“In Romania, everyone was talking about how much I earn, but nobody asked me that”

Article by Eduard Apostol – Published Monday, June 27, 2022, 18:37 / Updated Monday, June 27, 2022 20:49

Alexandru Chipciu, 33 years old, believes that the 13 trophies he won in his career are important, he thinks that he was wrong when he chose CFR and he confesses that the transfer to U Cluj motivates him beyond measure.

Alexandru Chipciu was the protagonist of the most surprising move this summer, from CFR Cluj to the rival in the city. In an interview with Gazeta, the midfielder talked about the transfer, about the objectives of the new season and about the national team.

CFR Cluj

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Alexandru Chipciu, interview after the transfer to U Cluj: “I liked the emulation”

– Alex, why U Cluj?
– I liked the emulation created around the team, the fans who put a lot of passion, then me and my family got used to the city of Cluj Napoca. From this year, we will be in a complete team, all my girls will be together, in Cluj.

– How are the people in that area of ​​the country?
– Calm down. (laughs) In traffic, calm down, I don’t like that. In Bucharest, life is more hectic. I used to say many times that I can’t wait to go to Bucharest, but now, after a few days of “chaos” in the Capital, my wife even said to me: “I can’t wait to return to Cluj”.

Alexandru Chipciu: “My enthusiasm is great now, I’m hungry for football”

– What is the first impression of your new team?
– Hi. OK, you come from the biggest team in Romania in recent years, but the level at U Cluj seems very good to me, the players as well, not to mention the club, as history and all that. Coach Erik Lincar does very good training. He wanted me a lot and I appreciate that. At the stadium you have photos about the history of the group, there are showcases with images that give you energy.

– Did you have any other offers besides U?
– I don’t know what to say about offers, you talk about them when they are concrete. Someone from Greece was looking for me, I was close to receiving the contract, but it never came, that was all. I kept having discussions, I also talked to Prepe (no. Andrei Prepeliță) at FC Argeș, only I couldn’t reach anything concrete. The offer from U Cluj came glove.

– Why?
– I came through a transfer agreement from CFR Cluj. That’s what the people there wanted.

– What goal did you set or what is the goal of the “red hats” in the first season of League 1 after 7 years?
– I always avoid big words, anything can happen. It matters what you do as a team, not the individual personally. You can impress, but you can’t help the band. I’m “hungry”, I’m excited, I want to play. When you stay in one place for a long time and things don’t work out, you can’t be at the highest level as a mind, as a feeling, as everything. My enthusiasm is great now, to get better. That’s why I came, I had a career, I earned money, I could say “goodbye”. But I’m hungry for football with my colleagues from U Cluj.

Alexandru Chipciu: “I was warned not to sign with CFR”

– What didn’t work for you at CFR Cluj?
“It’s hard to describe in a word or a few.” We had good and bad times. In our country, he thinks individually, “Aaa, he didn’t score goals, he doesn’t have assists, he’s not good”. CFR Cluj is a team that proposes a different style of play, the players do not stand out, it is not a spectacular football, but the world only looks at footballers with numbers.

– Do you regret choosing CFR in January 2020?
– I was a stylist, people close to me warned me not to go to CFR, that I would not be well received. Șumi and Edi had different periods in terms of feeling, but in the end, we won trophies. I mean, even when it was bad, I won championships, you can’t say it was a failure. It was something above the level of many who did not reach this bar. Yes, maybe I shouldn’t have come to CFR Cluj, especially since I gave up money from Anderlecht. Everyone was talking about money, how much I earn, but no one said about the amounts I gave up in Belgium or how much I should have taken if I signed in Turkey with Gaziantep. In the West it’s different, no one mentions money there. Here in Romania, everyone knows how much you earn, from the secretary to the last man in the stadium.

100,000 euroswill have to pay U Cluj if it wants to use Chipciu in the matches with the rival from the city, CFR

“I preferred a verbal dispute, face to face, than resentment”

– Did you leave your friends or dislikes to CFR?
– What do you dislike? Maybe at first the players were more reluctant about me coming there, but now I have a lot of friendships. It would be great to talk about boys, players, I have no resentments.

– What can you say about the relationship with Dan Petrescu? One that was not positive.
– I said in front of me what I had to say. I couldn’t say anything else. What do you want me to say, he’s not a good coach ?! I would not have credibility, first of all, he won many trophies. When there is something you don’t think is right, you knock on the office door, tighter, and say what you have to say. At least you don’t lose your soul! When you hold on to yourself, you lose, even if not for the moment. I wanted to leave two days after I arrived at CFR Cluj, but the coach told me I was the best, then he wouldn’t let me. There are small harassments in life, but they go on. He won trophies, he has a philosophy, I had to go somewhere else, that’s it.

13 trophiesChipciu won his career: 7 with FCSB, 4 with CFR Cluj and two with Anderlecht

– What motivates you after so many trophies?
– The idea of ​​overtaking me every day. I see myself having an active life even after I quit football. It is a game, but also a profession. I find it super cool. The emotions of football do not give you many events in life. It seems to you that you are number 1 when you win or the weakest on the planet when you lose.

In Romania, it motivates you to do something in spite of someone else! For me, it motivates me to train to be successful. I didn’t come to U Cluj to take revenge, but I felt that it was a good place to play football, with emulation, without resentment, dislikes. I also had OK people at CFR Cluj
– Alexandru Chipciu

– Are you still thinking about the national team?
– I thought of coming to U Cluj. It’s weird to say that you wouldn’t want to play for the national team anymore … If you play well and the coach takes you, you go!

– What have you learned all these years and would you like to pass on to young people who are just starting out in their careers?
– When I was young, it wasn’t that I was having fun, but I was picking things up. I had experienced players in Brasov who told me some things, but it’s hard for a Romanian to do things like a computer. We like to cheat sometimes. But time passes quickly! And opportunities run fast. Money too! Young people need to manage time, opportunities well.

– How many trophies do you have, you know?
– I think I know, 13! That’s right? I was also lucky to play for teams that fought for trophies. I regret that I didn’t win anything at Sparta Prague, especially since I was in 1st place for a long time in a season. It’s good to take trophies, but I would have said yes and play for a team from a strong country, even one in the middle of the rankings. Maybe it was harder there, who knows.

29 matchesand Alex scored 4 goals at CFR Cluj in the previous edition

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