How to detect depression in dogs? These are the symptoms

The health of pets is a priority in homes. Keeping them in optimal condition is not usually an easy task; however, it is necessary to provide animals with a good quality of life.

Just like humans, dogs face problems of physical and mental health. These depend a lot on genetics and nutrition, as well as the stresses you have suffered in your life.

It is important to be attentive to the signs that may indicate illness or discomfort in these faithful companions. For example, dogs can suffer from depression resulting from high doses of stress and anxiety.

In fact, the magazine OneHowTo He explained that it is important to be attentive to the symptoms of canine depression in order to combat it in time and restore happiness to the dog. To know if the pet has depression, the following should be taken into account:

one. There are some breeds that are more prone to depression. One of these is the Terrier, because their character and personality makes them inclined to this condition. Likewise, a dog that comes from a kennel or a volatile place can present the symptoms of this disease.

two. If the dog shows a lack of activity and no longer wants to interact with other dogs, it may be depression as they lose enthusiasm and do not want to socialize or play. They are also apathetic towards human affections.

3. If after being an energetic dog, he no longer wants to run and his walk is slow, it could be depression. When leaving, dogs usually jump and run, so if the opposite happens, it is a warning sign.

Four. When there are changes in appetite, considerable weight loss or substantial weight gain, one may be talking about depression. It is necessary to observe carefully if the amounts of food eaten have changed.

5. One of the common symptoms of this condition in a dog is when they sleep more than they should. “You may even spend a large part of your day sleeping and drinking water. However, as with dietary changes, some dogs have the opposite symptoms, that is, they can’t fall asleep,” he explains. OneHowTo.

6. If the dog cries or whimpers frequently for no apparent reason, it may be depressed. It is usually a way of asking its owner for help and getting attention. Other behavioral changes is staying hiddenan action that is not usually frequent in them.

When seeing any of the symptoms mentioned, or changes in the dog’s attitudes that it did not have before, it is best to go to the veterinarian to examine it and start the necessary treatment.

In addition, not all symptoms are exclusive to depression, sometimes it can be due to another health problem or a physical ailment of the animal. Thus, only a professional can determine what is really wrong with the pet.

It should be noted that various studies have shown that the presence of dogs, cats and other pets can be decisive in the state of mind of the human being. “Interacting with our pet causes the release of oxytocin, the well-known hormone of love, generating feelings such as joy and confidence in us,” explains psychologist Vanessa Moreno.

However, the benefits are not only emotional. Having a pet can help prevent physical ailments such as heart attacks, because by walking them several times a day, people are doing an exercise that makes them less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Another benefited by the presence of pets in the house is the immune system.especially that of children, in whom it is strengthened by reducing the risk of developing allergies and strengthens the body to fight other viruses.

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