How the specialists voted for the Player and the Coach of April

Article by Andrei Crăiţoiu, Vlad Nedelea – Published Wednesday, 04 May 2022, 12:00 / Updated Wednesday, 04 May 2022 12:11

Darius Olaru and Adrian Mutu won the “Player of the Month” and “April Coach” awards, respectively, in the Gazeta’s survey. How did the 5 specialists from the jury vote?

Gazeta Sportulilor, the most respected voice in the Romanian sports press, inaugurated two trophies in the summer. The newspaper, which has a tradition of almost a century and whose end-of-year surveys are recognized by the entire sports community, awards a prize for the player and the coach of last month at the beginning of each month.

For the “April Player of the Day” trophy, GSP nominated 5 footballers: Rareș Ilie (Rapid), Darius Olaru (FCSB), Jovan Markovici (U Craiova), Florin Tănase (FCSB) and Alexandru Creţu (U Craiova). In the second category, “April Coach”, Gazeta nominated 3 technicians: Adrian Mutu (Rapid), Laurențiu Reghecampf (U Craiova) and Anton Petrea (FCSB).

Specialist votes for the April Player and Coach


  • Rareș Ilie (Rapid) » “An extremely important player for the team. He impresses in the game, he has a great ease, he removes his opponents easily from the game. An extremely important thing is that he takes individual actions in delicate moments. He was decisive in many matches “He has fantastic potential and I see a bright future for him, a classy footballer.”
  • Adrian Mutu (Rapid) » “Because he made his mark in the team’s game, he has changed it a lot since he came. He is efficient in possession, with a very good level on the defensive. “It has brought an efficient and practical system. In addition, it has a single goal scored in so many stages, which says a lot about the collective game.”


  • Darius Olaru (FCSB) » “He was on the field every time FCSB needed him. The fact that he managed to shine in a team in which Octavian Popescu and Florin Tănase stole all eyes is just the merit of Darius. A hardworking, talented boy who and in April he scored twice and scored three assists. “
  • Laurențiu Reghecampf (University of Craiova) » “He had the most matches in April compared to the rest of the coaches and has five wins out of five in League 1. Even if the team suffered in the Cup duel with Sepsi, Oltenia can reach the final. Reghe changed the face of the team, transformed the players and he has great merit for the place in the standings “


  • Rareș Ilie (Rapid) » “Growing up, a player who is starting to show more and more extraordinary qualities. A player with a fine ankle, who often fulfills the role of playmaker many times, but also of a macerator. He scored goals with executions for which you need talent “And in April he has four goals and four assists.”
  • Adrian Mutu (Rapid) » “A perfect start to Rapid’s life has made his life with his supporters easier, as he has been closer to Dinamo. He is making full use of the experience he has gained from the huge coaches he has worked with. In addition, it perfectly combined the experience of some players with the youth of others. “


  • Darius Olaru (FCSB) » “I think it was his month and he showed his qualities at FCSB. He scored goals, he scored goals, he deserves the award this month. He is a player who surprises, who stands out, and at the moment he is the most Constantly a player from my point of view. He had a good April, well done! “
  • Adrian Mutu (Rapid) » “I choose him for the way he handled the pressure from the beginning, how he changed for the better a team that didn’t show organization at the end of the regular season. Then for the way he describes certain tactical changes, but also for the calm, realistic speech. a big white ball for caring only for his team “


  • Darius Olaru (FCSB) » “For me, he is the best footballer in Romania! Without a doubt! I think he is far above the level of the Romanian championship at the moment. He does both phases, defensive and offensive, and in April he scored extremely important goals and assists for FCSB , who has been struggling to win the championship for 7 years “
  • Laurențiu Reghecampf (University of Craiova) » “A coach who transforms the teams he goes to for good. He did it at FCSB, now he has changed the game and the face of Craiova, for the better. He needs time, players who understand his ideas and put his plan into practice. “A month full of success on the line in League 1, with 13 goals scored and only 2 conceded”

How to vote for “Player of the Month” and “Coach of the Month”

The algorithm used to determine the winners is very simple. The GSP editorial office makes the nominations, based on statistics and clear performance figures, then votes on 3 categories: readers, editorial journalists and five specialists (former footballers or important coaches) who change from one month to the next. The first place in each top receives 5 points, the one in 2nd place, 4 points, etc. GSP’s vote counts twice as much.

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Darius Olaru,


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