How to download eFootball 2022 mobile Arabic comment eFootball v1.0.0 2022

How to download eFootball 2022 mobile Arabic commentary and transfers of the new and most famous game in the world. As the game efootball Pes 2022 The new version was released, which is eFootball v1.0.0 2022. Since last April, according to Konami’s statements on the Twitter platform, and since the game was released, it has exceeded many times eFootball PES 2022 download . Millions of times worldwide, as the latest version has been waiting for quite some time. also characterized by eFootball PES 2022 mobile increase their own popularity. This is thanks to the various improvements that have been added to eFootball v1.0.0 2022. Regarding Steps to download PES 2022 We will learn about it through the lines of today’s article “Thaqafni website”.

Download PES 2022

How to download eFootball 2022 mobile new version eFootball v1.0.0

Before knowing how to download eFootball PES 2022 mobile We offer special features. eFootball v1.0.0 version as follows

  1. posed PES 22 mobile With improved graphics and high-quality graphics technology to be more realistic than before.
  2. The new E-Football Pace is also more streamlined, making it more distinctive than the previous FIFA version.
  3. Also besides when you follow a method eFootball PES 2022 download You will notice an updated and distinctive audio commentary.
  4. As the game comes efootball pes 22 With a great feature, Iconic Moments, and through it, you can relive the special minutes of playing.
  5. Game developed efootball Pes 2022 With more space for the players’ buses to arrive and talk to the team managers
  6. Also, E-Football PES 22 was distinguished by its interesting playing styles with multiple tactics, and you must repeat playing to overcome these tactics.
  7. Also, all technical problems in the previous version were addressed in eFootball v1.0.0 2022 .
  8. Weekly update feature in eFootball Base via the company’s website and stores.
  9. Through the lines of the upcoming “Thaqafni website” article, we will show what are the steps and how to download eFootball 2022 mobile.

How to download eFootball 2022 mobile via official stores

KONAMI recommends the method eFootball 2022 download be over WiFi. Powerful and with the following steps:-

  • Log in to any store compatible with your phone to get the eFootball v1.0.0 2022 version.
  • After logging in, type efootball pes 22 in the store search box.
  • As after the appearance of a copy efootball Pes 2022 The price must be paid if it was not advertised on the store.
  • Also, after the price is paid, press the . button eFootball PES 2022 download .
  • Steps and method Download PES 2022 It takes a few minutes to install it on the phone.
  • After you have installed eFootball PES on your phone, create your own file and enjoy the wonderful game experience.
  • We will also show in the next lines of the article “Thaqafni Site” what are the advantages PES 22 mobile .

Features of PES 22 mobile new version

After we show details How to download eFootball 2022 mobile In the article “Thaqafni website”. We present the advantages of e-Football PES as follows

  1. Many European clubs added in eFootball PES 2022 mobile .
  2. As the legends of the game in eFootball v1.0.0 2022 Added inside it, such as Beckham, Maradona and Pele.
  3. Also, matches in any Football PES can be played as international matches via the Internet.
  4. Also the matches efootball pes 22 It is played individually or as a team.
  5. Putting the distinguished leagues in PES 22 such as the European, American, Russian and many leagues.
  6. Also, many points are awarded frequently in order to be able to level up your players in eFootball v1.0.0 2022.
  7. It also added the feature of updating data and points for all players automatically by updating the game weekly.
  8. The wonderful feature “Arabic Commentary” has also been added via Settings PES 22 mobile .
  9. Besides Arabic commentary, there are more than 10 different comment languages.
  10. You can modify the players’ clothing and all their designs.
  11. Regarding the disadvantages of the method andSteps to download PES 2022 We will present it with the lines of the next “Thaqafni website” article.

What are the disadvantages of eFootball PES 2022 mobile

When you follow the method eFootball PES 2022 download After installing it on your phone, you will notice the following defects:

  • Disadvantages efootball pes 22 There are no matches in the Spanish League, Champion League.
  • Also among the disadvantages comes the movement of players and their speed is slower than the previous version.
  • Also in eFootball v1.0.0 2022 and the clarity of the most famous players and their clarity is not good.
  • There are some colors in eFootball PES 2022 mobile Not clear, which may cause fatigue in vision.
  • There are also two modes of gameplay efootball Pes 2022 They are the Regula system and the Superstar system. Which causes difficulty in controlling the degrees of play in E Football PES 2022.
  • There may be a complicating part of the files of previous versions of the game, which were placed as a file extension and separated from the current version
  • Also when following How to download eFootball 2022 mobile Through the store you will notice that there are items in the game that must be purchased.
  • GP coins must also be purchased in order to be played collectively online.
  • PES 22 mobile coin purchase packages range between 3.75 riyals and up to 190 riyals.

How to download eFootball 2022 mobile for the new version, which is eFootball v1.0.0 2022. The copy is installed through the official stores, as its steps were presented in today’s article “Thaqafni website”.