Improve Mouse Pointer AccuracyHow to Activate Mouse Pointer Accuracy Optimization Mode on Windows 10

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Optimizing the accuracy of the mouse pointer is one of the methods that a large number of people are looking for. There are a wide variety of reasons that result in the mouse freezing for a long period of time. The reason for the mouse freezing can be the drivers in your computer or laptop, and it can also be files system and many other reasons that lead to its damage.

How to activate the accuracy improvement mode

The mouse usually faces a wide range of problems, including the incorrect operation method or exposure to a group of programs that contain harmful viruses that negatively affect it, and the reason may also be low battery level from the inside, so in this article we will learn about useful ways to improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer.

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Improved mouse pointer accuracy

  • Before identifying ways to help us improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer, we must know well what are the reasons that lead to the delay or freeze of the pointer in the mouse, as a problem has recently spread, and Microsoft is trying to improve this problem by providing a set of continuous updates.
  • However, Microsoft’s updates have not worked so far, so the reason for this could be the mouse itself or the USB port. usb In a computer or even programs that are run through the mouse or the operating system itself.
  • Mouse lag in performance is one of the big problems that many users of Windows 10 computers face, whether in playing games or completing a lot of important work, so let’s learn below the most important ways to fix these problems and rely on great alternative solutions.

Check the hardware and the touchpad

  • This method is one of the ways that helps improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer, as we all know that the mouse depends in the way it works on a solid sensor, which is responsible for moving the pointer on the phone screen to the place you want to click.
  • Sometimes, with the frequent use of the mouse, it may contain a lot of dirt and dust or something enters to be an obstacle to the sensor, so you find the mouse pointer begins to move on its own without interfering with its movement, and this can also be applied to the touchpad in laptops.
  • After you restart the computer and find that the movement of the cursor in the mouse is still working on its own, you can make sure that the mouse is clean from the inside, specifically checking how clean the sensor located at the bottom of the mouse is and removing the obstacle in it to return the mouse again to improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer.
  • With regard to laptops, in this case, you must go to the specialized maintenance center according to the type of device in order to dismantle the touch panel and make sure that there are no problems or obstacles that affect the movement of the pointer. You should also pay attention to liquids, as they can fall on the laptop and be the cause main holiday.
  • If you find that the mouse is completely clean and does not contain any dust, you can try using this mouse on another computer to check whether it is working properly or the problem still exists. In this case, the electronic mouse pad may be damaged, so you should buy another mouse .
  • In the event that you rely on a wireless mouse, you must make sure that it has sufficient operating power, most of the time the mouse gives very negative performance when the battery is low and may stop working completely.

change mouse pointer windows 10

  • If you are using a wireless mouse and have trouble moving the mouse pointer in random directions without interfering, you may try relying on a port usb Last so you can connect the signal receiver of the wireless mouse to your computer or laptop.
  • It is worth noting here that most of the time the mouse port is damaged or does not transmit the amount of power needed to get a strong signal inside the mouse, thus this helps to improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer and makes it work better
  • You should check all the steps that we have previously shown to you to make sure that there are no problems with it, you should also take into account that you have to restart your computer again when you encounter this problem as the computer may have a malfunction and it will be eliminated immediately after the restart.

The mouse moves but does not press

  • You may also encounter another problem when it comes to mouse movement, which is that the mouse moves, but when you click on any icon inside the computer, it does not click on it. In this case, you should check the touchpad if you are using a laptop.
  • It is worth noting here that the touchpad on the laptop is very sensitive, and in many cases when you type on it, the touchpad begins to register the movement of the hands in the wrong way, which results in moving the cursor in the mouse in a random way.
  • To get rid of this problem, you should delay the response time taken to click on the touchpad in the laptop, which helps this command not to move the mouse pointer when you type something by mistake.
  • All you have to do now is to click on the Windows button on the keyboard next to the letter i To move immediately to the settings menu, if this does not work and the menu does not appear in front of you, you can access the start menu by clicking on the circle icon on the screen until you go to the Windows settings.
  • Going to the Windows Settings menu, you should click on the Devices section while pressing the menu icon on the side of the screen to press the Mouse and Touchpad option.
  • In the right part of the screen, you should click on the menu at the bottom of the touchpad option. After that, you must select a new option other than the default option in the list, making sure that the problem has been resolved or is still present in the mouse and touchpad.
  • Change the mouse pointer to the mouse in professional shapes
  • After we got to know the best ways and solutions to improve the accuracy of the mouse pointer, we must learn about ways to help us change the mouse pointer inside the computer screen, and this is what we can learn through the following.
  • In order to change the mouse pointer, you must go to the start menu and then immediately go to the control panel to find a search engine in front of you, write down the word mouse with it and after the word appears in front of you, click on it.
  • You have to click on the Choose a new mouse pointer system icon, then you have to click on the Customize button with the choice of the appearance or shape of the pointer you want to have.