Ifix drops 0.18% and amends fourth session followed by losses; FII RBRF11 is a high-profile

The IFIX – index of the most traded real estate funds on the Stock Exchange – closed the session this Thursday (9) with a drop of 0.18%, at 2,817 points. In the previous session, the index closed down 0.07%. The RBR Alpha fund (RBRF11) topped the list of the day’s highest gains, up 1.6%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights throughout the FII Center.

Pátria Investimentos, one of the leaders in asset management in Latin America, confirmed, in a material fact, that it formalized an association agreement this Thursday (9) and now has a 50% stake in VBI Real Estate, a manager focused on Brazilian real estate market.

According to the document, the transaction provides for the incorporation, by the VBI, of a portion of the equity of Pátria Logística (PATL11) and of Pátria Edifícios Corporativos (PATC11), in addition to the fund management activities.

“In this way, upon completion of the transaction, VBI will succeed Pátria in such activities and will become a member of the Pátria group”, highlights the statement.

Pátria’s partners currently responsible for the real estate area will join the investment committee and the board of directors of VBI.

The material fact, disclosed this Thursday (9), does not detail the values ​​of the deal and reminds that the conclusion of the transaction depends on the overcoming of conditions common to this type of agreement.

With around BRL 5.7 billion under management, VBI currently has five real estate funds in its portfolio: VBI Logístico (LVBI11), VBI CRI (CVBI11), VBI Reits FoF (RVBI11), VBI Prime Properties (PVBI11) and VBI Consumption (EVBI11).

Biggest highs of this Thursday (9)

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
RBRF11 RBR Alpha Titles and Val. furniture 1.6
RCRB11 Rio Bravo Corporate Income Corporate Slabs 1.42
CARE11 Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care Others 1.41
RZTR11 Riza Terrax Hybrid 1.07
PVBI11 VBI Prime Properties Corporate Slabs 1.05

Biggest casualties of this Thursday (9):

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
TORD11 EI Tordesillas Others -1.99
RBRP11 RBR Properties Others -1.61
LVBI11 VBI Logistics Logistics -1.42
XPPR11 XP Properties Others -1.34
HSLG11 HSI Logistics Logistics -1.21

Source: B3

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today’s dividends

Check out which are the 15 real estate funds that distribute income this Thursday (9):

ticker Background Performance
TBOF11 TB Office BRL 0.82
ELDO11B Eldorado BRL 0.37
RMAI11 REAG Multi Real Estate Assets BRL 0.26

Source: InfoMoney

Note: Tickers with an ending other than 11 refer to receipts and subscription rights for the funds.

Real Estate Giro: Cemetery FII rises 55% and still negotiates at a discount; Is Elon Musk Right About Home Office?

Is Elon Musk Right About Home Office? Is it time to invest in office FIIs?

One of the segments most affected by the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the corporate slab real estate funds closely follow the discussions about the eventual return of workers to the offices. Recently, the defense for the end of the home office won the support of the richest man in the world, businessman Elon Musk.

The theme was the highlight of this Tuesday’s edition (7) of the FIIs League, which was presented by Maria Fernanda Violatti, an analyst at XP, Thiago Otuki, an economist at Clube FII, and Wellington Carvalho, a reporter at InfoMoney. The program also had the participation of Marcos Baroni, head of research in FIIs at Suno Research.

With the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, companies had to opt for remote work and, at the time, the definitive adoption of the home office was taken for granted. Months later, the corporate segment began to discuss a hybrid model – part at home and part at the office.

The movement pressured the shares of office FIIs that, until today, trade at a discount, that is, below the book value of the portfolio.

“Prices of direct sales of real estate are above the value of the shares of real estate funds that have buildings similar to those being negotiated”, points out Maria Fernanda, who uses the P/VPA (price over book value) to measure the discount of the share. .

After the discussion about the adoption of remote work and, later, about a hybrid model, the defense for the end of the home office gained strength with the position of Elon Musk, president of Tesla, who practically called on employees to return to face-to-face work.

The attitude of the richest man in the world can influence large companies around the world and triggered the trigger for the recovery of the corporate segment, which would benefit the segment’s FIIs.

CARE11: Cemetery FII advances 55% and is the highest in 2022, but still has a discount of over 40%

Contrary to most real estate funds, Brazilian Graveyard And Death Care (CARE11) does not distribute dividends, it operates in a sector – of death care – which is uncommon and very sensitive, and having access to portfolio information is not a task for more easy. Even so, the fund seems to have the sympathy of investors and has, so far, the highest appreciation of 2022 among the FIIs. What explains performance?

The first real estate fund focused on the death care segment, Brazilian Graveyard operates in the commercialization of assignments of the right to use temporary and perpetual graves, cremations, services and funeral plans, in addition to the cremation of animals.

Since January, the fund has gained 55% in value, against a slight increase of 0.87% in the IFIX – the index of the most traded real estate funds on the Stock Exchange. For comparison purposes, the second best performing portfolio in the year is FII Campus Faria Lima (FCFL11), with gains of 12%.

Earnings began to accelerate, especially from April onwards, after CARE11 entered the previews of the IFIX portfolio that took effect in May. The fund, in fact, entered the index.

The fund’s quotas rose from R$2.60 at the beginning of May to the current R$4.30, reaching a peak of R$5.40 last month, as shown on the Brazilian Graveyard page on InfoMoney.

Francisco Garcia, partner and director of Zion Invest, the manager responsible for the fund, is not surprised by the performance and recalls that, before the recent surge, the fund was trading at the equivalent of 25% of book value.

In Garcia’s assessment, in addition to the possibility of an IPO (initial offering of shares), the issuance of a R$200 million real estate receivables certificate (CRI) by Cortel triggered the market’s trigger for the fund’s potential.

“There was also the entry of the fund in Ifix, which brought a large volume of new investors and helped in this expressive increase in the portfolio in 2022”, points out Garcia, who sees room for an even greater increase. “The fund is still worth 60% of the book value. It comes with an important discount.”

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