“I do not accept. I want to go! It’s simple!”. As much as the club wants him

Article by Eduard Apostol – Posted Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 16:23 / Updated Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:54

Another special case at Dinamo is that of Ricardo Grigore.

Except for Steliano Filip, who insisted on leaving free and ended up memorizing, even though he started attending training sessions.


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Ricardo Grigore also wants to leave Dinamo

The 23-year-old central defender will return to Gheorghe Mihali’s training sessions on Thursday. But he has no plans to continue in “Stephen the Great!”

He reiterated this, the former junior champion with Dinamo remains consistent with the idea of ​​leaving the red-white group.

The game of nerves continues at Dinamo

The defender will arrive at the “dogs'” training sessions, but, like Steliano Filip, he is about to leave. It is a game of nerves that will run until someone gives up.

If Steliano came to file a memorandumRicardo hasn’t done it yet, but it’s the next gesture, if he doesn’t reach an amicable agreement with the club tomorrow or at the latest by the end of the week!

Grigore continues negotiations with the club’s representatives.

“I do not agree with any condition. I want to go, it’s simple. I hope I understand. It’s not about bad will, I said this in the winter, I hope we reach an agreement “, Ricardo Grigore reacted for GSP.ro.

1 minuteplayed Rici Grigore in last season’s play-off

Ricardo Grigore: “I’m on the bar, do they want to sell me? Let Dinamo stay here! “

Two weeks ago, in an interview with Gazeta Sporturilor, Rici Grigore strongly pointed out all the details that displeased him and determined him to consider leaving the club where he grew up.

Here are the main ideas:

  • “With all due respect, I have no problem, but I don’t think he knows what my real situation is. I don’t want to go out and say that I’m leaving, but Mr. Zăvăleanu has known since March how things are going. The idea is simple: I was put aside by everyone at the table, I took my plate and went to the back of the room to eat! “
  • “I played with Craiova, at home, when I took 6. Initially, I said it was time to come back in force, but after the match, you can’t highlight anyone. I played central defender left, then left, after which I was removed from the team, without any explanation. I was silent, 0-0 at UTA, then my decision was to leave Dinamo, I didn’t catch a minute! Okay, I was in the 90th minute with Chindia, to take my time, 2-0.
  • “I got on the sidelines, on the bar, not even in the group, outside of training … I didn’t go to ask the coach to put me in, the club bosses can confirm. I think I’m the player with the most backups in the history of recent years. Although I don’t know what their goal is, I’m sitting on the bar, they say they want to sell me! Well, how ?! “
  • “I give you my word, nothing has been explained to me. I mean Uhrin. In March, we were 5 central defenders, then another came, 6, then another was reshaped, 7. I didn’t have minutes, I said that there was no point in staying on the team. I didn’t want to go out, complain, chaos. I said in March, “All right, I’m leaving!”
  • “When news broke that Ricardo Grigore wanted to leave, all the fans were happy. But, I ask, after you hit a player behind the goal, how can you ask for money from the transfer ?! I told the management: “I don’t feel happy anymore, I can’t anymore. I’m the oldest player in the current team! I don’t want to show up, just talk, let me go. It’s best for both sides. ” I told them to give me a percentage, something. I’m trying to get some money, but who can give money to someone who doesn’t play ?! “
  • “I don’t want to create a title because I’m making a fuss, I don’t know what else. I had been planning this for a long time, to leave, whether Dinamo would continue in “A” or not! I would have played for Dinamo II, but I wasn’t on the list, it would have been in my interest. I have no financial pretensions, I want to be left on my way, to perform elsewhere. You can’t make love by force. Mr. Mihali nominated us, but he did not know. Why aren’t the players who played and brought Dinamo here ?! We don’t want to leave now that the team is down. I’ve wanted to leave since winter.

22 matchesgathered the defender in the recently concluded edition, having an average of 72 minutes played per game

100,000 euros is the amount that Dinamo would like to receive in exchange for Ricardo Grigore The players are not to blame! I remained friends with the majority.

Field performances are separated by who brought them. To answer who brought them, they are able to say what he saw in them that they transferred to them. Dinamo no longer sells players raised in its own backyard, it did not want to make a business out of it. Maybe we weren’t the right ones either, but the club didn’t know how to have a plan either.
– Ricardo Grigore

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