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During the 1980s and 1990s, there was a Spanish electro-pop group that became a phenomenon not only in their country of origin but also in Latin America. We refer to locomiathe band whose members made a difference not only with their voices, but also with their outfits, since they always wore fans and shoulder pads of different colors and designs.

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Although, he reached the top for his crazy themes and great presentations during their tours, the group fell into oblivion over the years. Despite this, those who listened to her, either because they lived through that time or because they were dazzled by her unconventional way of reaching stardom during those decades, we will tell you about her rise and fall.

Before we told you that because it became one of the most emblematic groups of the 90s, Movistar Plus premiered, on June 22, its documentary series produced by Boxfish, with three chapters.


passed 1984 Y Xavier Font settled in Ibiza after leaving Barcelona, with the sole purpose of creating an “urban tribe”. He lived with his brother Luis, his Dutch boyfriend Gard Passchier and Manuel Arjona, with whom he designed extravagant garments that they wore at the KU Club, a mecca of patriotic hedonism in the eighties. Until one day they were hired by the owner of the venue to dance and entertain the public.

The name of the group arose after Gard, who was Font’s partner, could not pronounce “my madness” well and ended up baptizing the band as Locomía.. Everything is going well between them, but they began to arouse jealousy and envy on the island, so much so that one night they intentionally burned down the place where they lived. To this was added the drug problems that Manuel began to have and the replacement, in 1987, of the Dutchman by Carlos Armas, who began an affair with Font. Soon they leave Ibiza.

Xavier Font is the founder of Locomía, the group that delighted the public in the 80s and 90s (Photo: Movistar Plus)
Xavier Font is the founder of Locomía, the group that delighted the public in the 80s and 90s (Photo: Movistar Plus)


After seeing them on stage, record executive José Luis Gil He was amazed by the group, who moved masses with their movements and extravagant clothes. It was so He proposed to form a boy band of music to dance and stand out internationally. They accepted and they traveled to Madrid, where they received dance classes. He later signed producer Pedro Vidal and replaced Luis Font with Juan Antonio Fuentes.


In 1989, the group released their first album “Taiyo” (Sun, in Japanese language), which included his first single “Locomía”, which was well known throughout the world, selling more than 60,000 copies in a quarter and a gold record. From then on songs like “Rumba Samba Mambo” and “Gorbachev” followed.

Then they made their big leap to Latin America, where they had a resounding success. Xavier decides to dedicate himself fully to managing the group’s image, being replaced by Francesc Picas, fashion designer and journalism student. Fame followed and they went on to earn gold and platinum records.


Yes ok, the gay public adored them, they had been instructed to be ambiguous about their sexuality in the interviews. “Ambiguity is commercial. The definition of sex, in a musical project, limits the audience that you are going to address. You exclude him before having listened to you”said in the documentary series José Luis Gil.

Because they were practically forced to hide their sexual preferences, “In Argentina, Mexico and Chile, above all, the fan phenomenon was very heavy”told cinemania Carlos Armas, who was the group’s sex symbol.


Apparently everything was going well with the group, but the fights between Xavier Font and Carlos began to be constant. To this were added the differences that the founder of the group had with Gilsomething he couldn’t stand and ended up walking away. In 1991, they released their second album, “Loco Vox”. By then, the manager received an offer for Locomía to conquer the US market.

According to the third and last chapter of the Movistar Plus series, Xavier Font, having lost control of everything, told the members of Locomía that Gil was stealing from them, something they considered a betrayal; To this he added that they could not do something of their own free will because they had to wait for the authorization of their manager. Through a statement, made it known that they were disassociating themselves from the company and its commitments.

After this incident, Gil sued Font for the ownership of the Locomía brand, which made it impossible for them to present themselves as a group, causing them to dissolve in 1993.. Years later, the lawsuit was resolved in favor of Xavier, so Gil terminated the contract of the members at that time, although the latter owns the rights to the songs.