“I would not like you to be in my place” + What he said about the future of Edi Iordănescu

GSP Article – Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 4:30 PM / Updated on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 5:28 PM

Răzvan Burleanu, the president of FRF, held a press conference after the end of today’s Executive Committee meeting.


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Răzvan Burleanu’s statements after the Executive Committee:

  • Today we approved the calendar for League 2 2022-2023. It will be the same format. A regular system, then a play-off and play-out. League 2 starts on August 6.
  • League 3 will start on August 26 and will be the same format, 10 series with 10 teams each.
  • The Romanian Cup will have a new format. We propose a group system, which increases the attractiveness.
  • We will increase the total prizes. From 2022-2023, we increase the prizes by 50 percent, and later there will be increases.
  • The total fund exceeds 1.2 million euros. From the first round we have a fund of 38,000 euros. In the final, the prize will be 240,000 euros.
  • In case of a tie, there will be a tie, if we have a tie between the teams playing in the regional group stage.
  • Yellow cards are canceled before the main groups start.
  • I approved the merits of the arbitration scales. We want to keep the integrity, but also to increase the retention of the referees from the lower leagues.
  • The stadiums have been approved. We want to improve the conditions for TV broadcasts. We want viewers to have a much better experience.
  • The first match with VAR will be the Super Cup, on July 9, in Arad.
  • The teams that will play in this match will benefit from a training on VAR.
  • We approved the creation of a new arbitration department to educate arbitrators.
  • For next week we have scheduled a meeting in which the national team coach will be invited, who will present a report based on the latest results.
  • We continue to support Edward Iordănescu in the position of Romania’s coach.

Burleanu, about the results of the national team: “I had much higher expectations”

“It’s a disappointment. Not only for the recent results, but we had much higher expectations, after the results of Euro U21 in 2019 and 2021. The mood was characterized by a deep disappointment.

At the end of September we will make a decision on the future. We must have a coach who believes that this national team can be rebuilt. Maybe it’s better that it happened now, to identify the areas of intervention.

We have to be honest, we have generations of players who have not confirmed. For example, from Nicolae Stanciu’s generation, only he and Benzar made results in important football.

The national team is dependent on the results of the clubs. In the past, we had a lot of players from FCSB, who passed Ajax and won with Chelsea. Today, we have only 3 players from the Romanian champion, Burcă, Camora and Manea.

We have identified 5 areas of intervention and we will act from this summer. Together with the clubs, we want to form at least one player “, said Burleanu.

Răzvan Burleanu: “I would not like you to be in my place”

Asked about the results of the U19 national team and about the fact that he was asked to resign at the matches of the first national team, Burleanu answered:

“Measures will be taken according to the results from U19. However, at U19 it was the first qualification. It was good to find out our level.

I wouldn’t want you to be in my place. Since 2014, we wanted to do everything we can for the development of Romanian football. We managed to get corruption out of Romanian football. We managed to increase the professionalism of the national staff. I created a fairer football.

What I wanted, but failed to do, is to have a better relationship with the clubs. We cannot influence a player’s performance only by the time spent in the national team. He spends only 20 percent of his time in the group “, the FRF president also said.

“I don’t think we would have had other results with another coach”

“There were several coaches that I wanted as a coach. It is not fair to the current coach, because the others had the same conditions.

I don’t think we would have had other results with another coach. The main role of a Federation is to provide optimal conditions for lots. Today, FRF manages 19 lots, compared to 10 in 2014. We manage 62 competitions, compared to 21. The role of an administration is to provide the best conditions “, Burleanu also declared.

“The reality is that betting contributes to the clubs’ budget”

“The reality is that betting contributes to the clubs’ budget. We have an advantage over the other championships. For performance, you need investment. As long as sport does not become a priority, we will not have other results “.

Burleanu: “Regarding CSA Steaua, we have already talked about the solutions through which it can promote”

“We know the situation at Dinamo, but we cannot provide more details. Regarding CSA Steaua, we have already talked about the solutions it can promote. The decision is at the level of the club or at the level of the Government “.

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