“I love George Copos!” Răzvan Lucescu was asked about Dan Șucu. Why he mentioned the former owner of Rapid


The date of publishing: Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 12:49 p.m.

Date of update: Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 1:21 p.m.

Răzvan Lucescu has an affinity for Rapid, the team with which he reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup, the 2005-2006 edition, when the Giulesti team was eliminated following a double with Steaua led at that time by Cosmin Olăroiu.

Son of Mircea Lucescu he quickly established himself in Romanian football, he also led the first team, but he is building his present in Greece, at PAOK Thessaloniki. Like Mircea Lucescu, Răzvan knew how to manage football relationships with difficult bosses. He “trained” for those abroad with George Copos, the man who made the cherry band a real force in the late ’90s, but also in the 2000s.

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Răzvan Lucescu: “I am grateful to Copos”

After finishing the current season in 9th place, even in the year of the promotion, Rapid was taken over by the businessman Dan Șucu, the one who promised a budget of 7 million euros.

Răzvan Lucescu he recently spoke about George Copos, but was also questioned about Șucu. “I love George Copos. I am grateful to him. I have become wiser. His way of putting pressure has helped me manage huge pressures all these years. What has been good for Rapid is due to Copos. He has brought players, chose the coaches who contributed to the growth of the club.

Of course, perhaps he could have achieved more if he had shown a different kind of generosity. But that’s the second part. I don’t know Mr. Șucu, but I want him to make a great contribution to Rapid’s success. The team should be at the top, because Romanian football needs emulation, supporters and clubs with top tradition “stated PAOK’s coach, for playsport.ro.

“If Rapid starts talking about the title, it is a big mistake. You have to take into account not only your dream or relate to what you think you can achieve. Or only be guided by the fact that a shareholder with potential, which can raise society economically, it’s good to look at who Romania’s sports forces are.

How they are organized. Understand that FCSB, CFR, Craiova are teams with experience in fighting for the championship. They have a different weight. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight. Take advantage of a possible opportunity or if a corridor opens against the background of a rival’s crisis. But you, Rapid, just returned to League 1 after a dark period, to think about the title in the second season of his return, is exaggerated! “, Răzvan Lucescu also said, for the above mentioned source.

Dan Șucu, one of the richest people in Romania, known as the man who built the “empire” of Mobexpert, entered the era of Rapid last week.

Dan Șucu’s promise

In a press conference, Dan Şucu pointed out that FC Rapid has no desire to enter into a connection with something related to the state. “We do not want any money from any mayor’s office, no money from any ministry, we will pay all our taxes accordingly, flawlessly from a fiscal point of view.

Next year we expect 6 million to 7 million in revenue and equivalent expenses. He has nothing to do with public money in football. Public money is welcome in the best case in the area of ​​table sports. We are not only interested in the idea of ​​being champions, we are also interested in how we get there “.

It was once Pro Rapid …

Rapid will benefit in a year and a half from two sports bases in the north of the Capital, Builder and Coresi, their arrangement will amount to a total of approximately 8 million euros.

“The new Rapid base has 3.6 hectares, it’s the former Constructorul base. We don’t have a name yet, because we haven’t decided which sponsor will help us. The main field will be hybrid, just like the one on the stadium and it will use the big team, there will be locker rooms, gym, relaxation, a small hotel … something that we don’t find everywhere in Bucharest now.This base will be operated by the Rapid club.It cost 3 million and a little euro, and the investment there will be 5 to 6 million, the deadline – about 18 months.

The second base is the Mobexpert Sports Base, formerly Coresi, and it is for table sports. About 1,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17 will play football here. This second base will be operated by the Rapid Football School, a non-profit organization. The base for table sports cost 2 million euros, and its arrangement will cost another 2 million, everything will be ready in 18 months. Investments in these two bases are purely private to me. “also stated Dan Şucu.

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