“Hit me, Barakat, Rushdi Hedoubni”… when Souad Hosni called for help to the director because of what Dungean had done behind the scenes!!

“Soad Hosni” has remained and will always be the Cinderella that will not be repeated. When you remember her only, you find your eyes laughing even if you are in a bad mood, so what about if you sit in front of the TV screen and watch her beauty, the magic of her eyes, her lightness, her cheerful spirit and her sweet voice.

Cinderella of the Arab screen, whose features were mixed with innocence, naughty, maturity and romance, which enabled her to present all roles in many films, including: Small on Love – Well of Deprivation – Hassan and Naima – Free of Mind from Zuzu – A Stranger in My House – Love in the Dungeon – Date Over dinner – Shafiqa, Metwally and many others. Approximately 85 films have been presented to Egyptian cinema, all of them are great films.

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Wafaa Amer: Ayten Amer and Reham Hajjaj are victims of sick souls

Umm Kulthum insulted her band’s flute player: “Anto Jaibinli Bawab”. You won’t believe how daring his reaction was!

You will not believe who this child is… a famous Egyptian artist and his wife, a famous “thief” in the drama!

This famous actress and the heroine of the series “Layali Al Helmiya” is the first wife of the late Ahmed Khalil. You will not believe who she is!

“He sings for money”… Baligh Hamdi insulted Muhammad Abdo and taught him a harsh lesson… This is his opinion of Talal Maddah!

Ayman Zeidan shocked the audience with a picture with his daughter that amazed everyone.. You will not believe how charming her beauty is!

This child became a famous artist who presented the “The Voice” program, and her aunt Safaa Abu Al-Saud .. Guess who she is!

The daughter of the artist, Fayrouz, insults Elissa and criticizes her for this reason. You will not believe what she said!

Walid Tawfik celebrates with his family members.. He saw the beauty of his children in a rare and shocking appearance between his daughter and her mother, Miss Lebanon!

The appearance of a second wife for Samir Sabri and her demand for her share of the inheritance shocks everyone .. Does he have children other than Jalal!

The audience is shocked by the wedding of Naguib Sawiris’s son… You won’t believe who the famous personalities and singers are!

Samir Sabry’s wife became aware of the artist’s strange behavior and asked for a divorce immediately.. Najwa Fouad revealed a dangerous secret

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Rushdi Abaza kneeled in front of her

The late first screen boy Rushdi Abaza fell in love with her while they were filming the movie “Sunset and Sunrise.” After the filming of one of the scenes in the movie and behind the scenes, and in a surprising scene for all those who were behind the scenes, “Rushdi Abaza” kneeled in front of her, telling her: “I love you.” “But because Rushdi Abaza is known for his fantasies, especially with female artists, Souad did not believe him and started laughing, expressing her happiness with his words, but she did not take him seriously.

But this was repeated for the second time, and during his second meeting with her in the movie “Lost Love”, as well as after completing filming one of the work scenes, Rushdi Abaza got down on his knees in front of Cinderella for the second time, and said to her: “I love you”, this despite the fact that The beautiful woman with the most beautiful eyes in the Middle East, Zubaida Tharwat, is with them behind the scenes of the work, but Souad Hosni always grabs the attention of the camera and the hearts of everyone around her, to respond to Rushdi Abaza for help from the director of the film “Henry Barakat”: “Hurry me, Barakat.. Rushdi Hedoubni ».

The strong friendship between Muharram Fouad and Soad Hosni was strengthened after they stood together in front of the camera for the first time in the movie “Hassan and Naima”, and the relationship developed for the better, after their participation together for the second time in the movie “Without a date”.

But because of Moharan Fouad’s preoccupation with his work and Soad Hosni’s preoccupation with her work, the relationship between them was cut off and many years passed without them seeing each other, but he hurriedly entered the courtyard of one of the huge hotels and Soad Hosni was there by chance in an attempt to get a new job, The disease had exhausted her and completely changed her features, especially after she had been exposed to an abnormally high weight. Muharram Fouad did not notice her because of her completely changed appearance.

But she rushed behind him and called him and extended her hand to shake his hand, but his reaction was shocking to her, as he marveled at her boldness with him as if he knew her even though he did not remember the features of this face in front of him at all.

And when she said to him, “How are you, Muharram”, he asked her in amazement, saying, “No, I don’t care… who are you?” So she took off her black glasses that she had always worn to hide the dark circles under her eyes and tears ran down her cheeks in grief over her beauty, which had collapsed to such a degree. And she said, “I don’t know Naima, Hassan,” and here Muharram Fouad was very embarrassed, but he consoled her and justified her great preoccupation that made him unable to focus on anything.

Her mysterious death

At nine in the evening on Thursday, June 21, 2001, “Soad Hosni” was killed in the “Medaville” neighborhood, specifically on the sixth floor, apartment “6A” in the Stewart Tower building in central London, where the body of the late artist was found lying from the balcony of the house in which she lived with Her friend “Nadia Yousry”, and when the news agencies and radio stations reported this news, this news came to her fans like a thunderbolt, causing them to be shocked and stunned.

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