How will three handball teams play in the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest

Two handball teams are preparing for the Champions League: Rapid for women and Dinamo for men. For CSM Bucharest, the wildcard seems to be a formality.

All three do not have their own room and will use a 50-year-old one. Which, from a bureaucratic point of view, will create countless problems.

There is a ministerial order, sent to all sports entities, asking them to mention, every August, certain dates of dispute regarding the hall.

But here’s the big problem: sports federations are a priority, not clubs. So a kempo, karate or sport dance competition would take precedence over a Champions League handball match.

There have been countless cases in which it has been intervened “at the top” (famous piles, acquaintances, relationships) to reach a compromise (sometimes the karate contest ended on Saturday and not Sunday) to please everyone. The Multipurpose Hall is under the administration of the Ministry of Sports.

Certainly such situations will appear more complicated than in previous years (there is no longer a team, but three).

Bucharest Multipurpose Hall. What do we do with concerts when there are matches?

In addition, an Iris or Loredana Groza concert can bring the Ministry revenues between 15,000 and 20,000 euros per event, being preferred to sports competitions for which the amounts are small.

Dinamo will probably play on Wednesday or Thursday, one of CSM Bucharest and Rapid, either on Saturday and Sunday, or in different weeks (when one plays at home, the other away and vice versa).

The playing field requirements are more and more demanding from EHF. It is possible that all three teams will work together to create the right flooring.

The Multipurpose Hall in Bucharest is a multifunctional hall in Bucharest, located in the Youth Park. The capacity is 5,300 seats. Inaugurated on August 10, 1974, under the title Palace of Sports and Culture in Bucharest, the building currently operates under the name of the National Sports Complex “Polyvalent Hall”.

Galerie Dinamo in the men’s handball match between CS Dinamo Bucharest and PSG, counting for the EHF Champions League, held in the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest, on Thursday, March 3, 2022. © PHOTO: Gheorghe Fluster / SPORT PICTURES

Cristian Gațu could give the name of the Bucharest hall

The Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, promised that the Multipurpose Hall in Bucharest will change its name. The Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest will be named after him the former great handball player, Cristian Gaţu, announced the Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak.

“I want to recount the life and history of gyms. The great champions are the ones who motivate us to follow them, and their names must be known, recognized and honored. Rather than finding their names in gyms, we need to find images of them, in their heyday, in competitions where they shone.

Any child or young person who crosses the threshold of a room must find there an example to identify with, which will inspire his desire to succeed, to motivate him “, Novak explained his initiative.

Cristian Gațu could give the name of the Bucharest hall. Photo source: SportPictures

Why don’t we have a modern Multipurpose Hall

At this point, The capital has four arenas which were built from scratch: the National Arena, the Star, the Rapid and the Arc de Triomphe. They cost several hundred million euros, but we do not have a new Multipurpose Hall similar to the one in Cluj.

The sports infrastructure in Bucharest covers football and rugby excellently, but is deficient in other sports. There is no ice rink in Bucharest now and a modern multipurpose hall is also needed.

It was to be built on a plot of land inside the “Lia Manoliu” Sports Complex, right next to the former August 23rd. The feasibility study has already been completed, but the project has been blocked by a skydiving tower.

In August 2020, the General Council of PMB requested the transfer, from the administration of the Ministry of Transport in the public domain of Bucharest, “of the construction called Skydiving Tower, located in Lia Manoliu Sports Complex, in order to achieve the investment objective. ”.

But without success. We are the only European capital without a multifunctional Multipurpose Hall. And handball suffers the most from all sports.

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