“I think I was also protected, from somewhere in Heaven, by my father”

Article by Andrei Crăiţoiu, Dan Udrea – Posted Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 10:58 / Updated Tuesday, 10 May 2022 11:18

From the moment the Vlad-Târnovanu ring was made between the FCSB goals, Toni Petrea’s team started to recover the lost ground, reduced almost 3 times the average number of goals scored with “Messi of the goalkeepers” and raised the percentage of points won!

What a paradox for FCSB: a failure that separated it to no less than 14 CFR points, 0-1 in Trivale, in the penultimate stage, produced a vital change in the composition of the team, which would have a perhaps decisive role in the subsequent course and in the almost astonishing recovery of the distance from the leader.

In the 29th round, in the away match against FC Argeș, Andrei Vlad made a serious mistake in the first half, in the phase in which the hosts scored. Between halves, the error cost him the position in the team. Târnovanu came in to replace him.


FCSB scared them! What did CFR Cluj’s players do after seeing the victory of the red-blues in Craiova

His numbers are really great. He has 10 and a half games between goals, in which he scored only 4 goals. The average is a remarkable one, really, only 0.36 goals received per match. In comparison, Vlad, in a much larger volume of matches, is a huge distance from the level of his colleague. Vlad defended in 27 games and took the ball out of the goal 27 times. An average of one goal per game.

An almost 3 times better yield of the current holder. In fact, all the comparisons between the two favor Târnovanu, who defended excellently, including in the derby with Craiova, on Sunday evening.

Comparison Tarnovanu – Vlad

tarnovanu Parameter A. Vlad
11 matches 27
2.9 Medium shots on goal opponents 3.2
0.3 Average goals conceded 1
2.6 Medium shots 2.2
88% Percentage of shots on goal 69%
1 Average super parade on the match 0.74
85% Percentage than accurate 85%

The direct effect of his outstanding performance was the increased performance of the team in terms of points. Before the ringing of the stumps, Târnovanu had also appeared in a game, the one away with Sepsi, which was played in December 2021.

Then he played fabulously, he was by far the best on the field, which is why he was scored 9 by GSP. Sepsis – FCSB ended 0-0. Apart from the game in Pitești, when he entered the break and when the score was already 1-0 for the opponents, a score that ended the match, Târnovanu has 10 full games between goals:

  • tarnovanu: 25 points in 10 matches. PERCENTAGE 84%
  • A. Vlad: 57 points in 27 matches. PERCENTAGE 70%
  • Street: 1 point in a single match. PERCENTAGE 33%

6.55is the average GSP of Târnovanu, following the grades received this season

5.59is the GSP average of Andrei Vlad, made on the basis of the qualifications from the current League 1

VIDEO Ștefan Târnovanu: “At the two bars I think I was also protected, from somewhere in the sky, by my father”

Ștefan Târnovanu offered, in the flash interview for the televisions that broadcast the match, emotional statements after the success in Craiova, in which the Oltenians twice sent the ball to the goal post: he linked the fact that he felt protected between the shots of the drama suffered in January 2021, when his father died

– Stefan, did you still believe in victory in the end?
– Really, yes. I thought we could win, we only needed one goal.

– How do you feel about this success?
– I’m really glad we’re still in the books for the title. The end of the championship is very tight, everything depends on us.

– Do you feel the pressure?
– There is, yes. There is a lot of tension, but it all depends on us, the game is going very well for us and we are confident that we can succeed. I feel like we can make it to the end of this championship.

– Is it a disadvantage that you, compared to CFR, have a lot more young players?
– We are no longer children, as everyone said. I think we can handle this season finale very well. I was not scared of the CFR game because it depends only on us. We win the last two matches and take the championship! It’s just about us.

– You defended well again …
– It’s a nice feeling when you have good matches. It’s important that we don’t score, but more importantly, we win.

– Was there any luck in this match for you?
– I think I was lucky, but in the tour I had many opportunities and I lost with bad luck.

– Do you have superstitions?
– No, I’m just praying at the end. I think I was protected!

– Do you mean the two bars of Craiova?
– I said I was crazy about both bars, but it’s good that it ended well. I am a faithful man, I believe in God and I feel that the luck on the night of the match is also due to my father, who is upstairs and takes care of us.

– What would it mean for you to win the title?
– It’s something I’ve imagined since I started playing football and I really think we can do it. I dreamed every day what it would be like after the last game.

– What do you think can be decisive in this season finale?
– The crazy desire we have. We all want each other, we are very united, we are a family and we have supporters on our side, who come absolutely everywhere. I told my longtime colleagues, “Come on, let’s do this, let’s win the title!” and, little by little, now they are right with me.

22 years oldmet Târnovanu yesterday, being eligible for the U21 rule in League 1 until the summer of 2023

200 thousand euroswas the amount that FCSB paid to buy Târnovanu from Poli Iași

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