it”, evaluates Booyou.

Therefore, the publicist looks for alternatives to travel, but not just by plane or car, explains he, who is part of the Guardians comedy group. “Tickets are too expensive! But traveling by bus is becoming an option”, he emphasizes. “When leaving Brasília for Goiânia, for example, the producer sometimes chooses this option, if it is more affordable than a car, for example.”