“I went to the table to comment. After the goal, a supporter put the bottle in my mouth “

Article by Alexandru Barbu – Posted on Thursday, 02 June 2022, 17:30 / Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2022 18:36

He has been commenting on the national team’s matches for 30 years and returns to the “grass” during Romania’s Nations League matches against Montenegro, televised by Prima TV. Emil Gradinescu has countless stories with “tricolors” and prefaces in an optimistic note the official debut of Edi Iordănescu.

  • Both matches with Montenegro of Romania, away on June 4 and at home on June 14, will be televised by Prima TV starting with 21:45.

Emil Gradinescu: “On paper, Romania is superior. We have to get 12-13 points ”

– Hello, Emil! Confident before the start of the League of Nations? You will comment on the first game, from Montenegro, on Prima TV.
“We should normally take the points.” We are the top opponents in the FIFA rankings. Now let’s see how Edi thinks about the campaign, if he plays for points or if he respects certain principles of the game, as Rădoi did. I guess he’ll play for points though. Because if the results are catastrophic in the League of Nations, you can’t keep it. If he gets 12-13 points, then that’s fine. On paper, then, we are superior.

– However, we have encountered difficulties with national teams made up of strong players, such as Montenegro, Finland and Bosnia.
– That’s right, I’ve always had problems with these teams. It confuses you. With the exception of Spain, we play well with the big national teams, who go out to football and let you play. But we have to go fight with them.


Gabriel Torje terminated with Dinamo and agreed with Farul

“I climbed on the table with my feet to comment on Romania – Belgium”

– Do you remember the first match of the national team commented?
– Sure, June 1993, Romania – Belgium 2-1 on Ghencea. The stadium was being rebuilt, modernized, there was no place for commentators, there was not even a desk. We were given a 4-foot table and a monitor. In front of me, everyone was standing and I climbed on the table with my feet to watch the match, without having control over the monitor. During the break, a colleague from TVR asked me to leave him on the table as well. With him, 5 more people went up, that table was moving … Plus something else happened (no – laughs).

– What?
When Răducioiu scored the first goal, someone sitting next to me put a bottle of Coca-Cola in my mouth, fortunately. The man was very happy and wanted to share his enthusiasm.

– From the commentator’s perspective, how do you relate to a national team match compared to a regular League 1 match?
– You’re going to laugh, consumption is about the same. The national team is asking for you more emotionally, but you are no longer as attentive to the documentary chapter. It is difficult to comment on a Voluntari – Chindia, because the game dies many times and you have to keep it alive. Then the comment is complicated. On the other hand, at the national team you stick to the match, you can’t really make big digressions. These are the coordinates of a comment: emotion and documentary.

– What is the most beautiful memory from a national team match?
– It is the second game of Romania that I commented on, the one in Cardiff, 2-1 with Wales, the victory that took us to the USA, to the World Championship in 1994. If it went badly, it would probably be came out bad for me too.

– Why?
– You know how it is, commentators crowd in predictable victories, in tough matches, where you don’t know if it comes out, they are not so eager to comment. If the match goes wrong, the commenters are to blame. It’s a rule on television. If the result is bad, it’s the order of the day: the coach, the players, the referee and the commentators. It’s an axiom!

– And the darkest episode with the national team?
– The first thing that comes to mind is Romania – Denmark 2-2 in Copenhagen, 2003. That final was to leave us wide … After everything that happened in that match, my hand was numb, it was probably a problem gone by at heart.

All the details before Montenegro – Romania:

The group of 30 players summoned by Edi Iordănescu for the League of Nations matches

  • porter: Fl. Niță (Sparta Prague), Aioani (Farul), H. Moldovan (Rapid), Târnovanu (FCSB)
  • FOUNDERS: A. Rațiu (Huesca), Cr. Manea (CFR), Ad. Rus (MOL Fehervar), I. Cristea (FCSB), Ghiță (Krakow), Chiricheș (Sassuolo), A. Burcă (CFR), Bancu (CSU Craiova), Camora (CFR), Ștefănescu (Sepsi)
  • midfielders: Sorescu (Rakow), Cicâldău (Galatasaray), Olaru (FCSB), Al. Maxim (Gaziantep), Hanca (Krakow), Fl. Tănase (FCS), Oct. Popescu (FCSB), N. Păun (Sepsi), Mihăilă (Atalanta), Mitriță (PAOK), Al. Cretu (CSU Craiova), R. Marin (Cagliari), M. Marin (Pisa)
  • ATTACKERS: Alibec (Atromitos), An. Ivan (CSU Craiova), Puscas (Pisa)

Romania’s program in the League of Nations

  • June 4: Montenegro – Romania, 21:45, Podgorica (live on PrimaTV, liveTEXT on GSP.ro)
  • June 7: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Romania, 21:45, Zenica (live on Antena 1, liveTEXT on GSP.ro)
  • June 11: Romania – Finland, 21:45, Giulești stadium (live on Antena 1, liveTEXT on GSP.ro)
  • June 14: Romania- Montenegro, 21:45, Giulești stadium (live on PrimaTV, liveTEXT on GSP.ro)
  • September 23: Finland – Romania, 9:45 p.m.
  • September 26: Romania – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 9:45 p.m.

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