Ifix completes 13th session followed by gains; FII FCFL11 is a high-profile

The IFIX – an index that gathers the most traded real estate funds on the Stock Exchange – closed this Thursday (2nd) session with a rise of 0.11%, at 2,826 points. It was the 13th session followed by gains. Yesterday, the index closed up 0.09%. The Campus Faria Lima fund (FCFL11) topped the list of the highest highs in the trading session, with an increase of 1.91%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights throughout the FIIs Center.

The real estate funds’ area of ​​activity should soon grow with the arrival of another FII on the market. In addition to the traditional sectors – such as logistics, offices, shopping malls, among others – the segment of community universities entered the funds’ radar.

With an initial offer scheduled for the next few days, the FII 3R Renda Educacional arises with the objective of investing in non-profit higher education institutions that reinvest all profits in the educational activity itself.

Conceived by 3R Investimentos – an independent manager with R$ 800 million under management – ​​the portfolio will be the first in the market with a focus on community universities, says Adriano Bernardi, a partner at the company.

“The objective of the fund is to buy properties occupied by community universities to explore the receipt of rents”, he explains. “It’s the call sale and leasebackin which the seller of the property remains as the tenant of the fund”, completes Bernardi.

The fund’s initial offering of shares provides for the raising of BRL 150 million and is restricted to professional investors – those who have at least BRL 10 million in investments or independent agents and consultants authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

Initially, the FII 3R Renda Educacional intends to acquire interest in university buildings in Rio Grande do Sul. In a second moment, the fund also plans to invest in units in the Southeast region.

The managers of the new real estate fund project a dividend rate of return of approximately 11.5% for investors.

Biggest highs of this Thursday (2)

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
FCFL11 Faria Lima Campus Others 1.91
SNFF11 Suno FoF Others 1.9
HSLG11 HSI Logistics Logistics 1.86
ARCT11 Riza Arctium Real Estate Hybrid 1.78
XPML11 XP Malls malls 1.64

Biggest casualties of this Thursday (2):

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
CARE11 Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care Others -2.13
VTLT11 Votorantim Logística Logistics -1.64
HFOF11 Hedge Top FoF II Titles and Val. furniture -1.41
HSML11 HSI MALL malls -1.2
AFHI11 AF Invest Cri Titles and Val. furniture -1.2

Source: B3

BM Brascan Lajes Corporativas may sell properties from the fund; fifth issue of shares of Hedge Receivíveis Imobiliários

Check out the latest information released by real estate funds on material facts:

BM Brascan Lajes Corporativas (BMLC11) receives a proposal for the sale of the fund’s properties

The FII BM Brascan Lajes Corporativas announced, this Wednesday (1), that it received a proposal for the sale of the two properties that make up the fund’s portfolio.

With a gross leasable area (GLA) of just over 7 thousand square meters, the fund owns two floors of Brascan Century Corporate, in Itaim, in São Paulo (SP), and four floors of Torre Rio Sul, in Botafogo, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

According to a material fact, BM Brascan Lajes Corporativas received a proposal of R$ 98 million for the spaces. The amount would be paid in full by December 2022.

The administrator, the investment committee and the fund manager are analyzing the offer and should call an extraordinary general meeting (AGE) to discuss the matter with the shareholders.

Hedge Receivíveis Imobiliários (HREC11) wants to raise up to BRL 220 million in a new offer

The Hedge Recebíveis Imobiliários fund approved, this Wednesday (1), the fifth issue of new shares in the portfolio, which intends to raise up to R$ 220 million.

The unit value of the new shares was fixed at R$92.68 and the distribution fee will be R$3.42, totaling a subscription price of R$96.10.

At the close of market this Wednesday (1), Hedge Receivables Imobiliários were traded at R$97.00, down 0.87%.

According to a press release from the fund to the market, current shareholders will have preemptive rights in the offering. The aspect ratio is 50%.

Focused on investing in real estate receivables certificates (CRI), Hedge Receivables has a net worth of R$431 million. On the 14th, the fund will deposit BRL 1.30 per share, equivalent to a monthly return of 1.32%.

Giro Imobiliário: Retirement with dividends from FIIs? Check out tips from André Bacci, who has been living on income since he was 33

From a computer teacher earning a minimum wage to an investor who lives exclusively on dividends received from real estate funds. The trajectory of André Bacci – who stopped working at the age of 33 – may be a good answer to those who question whether it is really possible to retire with FIIs.

Book author Introduction to Real Estate Investment FundsBacci was the interviewee of this Tuesday’s edition (31) of the program League of FIIswhich was presented by Maria Fernanda Violatti, analyst at XP, and Thiago Otuki, economist at Clube FII.

In the program, Bacci detailed the strategy used to achieve financial independence with FIIs and gave tips for those planning to achieve the same objective. For those who are more pessimistic – who believe it is necessary to start with a lot of money – Bacci warns: “All my assets came from the salary I received”.

To reach the current level, living on dividends, the “country kid and state school student” – as Bacci calls himself – started out simple. In his first job, as a computer teacher, he earned the equivalent of minimum wage.

Later, he got a job as a bank clerk, but the salary didn’t change much. “It was the smallest position that existed in the agency”, he recalls. If the income was not yet the dream, the investor mentality was starting to show signs, with Bacci managing to save up to 30% of what he received.

“One day I managed to go to the IT area [tecnologia da informação] and my salary and a half increased almost three times”, he details. “The move provided good savings”.

Thirteen years after starting to save and already receiving relevant dividends, the disciplined Bacci – who was then 33 years old – resigned from his job and decided to live permanently as an investor in real estate funds.

“What I used to do to take care of money became a hobby and, in 2013, it became my main profession,” says the investor, who claims to have built up all his assets with resources from his own work. “I had PLR (profit sharing), lots of overtime, but my assets are all salary”.

Discover the step-by-step guide to living on income with FIIs and receiving your first rent in your account in the next few weeks, without having to own a property, in a free class.