Home internet packages Omantel is one of the most important telecom companies in the Sultanate of Oman

Omantel home internet packages, Omantel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Sultanate of Oman. It helps develop society in terms of preparing it for digital transformation, and makes the Sultanate in progress and prosperity, in addition to providing all means that contribute greatly to learning and entertainment for all. Therefore, the company has set its sights on ensuring that all needs are met. Customers, no matter how different they are, to attract the largest number of customers, enhance network quality and coverage, and most importantly simplify the procedures in everything, and because everyone is looking for all the details about Omantel’s home internet, this will be the topic of this article, in which we will learn about all the information about it, so follow us.

Omantel home internet packages

The prices of home internet packages in Omantel start from 15 riyals, and they also come loaded with a number of gifts of free minutes for the fixed phone, in addition to a discount feature on international calls. As for the details of Omantel home internet packages in the Sultanate of Oman, as follows:-

First: Omantel home wireless internet packages

Package 20 riyals per month

65 GB, 12 month contract, 100 GB: 24 month contract, download speed, up to 10Mbps.

24 riyals per month package

150 GB, 12-month contract: 250 GB: 24 month contract, download speed also up to 10Mbps.

More data packages

  • 5 SAR 100 GB, 10 SAR 250 GB, 15 SAR, 500 GB.
  • Note that all prices include 5% value added tax.

Second: Omantel ADSL home internet packages

Package 15 riyals per month

  • 20 GB, download speed 4 Mbps.
  • There are no fixed line minutes, or discounts on international calls, and this is the basic package.

Package 20 riyals per month

  • Small unlimited package, no data limits included.
  • The download speed is 5 megabytes per second, 250 minutes to a fixed line within the Omantel network.
  • 5% discount on international calls.
  • A 5% value added tax is also charged.

Omantel wireless home internet

  • Omantel has provided various options for home internet, through which customers can choose what suits them.
  • Wireless home internet is one of the best ways that can be used to enjoy all the details of the internet.
  • Where you can get data up to 1000 GB without the need for installation.
  • What is unique about it is the availability of different packages, all of which are characterized by speed, high quality, and reasonable prices.

Omantel home internet order

Before discussing, it is necessary to know how to submit an Omantel home internet request, what are the terms and conditions on the basis of which the customer will be held accountable, in addition to knowing all the conditions on the basis of which the request will be made, then contract and deliver the service:-

First: Terms and conditions when ordering Omantel wireless home internet

  • When the subscriber signs a commitment contract of 12 months or 24 months, he gets a free modem.
  • When the subscriber consumes the specified data, the speed is reduced to 512 kilobytes per second.
  • When you want to retrieve the package again, more data is added as we explained in the previous paragraphs, by calling Tel: *288*phone number#
  • The customer can upgrade to any of the available packages either by increasing or decreasing it at any time.
  • The customer can choose any of the packages that provide more data to enjoy the high speed or the usual for him.
  • The customer can change the location of the house for a fee of only 1 riyal, provided that it is within the coverage of the network.
  • When the customer wishes to upgrade to the new packages, the transfer will be made without paying any fees.
  • The period of contract termination or cancellation, if it takes place in the first half of the contract, a fee is paid, estimated at three months of the value of the package, during the third quarter of the contract, it is estimated at the cost of two months of the value of the package, but if it is during the period of the last quarter of the contract, it is estimated at the cost of one month of the value of the package package.

Second: Terms and conditions when ordering a home Internet Omantel DSL

  • The customer gets a modem/TV set-top box and humidification with the package chosen from the home internet according to the situation.
  • In the event that the subscription is canceled or terminated by the customer before the lapse of 12 months or 24 months according to the contract, the purchased device will be returned, in addition to the need to pay the termination fees.
  • After the end of the basic package, one riyal will be charged for every 1 GB consumed.
  • New customers can enjoy high-speed home internet packages, provided they commit to a two-year contract.
  • The installation fee is 10 riyals.
  • Download and upload speeds are controlled based on distance and signal point.
  • The service is delivered through the internal cables in the building, in addition to installing the security software in the device from the location, the type of content, and of course the distance from the signal access point of the network.
  • If the contract is terminated in the first half of it, the value of the bill will be paid for three months. If the termination takes place in the third quarter of the contract, the value of two months of the package is paid, and if the contract is terminated in the last quarter of the contract, the value of the package is paid for a month.
  • Note that the Omantel Plus home internet contract termination fee is 4 riyals per month, and it is applied to the remaining number of months.