Ianis Zicu remains the coach of Concordia Chiajna

Concordia Chiajna will continue to have Ianis Zicu as head coach even after the team missed its goal this season: promotion to League 1. The two sides clapped and signed the contract extension, the announcement being then made by the club .

Zicu took over Concordia earlier this year, replacing Claudiu Niculescu, who was fired after the first official match in 2022.

Ianis Zicu and his technical staff continue with Concordia Chiajna

Concordia Chiajna was a few minutes away from returning to League 1 after a break of three years, but the goal received in overtime and then the bad inspiration of the players in the tiebreaks in the tie with Chindia Targoviste keeps the team for the fourth season in a row in the League 2.

The Ilfov club is parting this summer with the executive president Auraș Brașoveanu, who chose to leave for FC Buzău, while the coach Ianis Zicu has just signed the extension of the contract. And his collaborators from the technical staff will continue: Daniel Florea (second coach), Florin Matache (goalkeeping coach), Lucian Turcu (goalkeeping coach) and Bogdan Alesandru (analyst).

“Concordia Chiajna Sports Club announces that it has reached an agreement with coach Ianis Zicu for the extension of the contract, which was due at the beginning of the summer.

Ianis Zicu has been coaching the green “eagles” team since March of this year and has signed a new one-season contract with our club, with the same goal as in the recently concluded championship: promotion to League 1.

The technician of our team kept the same technical staff, consisting of Daniel Florea – second coach, Florin Matache – coach with goalkeepers, Lucian Turcu – coach with goalkeeper training and Bogdan Alesandru – analyst.

We wish him continued success on the bench of our team! ”Concordia announced on its official website.

Zicu led Concordia in 14 matches

Ianis Zicu took over Concordia from the second official match played by the team in 2022. After 0-4 with “U” Cluj, the band from Chiajna broke up with Claudiu Niculescu and appointed Zicu. Under his leadership, Concordia ended the regular season with a draw (0-0 at home to Poli Timișoara) and a decisive victory for the play-offs (1-0 away to FC Buzău).

In the play-offs, however, Concordia had a modest evolution, which only ensured its maintenance on the 5th place, even the promotion dam, taking advantage of the fact that the team ranked on the 4th place, Steaua, did not have the right to be promoted due to its legal form. In the ten play-off games, Concordia recorded two victories (1-0 with Unirea Slobozia and 1-0 with “U” Cluj), two draws (2-2 with Steaua and 1-1 at Unirea Slobozia) and six failures (1-2 at FC Hermannstadt, 0-1 with Petrolul, 1-3 at ”U” Cluj, 0-3 at Steaua, 1-3 with FC Hermannstadt and 0-2 at Steaua).

At the promotion round, Concordia won at home against Chindia, 2-1, but away, in Ploiești, they lost with the score of 0-1, enough for the match to go into extra time. The match ended in a draw, where Emil Săndoi’s boys proved to be more in control, winning 4-1.

Ianis Zicu also coached in his career the teams Farul Constanța and Unirea Constanța, on the latter only in the first three games of the current season.

Zicu’s stay was announced by President Tanase a month ago

CD president Cristian Tănase spoke about Zicu’s stay at Concordia at the end of April, at a time when Concordia had three consecutive matches lost, one goal scored and seven conceded.

“Of course we are satisfied with Ianis Zicu. He will continue no matter what happens. I talked to him and we will. He is a young coach who wants to perform, but the problem is with the players “he said, for Liga2.roCristian Tănase, who at that time was outraged by the evolution of several players in the group.

Concordia thanked the fans for their support of the Concordia match

Otherwise, for the first time since returning to League 2, Concordia Chiajna was close to promotion to League 1. The return of the dam with Chindia, however, cut off his hopes in the minutes of extra time, when he received the goal that sent the game into extra time and then at penalty kicks:

“At the match in Ploiești, Concordia also had a mini-gallery, after the club had officially announced that it would transport them to the stadium if they wished and pay them the entrance ticket. The team thanked the fans for their dedication.

Concordia Chiajna was, on Sunday evening, very close to the promotion in League 1, following the dam held in the company of Chindia Târgoviște. The beautiful dream of our team was shattered at the time of the execution of the penalty kicks, where the lack of inspiration of our players was fully felt.

After we were just one step away from a remarkable performance, Concordia Chiajna Sports Club thanks the fans for their support this season.

We are convinced that without your help we would not have been able to sustain the promotion dam, and even more so to be close to a return to League 1. We were much stronger with you, and in the new season we will do everything we can possible to take Concordia Chiajna to the first league, where it belongs.

At the end of the season, Concordia Chiajna thanks once again to all the fans and those who have been with us all the time! ”

Photo: Concordia Chiajna and Răzvan Păsărică / Sport Pictures